GMAC sold my loan to them Feb 1st. I was able to get into the web site once and have not been able to get back in since, it is always down you can never get in.

How are you supposed to make a payment. No wonder no one likes them. What kind of company's web site is ALWAYS down. I only owe %25,000 no one will refinance a loan so low.

I would have to refinance at least $50,000 and I don't need that much. I wish GMAC would have given me the option to by my own loan at a discount like they did when the sold it to Green Tree.

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York, Pennsylvania, United States #607884

I'm feeling you. I got online to register an account with them and couldn't get on.

I called their customer service # and was on hold for a half an hour. I finally got through to them to make a payment. They told me they charge $12.00 for phone payments. I asked if they could waive the fee since I tried to get on line and couldn't.

She told me they also charge $12.00 to make the payment online.

Who does that???? Looking to refinance ASAP.

Rochester, New York, United States #607654

Go to a bank or CU and see if you can get a home equity loan for just the amount you need. Then use that money to pay off your first.

That is what I am attempting to do. Everything is a go - except getting a payoff letter from GreenTree so that I can be DONE with them.

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