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My Mortgage was purchased by Green Tree in 2008.

A little trick they seem to play right now: I do NOT have an escrow account with them – however, I noticed on my June statement that i apparently "owe" $80.59 for "Corporate Advance Balance*" – *Corporate advances represents monies advanced by servicer to pay taxes, insurance, and any other amount currently due that are not part of an escrow account.

Upon my call what this is I was told these is accumulated interest from 2008 when they took over the account. I sent a fax (and wonder upon wonder) received a letter a few days letter explaining that when they took over the account, there were 5 days, when interest accrued and was never collected. B…….. I have paid every penny they ever asked for and additional funds. I responded (in writing) and have copied the FTC, the Attorney General Office in Florida and SC. Let's see what happens next.

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Savannah, Georgia, United States #590106

I am 10 days late and they leave messages on my job answering machine. Telling them they gonna take my house cause I am late. I owe more then the house is worth.


Wonder upon wonder - Green Tree replied to my letter (of course after the 10 business days I had given them), with more BS. So I sent a "Qualified written request" to the address they gave per certied mail, return receipt requested - and copied the FTC, AG's offices again.

This time I got a letter back stating I had no "real property" and therefore my qualified written request was invalid. Funny that, as I do pay Property Taxes every year.

I handed the whole thing to my lawyer - let's see what happens next.


I too noticed this "Corporate Advance Balance" on my Greentree statement. Thanks for your comment and detailed explaination.

I too will complain to the AG's office in NC as well as the FTC and my US Congressman and Senators. I cringed when my mortage was transfered from Citi to Greentree due to all the bad things I had heard about Greentree.

to Justice Seeker Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #612228

This just showed up on my statement as well. I called Green Tree to find out what this fee was for and got no where fast.

It is totally impossible to speak to the customer service representatives. They always start out nice and then become super aggressive and difficult. I found information on my own to write a "RESPA" letter to the corporate office of a written request for information on my corporate advances. They legally by law have to respond with the information in a document within 20 days.

I highly recommend you do this, with a return receipt of course, through the postal service.

Good Luck! You will need it with Green Tree!!!

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