Formally, a Countrywide supporter, our mortgage was sold to Bank of America. Without any rhyme or reason our lone was then sold to the infamous “Greed Tree” of Rapid City, SD. As if being dragged along through all of BoA's personal problems wasn't bad enough they had to then peel us off and stuck us with GT... Problem: (1). The math they use to calculate loan balance seems to be stuck in time, it the same balance noted as was some 24 months ago. (2), They use the (5th) of each month to send out "advanced billing statements to make it appear that you are behind on your mortgage payments, we generally post payments from the 5th to the 10th of the month, so we get loads of those phony statements. (3) they did not provide a IRS 1098 last year, and they did not provide one this year. (4) They state multiple inaccuracies of the phony statements.

They are terrible communicators with the victims of their exchanges with the larger, greedier, institutions.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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