I went to the GMAC company in town & they said that my payment if it was an automatic withdrawl from my bank that it would be still processed. Ck today & it was not so I tried calling Green Tree customer service..got tired ot pressing buttons & still not getting A LIVE PERSON.

I called back again still the same.

They said that I was to receive payment information, etc..well nothing has been received. How this company is running a so-called multi-million company is asboutly "BULL----" I am checking into refinancing my home because who wants to deal with a JOKE of a company like this..instead of Green Tree to me it is "DEAD TREE".

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I had been told by a customer service representative from Green Tree that the ACH which was set up for GMAC would not work for Green Tree. I called my bank and transferred the mortgage amount to Green Tree.Today I was able to look into my account info and Green Tree took twice the amount of my monthly mortgage payment out.

I called them and they told me that half of the amount was applied to principle. ??? I told them that I want it to be applied to the march payment. Hopefully it will be done!

Has anybody else experienced the same problem?

We were just transferred from GMAC to Green Tree. If they do that with a lot of people they make some real nice interest on it for themselves.

Romulus, Michigan, United States #606054

did some research on this company,they specialize in secured loans for people with extremely poor credit,and promise "unique" ways to recover payments,one of the largest debt collectors in the country,my guess is they have a 20 year history of dealing with people that dont pay on time or ever,and as such treat them in a similar fashion,even if your a normal on time payer,well,its like trying to change someone whos been abused all their life,good luck. from what i can tell,their "system" is broken,doesnt record transactions accurately,if at all,website always down,i thought the "fair debt collection act" would prevent this sort of behavior,...

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