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Walters Company owns Green Tree Servicing. When GTS was fined by the FTC and was going to have its credit rating reduced, GTS was transferred to Ditech. Now Ditech went out of business during the 08 financial crisis for making bad loans. Ditech another company owned by Walters Company rebranded all the Green Tree Servicing employees as Ditech employees. So whats changed? Nothing! Same crappy service. Same crappy employees and the same lets screw em over attitude because Walters Company enjoys the profits we make for them.

This company has forced so many people into foreclosure that it makes one wonder. Who can help you? No one can! It takes thousands for complaints for the Govt to do anything and when they do its not for you its for them. For them to look and feel good.

Its really sad that we have a consumer protection bureau that can not do a dam thing for you expect take complaints. That's it! There are so many companies out there who are run-a-muck creating nightmares that our local, state and federal govt can do nothing.

So yes, file for bankruptcy right away and then sue them in court. You will win. Juries hate these kind of companies. Don't fall for the lawyers who take on thousands of clients to represent you in a class action law suit. You don't get ***, and they get millions.

I fell really sorry for those who have and are getting screwed over my the Walters Company and all its minion companies.

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I was with Homecomings(North Carolina)ended up with GMAC, thrown over to Greentree, and they became Ditech. In my opinion they are vultures.

The interest is so high, very little of a payment goes to principle.

They have it structured so you can never get it paid off. Frankly, I wish I had never heard of any of them.

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