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Update by user Mar 11, 2013

Update on 3/11 - They stonewalled getting my payoff information which resulted in the delay of closing the refinanced loan (it did not get there on the Monday that they promised -- took an additional three days of calling). Payoff information was more or less correct once I got it.

When they posted the payoff to my account, there was no notification of how they applied it. According to my calculations and the limited amount of data that I could get from them, I overpaid by about $60. They have not yet refunded that amount to me, nor have I gotten my escrow money back nor will they confirm how they applied the amount I sent. Customer service is still non-existent.

They have 30 days to return the escrow money and the overpayment, and to release the lien on my house, all which will be due on Mar 28th. The saga continues.....

Original review posted by user Feb 08, 2013

Like others, my mortgage was sold to Greentree from GMAC. On Jan 30, I received a letter telling me that my Feb 1st payment should go to Greentree -- I had already initiated a payment to GMAC electronically, but fortunately I was able to stop that.

I called Greentree to see about getting the payment to them and they would not even talk to me until the 1st (the day the payment was due). I sent my payment overnight, proof of delivery required, to arrive on the 1st, which it did. The check was cashed on the 4th. As of this writing, they still have not updated their system to reflect the received payment and it shows that my account is now overdue.

Repeated calls to the company are fruitless -- according to them, it could take up to 15 days to update their system, due to the transfer of information from GMAC and 'thats the way their system works'. So I'm refinancing - but they have stonewalled on getting a payoff letter to the bank.

After repeated calls from both me and my banker, they have indicated that they will have the payoff letter to the bank on the day of closing (Monday). I'll be surprised if the payoff amount is correct.

Review about: Greentree Servicing Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $1320.

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I agree almost the same thick happen in my case try to get me to refinance which was a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #716324

wow, can not believe all the negative stuff about greentree. i to had no choice in the matter, i was with BofA (no choice there, they bought countrywide) and BofA was working with me making me jump through hoops to refinance my mortgage because I had been laid off from my job, and after 6 months they came back and said, oh we cant help you, greentree will be handling your loan effective 4-1 (i was told this 3-23)

greentree lets me sign up online for account access but the information showed a lower payment and that i was past due for the 4-1 payment (which according to the letter gt and bofa sent me after i asked for a duplicate copy to be emailed to me) i could make my payment to gt and as long as they received it by 4-25 it would be considered "on time" since the change over was never sent to me in enough time to arrange for the payment to go to gt) although i have until the 16th for gt to receive the payment, i just got a call the other day from some jerkoff that told me i owed $29.95 late fee for august (2013) payment, although my bank sent the funds electronically and they cleared my account the 16th, this *** says they didnt get the payment until the 19th and they arent a bank so they only accept paper check payments..

WTF??? i guess he doesnt know that GT can accept about 6 different kinds of payments including ACH.

i am so fed up and mad and if the real estate market was in better position, my house that was worth almost $200k a few years ago would come in appraised enough to refinance thru my credit union without additional $$ having to be put down, *** i only owe about $85k on the loan... i hate gt and wish that i could go through my credit union to refi but only been back at work for about 5 months and the property values in my town arent up enough for it to be refinanced unless i put $$ down -- i hope someone finally starts up a class action lawsuit against GT, because I will be on board


Can you share what phone number you are calling to get the payoff info?

I'm in a similar position as you.

Loan recently sold to GT, so I'm refinancing with a different lender. I'm out of underwriting (in a blazing 4 days!), and just need to have them send the payoff letter to my new lender, but I have no idea how to get this info.

Did you just call the standard 800 customer service number?

to KTKD Tucker, Georgia, United States #622316

Yes, I called the regular number 1.800.643.0202, however I quit 'following instructions' about entering my account number etc. and just kept pushing whichever option seemed to go to customer service. It was a lot quicker.

Also, I don't know if this was what actually got them to do the payoff letter or not, but in my last call to them I told them that I would be calling every 2 hours until I had confirmation that my bank had received the letter (I had been calling every day or every other day). According to the rep that I spoke with last, they put the letters in the 'fax ***' and it can take up to one hour after they request for it to actually go through; that's why I gave them two hours.

Good luck.

Costa Mesa, California, United States #608221

I also was switched to Greentree there are a terrible customer service organization and unfortunately for us they do this purposefully. If you are unhappy with their service and refinance to a different lender they get the loan amount paid in full without worry of default or loan servicing.

If you stick with them and continue to make online payments there website is terrible and you get charged 12.00 a transaction.

It almost serves them better to have poor customer service. What a terrible situation...

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #606724

Mine was also sent to Green Tree but I have not received anything from them. I called and when I entered my info I could not get any info.

Same for the web site.

I loved GMAC and I am not in a position that I can refinance. But I might try as soon as I can.

Spokane, Washington, United States #605983

I was also with GMAC. I have been trying to get on GT Servicing's website to make my mortgage payment and it is never avaialable.

Does anyone know a physical address I can send my payment to.

I have a PO Box# for them, but I would rather send the payment via UPS to a physical address for tracking purposes. I sure hope this doesn't become the nightmare that it is starting out to be.

to Shays2 New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #607102

I have tried 4 times as well. Just sent a note to them.

Ended up paying by phone and got cahrged $12. I am reading these notes and see lots of problems ahead....such a shame as GMAC was quite good.

to Jen Twin Cities, Minnesota, United States #607142

You should have received a welcome letter from Green Tree Servicing LLC, and there is a payment coupon and envelope enclosed for your first payment. You will not be assessed a late fee if your payment is delayed during the servicing transfer process. The mailing address for a paper check is:

Green Tree Payment Processing

PO Box 94710

Palatine, IL 60094-4710

You can set up an ACH (automated clearing house) payment with Green Tree on their web site,, or by calling the customer service line at 800.643.0202. If you prefer to set up a recurring monthly mortgage payment on your own, you should be able to do so through your financial institution's online bill payment system.

to FrankTalk1 #607215

No welcome letter -- no payment coupon. Can't get on the website.

Customer service line gives me the runaround.

to FrankTalk1 Fontana, California, United States #610950

What type of shady company charges $12 for an online payment? $12 to pay by phone? Delays auto payments by as much as a week?

What kind of company still wants its customers to pay by snail mail and checks( that I'm VERY certain will be received late so I can be charged a late fee)

I'll tell you what kind of company. A company that is not a banking institution and only wants its customers to refinance and pay off the loan that they probably bought cheap.

I will be paying my bill by Bank of America's Bill Pay so there is proof of the date of mailing (for FREE) until I can refi with a real banking institution, preferably a credit union!!

to FrankTalk1 Nashville, Tennessee, United States #657215

Our loan was sold to green tree thur Bank of Am. I got some questions for you please help me out here.

1. Do Green Tree charge a fee for ACH & how do you go about signing up for it. 2. I prefer to pay my mortaga thur my Credit Union, but my Credit Union do not have Green Tree listed that they can be paid, How do you go about paying Green Tree thur your financial institution.

I don't wont to pay a fee every time I make a payment.

I last payment I made (by check) they said they never recieve it and I had to stop payment on the check and pay it again. PLEASE HELP

Sequim, Washington, United States #605933

My loan, originally with USAA and subsequently sold to GMAC, was also just transferred to Greentree Servicimg. My payment has always been withdrawn from a credit union checking account electronically (set up with USAA and continued by GMAC).

This month it has not yet been deducted. I called USAA who referred me to Greentree. I tried calling Greentree with the same result as the above person, then I called GMAC and talked to a very nice lady. She said for 60 days GT is not allowed to charge late fees, but that it will take them about 15 days to set everything up.

Apparently, they received a very large number of loans from GMAC all at once (GMAC is in bankruptcy). I will be patient and wait another week, before I panic.

I will definitely refinance as soon as possible.

to IW Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #605941

I also heard the same thing about the 60 days. However I received a late notie from them almost right away.

I am also trying to be patient, however...they seem to be behins.

According to RESPA Law they cannot mark you late until after the 60 day period, AND they have to solve any disputes within that 60 day period as well. That being said, it is still un=nerving to get those letters.

to Jen #607218

RESPA also says that they are to give you 14 days notice before your first payment is due.

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