This is an email I sent to them on Friday 7/19/2013.

I am a recent customer to Green Tree since my account was bought out from Bank of America. In only a couple of months I am very disappointed in Green Tree. I paid my August payment on June 18, 2013. The check cleared on June 25th. I decided to see what my new amount due was this past Tuesday June 16 and to my surprise my payment for August was never credited. It showed I still owed on August 1st instead of September 1st. I immediately called Green Tree.

7/16 - I called and talked to Shantaya. She said my payment of $1200 was all applied to the principal and that she sent in a request to allocate it so I will not owe until September. I checked the following day on the website and it still showed payment due on August 1st.

7/17 - I called and talked to Casey. He said he did see a request and it will take another business day or two. So I give it a couple days and this morning log on to see that there is still a due date of August.

7/19 - I called and talked to Amy. She said there was no allocation request and that she now requested the $1088. To go towards August payment. So does that mean Shantaya and Casey were not being truthful? I reminded her I paid $1200 (check number 3293 that was cashed on June 25) and not $1088. She seemed lost and didn’t know what to do. After a long pause she said she fixed it. I asked to talk to a manager which she put me on hold. After a few minutes she came back and said collections which was Shantaya and Casey cannot allocate my payment. They can only send a request. I asked her to please send me a new statement showing that I do not owe until September for my own verification. She said she can’t do that and I would have to write in a written request to get a new statement. I am really trying to do the right thing and simply pay my bill ahead of time and not keep jumping through these hoops. Why do I have to write in to your company to request a new statement when the error was caused by your company? All I want is an updated/current statement. Another hoop to jump through. Amy said it would take 3-4 business days for the allocation request to go through. I then asked what if I simply took the other reps word for it that my due date is September 1st and didn't follow up and it was never done? Then once August 1st came I would show I was late on a payment I already made a month before. No response. I asked for hypothetical sake if her request which is now the third doesn't work and it still shows that I owe for August can I then speak to a manager. She said of course. I don’t feel like any managers were there or wanted to take my call.

I have never been late with a payment of any sorts and actually used to pay Bank of America 3 - 4 months ahead. I will not be doing that anymore since it seems there is confusion when it comes to processing payments. I request a phone call by a supervisor or manager as soon as possible.

I enclosed my name and number in the email box and in the email so they had quick reference. I sent them a second email this morning since no one called or emailed me back yesterday. I feel completely helpless when dealing with them.

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the invoice that green tree sends out for the montly statements are a job. please someone please tell me are they having the same problem. I just dont get it.

Kirkland, Washington, United States #684094

I am going through just the same. BoA sold my mortgage and I paid my July payment (the first one) to GTS on 6/10. It was recorded to the web page but GTS didn't credit for July payment and told me a week ago I was late for the payment - for 8 years, I have never been late to my payment and in fact I have been paying more than the due every month and sometimes I paid ahead of time just like you. I called them up and they said it was credited to June. Come on!!! I didn't have an account with GTS in June!!!

They said it would take 3 days to reallocate but after reading your post, I am not sure if I can trust them. The web page hasn't changed the status and if I don't see the change by Monday, I will call them to deal with this. I am seriously considering refi my mortgage to the local credit union even if it costs me a few thousands bucks.

Thanks for sharing your story.

to flex #684104

It looks like we are all in a similar boat. You can report them to your states banking commissioner.

Just do a google search. Here is a link to one as well. I am trying to get as many people to file. This will force their hand to deal with Green Tree.

Thanks for responding. Frank


to flex Brandon, Florida, United States #687789

Going throught the same thing but was a month behind then I called with both payments the refused to take them unless I paid next month in advance cause after the one month I was behind they filed foreclosure papers????? I called back after borrowing next month payment then they told me I owed $1, 880 more in legal paid imediately before taking my 3 payment to stop foreclosure???

Refuse to let me make mortgage payments???

Wanting to foreclose on being late 1 month?? WTF

to Furious Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #688952

I know exactly what you are talking about. This GTS is one crazy mortgage company.

I am in the same situation. I called to make payment on phone for my June payment to be withdrawn from my checking account on July 12. She did went on to say when will u make you July payment I told her august 9 she told me that would not work and they need payment on 7/31/13 I told her I could not do that dont u know I went and look online and they have already have a payment in process to be withdraw from my check on 7/31/13.

i have to find money to or my account will be overdrawn. I told her I get paid on 7/26/13 but I use that check to take care utitilies etc since I just made a payment to you on July 12 and this was a supervisor or someone and the person was very very nasty :cry

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