i bought a single wide Friendship,in 1997..we totally loved that place..

However after losing my job in 2002,GT started to bug me sayign how delinquent we were..get the loan caught up,or repossesion was a possibility..some fella named Hank,who barely spoke English said for me to "Vacate the premises"..i could barely understand him.

in March of 2011,when we were within $2000 of clear title/ownership, we realized we couldn't pay the $2600 we owed,so we simply abandoned the property..

On friday, we got a cleared title,with the wrong name and other wrong info on it... get your *** together, GT.

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Haledon, New Jersey, United States #1187491

That is such an ignorant thing to say! I can't stand people like you!!

Many people struggle financially but that doesn't make them lazy. If you are better than "these people" then why even comment!

One day you will go through hard times and your gonna feel like the *** that you are. GROW UP


Oh stop whining. Get a job and pay your bills, and you won't find yourself in situations like this.

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