I had my loan transfer from another bank last month.I was bombarding since then with phone calls regarding my payment even I explained that I had a 2 weeks time period which was functioning as a grace period under my previous loan providers.After 6 days after my due date,but not considering the 2 weeks grace period I received a message from the debt collection department of the company.I found them very disrespectful,even they are just my mortgage providers not an collection agency they were acting like one I am contemplate the idea to try everything is possible to have another mortgage provider

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got the same letter today. i'm a never late, never missed guy also.

i can hardly contain the expletives. since when does a mortage co. put that *** at the end of every paragraph!? after reading all the complaints, these guys aren't going to get a chance to f-me.

fboa. fgt.

employee cu here i come. good luck to all of us.


Bank of America just transferred our loan to Green Tree. We have never been late and even have been paying extra each month since we got the loan.

We received notice from Green Tree today. The bottom of the second page states: "This communication is from a debt collector. It is an attempt to collect a debt, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose." Wow! Why us?

We have been excellent payers! Maybe because the value of our house has fallen since our loan? To us that doesn't affect our paying our loan. This is where we live.

Rent would not be cheaper. We are going to pay our debts and always have. It is insulting that Bank of America would give our acct. to a Debt Collector!

Didn't we bail our BOA with our tax money already? They would have defaulted on their loans but we saved them.

Now we get slapped in the face by them, but we have no bail out. We just both work and pay our taxes and our bills.

to David Madison, Wisconsin, United States #675200

This will be on your statement every month. I know it is on mine.

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