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Green tree took over loan 12.1.2010 from Bank of America. It has been horrid experience; latest conversation with agent I was told "Well you'll have to short sell it" Imagine my reaction...I am current for 12 months on the loan and am just asking for assistance on the remaining 48,000.00 on a home valued at over 152,000.00.

Been told make not enough income for HAMP and too much for internal modification. 10,000 in medical expenses last year don't count or factor into any calculations for a modification. What am I missing?

Do they want to foreclose on my home? Agent told me notes even say repeatidly that in my conversations "you are UPSET and won't listen to anything we tell you" I admit I am upset, but I thought asking for clarification on making too little and not enough was impossible at the same time.

Monetary Loss: $48.

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is it true: since I have equity in my home they WANT me to lose it so they can make money? Is this part of the plan, to compensate for where they have suffered great loss?


Do not take it personal. The collection reps at GreenTree judge everyone by the way their customer service reps behave, not by the way the customers actually behave.

The reps put what they want in their notes, true or not, so they can blame the consumer instead of blaming the collection reps. You could try getting away from them but it will not be easy.

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