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My mortgage was picked up from GMAC by Green Tree. I tried to set up my account on line--and when that didn't work, I tried calling on the phone, and when THAT didn't work ('round and 'round the phone tree)I was perplexed, but not defeated.

I kept trying, and lucky for me I did! Seems GT took over 400 some odd THOUSAND new accounts and seemingly did no prep to handle that number. Zero, zip, nada!! Ultimately I DID get on line with the website, only to find out that they charge an EXTRA $12 to take an on line payment!

REALLY?!?!? When my next statement came, it showed late charges and doubled the amount due. I was not late with my payment and became exceedingly uncomfortable, so I persisted in phoning till I got through-- DAYS later! They send out the following month's statement on the 8th of the previous month-- and if your payment hadn't been received by the 8th of the month before it really WAS late, they show it as late and a late charge added-- but the lady on the phone said it wasn't REALY late-- that is just how they do their statements!

I'm wondering how many people pay the Due Now:$XXXX.xx amount,and how many millions of dollars GT collects early and invests for the interest that THEY pocket-- along with any extra $12 charges. Now $12 doesn't sound like a lot, but $12 x 400,000 NEW customers is almost $5 MILLION extra a month if we all paid on line!! That lady also said they are working the staff around the clock, and it seemed to her, also, that GT did not prep for the influx of >40,000 new customers...the majority of whom were GMAC and now furious with how GT did business. She said she hardly cared anymore because she got yelled at all day every day since the assumption of GMAC, and had gotten 'hardened' to the furious callers.

As it stands now, I can hardly WAIT for my re-fi to be complete and leave this poorly run company. My escrow account is confusing, I cannot figure what I REALLY ought to pay since they mix late payment with current as well as late fees due and 'conveniently' omit what was paid last for escrow, home warranty, and any unidentified "additional charges" that they show as past due as they bill on the 8th of the month BEFORE payment is actually due!

I will be SO happy to be away from Green Tree, who calls themselves "A debt collector" FURTHER insulting those of us who are NOT late in payments!! I'm FURIOUS!

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