My home loan was purchased by Greentree from GMAC. To date I have not received a statement, despite the fact that Greentree paperword states, "GreenTree will begin posioting payments O/A 14 Feb 2013.

You should be receiving your first statement from GreenTree by mail the week of 18 Feb 2013." It is now the 25th and I haven't received a statement. Since then I have tried to call GreenTree. They have only one customer service number which immediately routes you into Voicemail ***. I cannot get thru to a person directly and am kicked out of the que due to wait times.

This company's brochure says: "At GreenTree we build relationships that work and we look forward to providing you with quality service for years to come." Bah!!! What a load of manure.

There is NO customer service. I will be changing lenders this week if GreenTree doesn't get it's act together.

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Bedford, Texas, United States #614440

I was also an unlucky GMAC customer who was "Greed Tree'ed".

The company did provide me a statement but it doesn't follow banking rules or common sense. Over $400 is missing from my escrow and the statement provides no accounting starting from the amounts GMAC said they were turning over.

Calling customer service resulted the same as others; automated service and hangs up on you if you wish to wait for help. The online account system is third world and also provides no accounting.

I would be willing to join a class action against them if we can pool enough folks and a lawyer.


For getting through GreenTree phone menu, try what I did - don't enter account /SSN/ ph number - another menu will (eventually) come up, and it will offer you an option, "if you know your party's 5-digit extension, press 5...". I did that, randomly dialed 55213, got a fellow named Tyler who then transfered me to someone else. After one other transfer, I go through and spoke to someone.

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