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going through a very though divorce haven't recieved

any child support am three month's behind have three childern and a soon to be daughter-in-law whom is carrying twins. I was called on job which

is only minn. wage and 12 to 28 hrs. a week. I don't have any money at this to time to even rent a place. I

don't see why you are not calling him 740-253=3484

he want's me to lose my home because he say's i have to suffer. He has two bank account Homeland credit union an Woodforest in Chillicothe i would like to know if you have a prgram called loss litagation or can you modifity the loan lower my payment's so i can stay in my home. CALL 740-851-4818

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Altenkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #48611

You're an ***. Why should Greentree Financial help you find a solution, when you're 3 months behind in paying them back their money?

You are in debt. And it's YOU who needs to find a solution.

Your husband is right, you do need to suffer. Glad he's divorcing a loser like you.

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