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I agree with the rest of you people about Greentree. They call a 100 times a day and when you talk to them they talk to you like a dog.

Most of them want even tell me their names. I have got to were I am rude right back to them. If they can dish it out, they can take it back. After I would send them my payment, I would go to www.gtservicing.com and see if they've received it and they have and they would still keep calling.

I had one woman call me on Thanksgiving Day and she was very rude and she told me that she was working until late that night and that I was home with my family. She acted like it was my fault that she had to work.

I will NEVER finance anything with them ever again and I will WARN OTHERS I know not to either.

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they call the payment is due and ask if we are makingthe payment. they suck and if they keep it up i will stop making payments all together. they can have this junk house in flint michigan that iam paying 900 dollars a month for

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