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I just wanted to write and tell how I have been

treated by these people.

My Daughter passed away in Feb. 07, we did not have any Ins on her so we had to pay for all the funural expences our selfs,

so i call to see if there way they could help me out because i knew i was going to be late on some of my payments and was told that there was nothing they could do so when my payments were late they started calling everyone i knew and telling them about my business which i do not think is right.


and they had the nerve to serve me with and eviction notice unless i payed everything i owed even though they knew this was a hard time forme, till this day i am still one month behind and they call and call till i don't anwser the phone.

I have told them as soon as i can i going to catch that payment up but they are so hateful they don't understand after lossing my daughter and everything else they don't care if i ever get this payed off i will NEVER have a nother loan with them.

I really despise those people and if they were in my shoes they would have done the same thing i am doing, thanks for letting me have my say on GREENTREE

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City Of London, England, United Kingdom #14872

also, write to the Attorney General of your state. You might be pleasantly surprised at what help doing so may do for you (and 'another victim') -- I hope. Good luck to both of you.

City Of London, England, United Kingdom #14871

Complain, officially, with the Federal Trade Commission. Either fill out the online form, or mail a certified letter.

I don't know what GreenTree is, but the way they're contacting you is in violation of federal law.

Also, send a certified letter to Green Tree regarding your situation, and your request, as well as a request not to be called at whatever numbers you don't want them to call you at while you work out a payment arrangement.

Don't throw the certified receipts away no matter what anyone tell syou. Keep a copy of your letter, and write the certified number on the bottom of both letters.

Zawiercie, Slaskie, Poland #14855

:eek they just dont care. at all. :( very sorry for your terrible loss.

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