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Greentree Servicing - How to deal with Greentree Mortgage company

I have read a host of complaints on this site regarding Greentree Mortgage lending and I can completely empathize. My wife have outstanding credit and a fixed rate mortgage that we have never missed a payment on. Bank of America sold our loan to the greasy, slippery, scummy, "pay-day loan type"-loan sharks in April. After extensive research, we realized that the company is poorly run, run like a "collection agency", and with employees who are rude, oboxious, contradictory, and uninformed.

We had between the 1st and 15th of every month to make our house payment as stipulated in the original mortgage that we signed, yet Greentree lending was now saying that anything received AFTER the 1st of each was considered "late", and would be delt with as a "delinquent account". Essentially, they were saying there was NO "grace period" for payment, which practially EVERY lending institution allows for. However, after several phone calls with horrible Greentree reps, I realized that in fact of the payment was made before roughly the 15th of every month it was NOT late.

Greentree has sent us statements claiming we are a month behind when we have in fact PAID the mortgage within the alloted time (before the 15h of every month). The statements are delibertly confusing, threatening and alarming but are also FALSE. They have sent letters which are tantamount to "collection letters", and even have "collection agency" written on the bttm of the letter. As stated, my wife and I have a PRIME mortgage loan and outstanding credit, both of which are valuable commodities in this market. We have decided to get proactive concerning our mortgage and these hooligans-thugs-scumbags by complaining to EVERY and ANY agency having anything to do with housing or lending.

Here is a list of what to do "if" you are having trouble with these "s-bags".....

(1) Write a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) immedately. They don't deal with complaints on an individual basis only as an aggregate. When they get enough complaints, they will take action. An important first step.

(2) Contact/complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). This is a new agency, and they will act almost immeadately when they receive a complaint. They have been outstanding thus far with regard to Greentree.

(3) Contact/complain to the Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner for your state. They recently received our complaint and have filed it against GreenTree.

(4)Complain to Department of Savings and Mortgage lending for your state. They take this stuff seriously, at least they do in our state!

(5)Complain to the Attorney General of your state. Greentree is engaging in deceptive trade practices and breaking a contractual agreement by making statements that payments aren't on time if they are paid after the 1st of each month, but before the 15th.

(6)Complain the district attorney for your city/county.

(7) Complain to the Better Business Bureau. Another black mark against Greentree.

(8)CHECK YOUR CREDIT! It's always a good idea to do a periodic check of your credit, but with an unscruplous lender like Greentree on the prowl, check it every 2-3 months. You can get an account with one of the big 3 credit rating agencies (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax).

(9) KEEP A REORD OF EVERYTHING! Make a folder and KEEP a record of EVERYTHING Greentree says and does. This includes ALL billing statements and ALL complaints.

Hope all of this helps!




Great suggestions - also stop paying with a personal check.

They use the routing number from your checks to post payments, hence only partial payments made and then they can claim that you didn't pay on time or in full each month - stop these bastards in their tracks:

Place a STOP PAYMENT order on Green Tree Now Known As DITECH through your bank. It is a one time fee $25 - $50 depending on the Bank.

Get a Cashier's Check each month for the amount you want to pay and allocate extra monies to be applied to your principal.

Cost: $3 or so each time.

Make a photocopy of the Cashier's Check and Statement before you send payment.

Prepare a Certified Mail (Green Signature Card with corresponding tracking receipt) - Make photocopy of this also. Mail payment via Certified Mail. Maintain chronological records of every payment and correspondence from Green Tree NKA Ditech. Some might think that it isn't fair to have to spend money to protect against a predatory collection agency - I agree, it sucks, but if you don't take steps to protect yourself these criminals could take everything you have worked for.

I say Invest in Yourselves and Your Futures: You deserve to Enjoy ALL that you have created: Yes, spend $25 one time fee to place stop payment against Green Tree KNA Ditech- they will no longer have legal access to your bank account.

The $3 Cashier's Check fee and Certified Mailing $6 to $8 are well worth peace of mind Because the Cashier's Check is FDIC drawn, the Ditech creeps will be less likely to "lose" it - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation rules apply. File complaints with the FDIC

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #935233

I got dumped on them when GMAC (another bottom dweller went under) and I had problems from day one. But I kept a file, I corresponded with them-never called-you NEED documentation, and a paper trail.

Citing RESPA about everything they were doing WRONG. They had me in arrears constantly, though I was paying. They had the WRONG escrow amt, though they were provided with statements from the assessor and my insurance carrier. They were posting partial payments.

I took the file directly to my congressman and said ENOUGH. These people are vultures, incompetent and I want intervention. Then I did as this other person did, I filed complaints with EVERY known source I could. If everyone would COMPLAIN, constantly to every known entity about how SHADY and underhanded this "company" is.

It would get them fined, and shut down. So please get governmental people involved, the MORE the better. Let them know you as a consumer do NOT deserve to be DUMPED on criminals to service your loan when you have NO say in who can service a mortgage.

We the People should have CHOICE in who does this, not be DUMPED on a "company" that has a "F" rating with BBB, and every OTHER consumer advocate group. Time the government ENDED their fraudulent activity towards We the People!

Ville Platte, Louisiana, United States #932788

They want to charge $12.00 to pay on line. What snail mail century are they in. I called and requested they to sell my loan to ANYBODY else and they diffantly do NOT want you to pay extra or pay EARLY.


something else that should be listed as one of their hidden fees 8.00 a day if payment is considered late is what they will add on to your loan. there may be more hidden fees. worth checking out.

Denver, Colorado, United States #855540

Good suggestions that I will implement.

Has anything been resolved for you as a result of filing all these complaints? I have been dealing with GreenTree's incompetence and rudeness since they acquired my loan several months ago, and am still waiting for them to sign over an insurance check so that I can start repairs on my roof.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #813934

I over paid my current monthly mortgage by .11 cents, but have been told that they only received a total of .11 cents for said payment. Straight to the point, I use online bill pay, All my payments are rounded up to the nearest whole dollar figure..

It works great for me, period. They don't get it, do they ?

We have the same *** up people with this greentree We have done everything we can to try to make this right and still have the *** so I'm going to try some of this and see how far we can get if not I'm going to the news and push it as far as we can I'm sick of this *** house payment went from $500 to $796 a month

it was a scam to begin with during the yr's 2000-2008 before stock market crashed giving out these made up triple A ratings ,{fake package they slap together }on people to give them ,almost anyone a loan to capitalize on the poor sob's, clean them out ,owe us forever ,we are selling your loan anyway & taking ours "money' right off the top .scam artist ,devils at work ,sign here .it will catch up to them all soon ,living like kings and queens ,there bottom will drop out too.. cant keep scamming people ,big banks did this too ,was all a plan ,it ruined the economy ,hurt lots of good people ,let the government get on them they are about to pay big time ,& jail time .hope we all get letters or are getting letters to have all are mtg's re:done honestly ,properly .oh PMI .did the big banks have both hands out during the bail out on collecting there ?


I filed a complaint to BBB. Their response back was to blame a third party name Melon bank.

They said Melon bank should report the payment within 24 hrs. I think they just bullxxx me. People please file complaint to BBB. We can put them out if we have enough man power.

Plus it is fun to see how they come up with response to the compliant. Very creative liar!!

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States #721348

Excellent Advice! I worked for them *** bags.

Everything you say is true. The people who last with that company are rude, arrogant and liars. They would make us collect and tell people they were late after the first. I have heard numerous complaints from customers about collections tormenting them after one day after the first.

People do have to the 15th before their mortgage is considered late and subject to late fees and credit reporting. They made threats which are meaningless. I advice to come back at them that you got to the 15th to get mortgage paid and hang up on them. Green Tree employees are trained to treat their customers like ***.

I was fired because I would not go along with treating people like *** and actually trying to help people solve problems created by them crooks.

My morals could not allow me to treat people they way they do or lie to them constantly I think your advice will help put Green Tree out of business. They are crooks and *** bags

Cumberland, Maryland, United States #721331

Thanks for the ideas I have already complained about this abomination to the BBB, I am almost convinced they are somehow holding mail with payments to assess late fees. Thinking about going the route of automatic bill payment.

And yes I will be complaining to all these agencies. I would like to set a precedent that on any new mortgage I take out to stipulate can not be sold to Green Tree as term of the contract.

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States #721803

When I worked there people would call who mailed payment in plenty of time and it was delayed in posting. I do believe they received payments and it would not be posted when received I would advise not to mail payment.

To avoid their western union fees of 12.00 If you have a bank with bill pay do it electronically from your own bank but always use the Pallatine Ill address that is the only address that takes electronic payments. That way your bank and you have a record and make sure it is paid by the 15th

Fair Oaks, California, United States #693397

I took it even one step FURTHER! I re-financed to "fire" Greentree, and did so for all of the above mentioned reasons.

I have "stellar credit" and do not pay late! Never have, never will...and got those same "late payment" notices. "Collection Agency" noted on monthly statements is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! I fired them!

I "complained" with my checkbook and now have my account with Shore Mortgage.

Eugene, Oregon, United States #691656

I decided to make my mortgage payments from my bank, online, to Greentree. Never go to the greentree site and expect to pay.

YOu cannot prove it or track it and their site is frequently down, especially at the first of the month. Only go through your own bank and meet with your banker. Ask them to prove to you they have a "proof" of delivery. My bank does.

So far, all is well. Good Luck.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692480

that site is joke worked there always not working if you did not pay on first could not make payment on there wanted there 12 western union fees

Charleston, South Carolina, United States #686356

I am having a horrid time with Greentree. BAC sold my mortgage to them, (do not understand any of that) and my mortgage has gone from 1150 to 1700 with no explanation.

Thank you for the advice.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692479

its seems never an explanation I worked in rapid city was fired cause didnt throw people under the bus People problem never solved just passed around they did what they wanted with people got fired because emphasized with borrowers no recourse to anything just told to tell them it is being researched they are crooks and shady

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692482

Customer service reps could not figure it out and explain no one able to explain maybe should get class action against them work there always threw people under the bus

Richmond, Virginia, United States #676854

Green tree tried very hard to make me do bank draft on the 1st of every month. They tried to scare me by posting my payment on 17th, but I sent check out on the 7th.

They meant to hold my check. I fell for it one month thinking check lost, so I paid $12 to pay by phone. That is how they get your money. They want to have control of their finance on the 1st of every month.

Otherwise they will hold your check til the last day before they late fee. They want you listen well like a puppy.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692484

worked in rapid office people would make payment and not post for days would send bogus statements to customers with inaccurate info would say payment not received before statement went out but not always true intimidate people to pay people have a 16 grace period but that don't count with green tree they would get their goons on you after the first good payers were harassed glad fired for not sucking up to their devious ways throwing people under bus with no recourse

Vancouver, Washington, United States #676848

Greentree just got one of our loans from B of A also. $12.00 to process on-line payments is BS. Guess the hunt to refi starts tomorrow!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692487

I think anyone with Green tree should refi and don't refi with there harp loan you will have them again look else where worked there and seen what they do they fired me cause would not act heartless to do job have to throw people under bus

Vacaville, California, United States #675102
I 'dealt' with Greentree in the most effective way I knew how-- I FIRED them! (They got my GMAC account when GMAC went under.) They sent me bills stating my payment was overdue, untrue.

They 'added' late charges; my payments were timely. I have not been late on even ONE payment in over 24 years paying on THIS home that I very nearly own outright now! How does one FIRE a mortgage company? I refinanced, (cut my interest rate, too!) and no longer have messages that made me feel that they were going to fabricate SOME way to foreclose my mortgage.

:? I FIRED them! If they ever show up again, I will refinance again. I voted them out of my life with my pen!

:grin Good bye and good riddance Grabtree!
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692489

they will threaten after 1st put fees on for no reason and have goons call people who are timely worked there when try to solve all these ugly problems got no where no one would solve customer complaints or problems it was about 4 min or less just tell people anything like you are doing something and nothing solved when I tried to help they threw me under bus I have ethics and they don't glad they fired me they want people who are puppets working for them who will screw people over and say company right when practices are very shady


Thank you for the info! My account was sold from Countrywide to Bank of America and now to Green Tree "Disservicing." It is unfortunate that there are SOOO many complaints against this company, yet they are allowed to still do this with impunity.

I filed a complaint with CFPB.

Maybe if they get enough complaint they will actually act on this. Outraged consumer.

@Meso :( yes i will join in also as to write letter to bbb &cfpb.we need forces.ive askd greentree for modification ova 6 mo. ago nothing but run around.fax this,...this ...only to get they threatg for me to get otta house and locals sherrifs will thrw me out and repohouse.
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692493

loan mods are biggest complaint meant for people struggling worked there slow on everything even with lawyers who are helping clients it is a joke they are not for customer at all no heart seen it but I would not buckle on what was right when asked how can i solve problems supervisor would tell put in request request never solved anything no one answers phones in that place not allowed to give my ext to help people people told will note that on acct yea just a note don't mean nothing

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692490

Class Action lawsuit all big corporations get away with this time to stand up and stop this Little guy usually has no recourse worked for that shady company know that something needs to be done

Richmond, Virginia, United States #664726

This is the worst company ever and my mortgage was sold to them few months ago! No matter when I send them check but they still post my payment on the 15th.

This month they call me on the 10th and asked when I will send them a check. I have grace period till the 15th plus I sent them check already. Finally they lost my check or intentionally not post my payment. I was forced to have no choice to make a payment on the phone which costed me $12 fee.

Again, they asked if this is my pattern to pay around on the 15th. I am so angry. This company treats customers like children!! I am so regret Metlife sold my mortgage to them.

I just sent a complaint to BBB.

I know it does not help but I hope people out there would do the same. If we get enough complaint, maybe something will change.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692494

worked there that is there money maker they blame western union for fees but how come others only charge less than 3

Denver, Colorado, United States #663453

Why would GT reps insist that the banks write a "real" check and send it thro snail-mail instead of accepting wire transfers? Taking 4-6 days to post, ensuring that customers are delinquent.

This is a bold faced lie...perhaps easier to not tell the truth into a telephone then face to face.

I confirmed through my bank that the GT system DOES accept wire payments! If this weren't so irritating it would be laughable

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692496

when checks are sent in plenty of time never posted work there people constantly calling to find out what happened to their checks they are told post office fault what a joke worked there you are right and so is everyone else who complains

Denver, Colorado, United States #663449

Unbelievably unprofessional and shockingly ignorant!! It seems as the reps I have been in contact with are the blind leading the blind!!

Is separating the escrow payment and the "current payment" on the monthly statement a ploy to collect LATE penalties??

Sharon (probably underpaid and ego inflated) actually yelled/hung up/used profanity on the phone when asked to confirm due date and amount due. OMG

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692499

I worked there and was fired for being nice and actually tryng to solve people problems they did not like me telling customers to not pay attention to statements and why did not like me bothering supervisors to fix problems not allowed email to communicate to customer and actually solve problems I heard how they speak to customers it was horrible like they were costopo company allowed customer service to speak to people like dirt I worked in other csr places and never in my life have I seen such unprofessional mean spirited people that is what it takes to work there

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #648187

You MUST NOT TAKE OFFENSE at the following:

After a YEAR OF RESEARCH I don't write these words LIGHTLY;

Your thinking is PREHISTORIC and Pre-2008 on MANY LEVELS. Too many to delineate...

GREEN TREE has been around for many years. They were eventually bought out by Walter Financial Investment Services in 2011.

Since, Green Tree began to grow tenfold & our story begins there.

The Banks full of useless inventory and Green Tree providing a VERY NASTY - but VERY EFFECTIVE SERVICE to the BANKS.

During 2013, most BANKS are now dumping their inventory to GREEN TREE and others like them. Look it up.

FIrst, WALTER FINANCE is made up former of BANK OF AMERICA EXECUTIVES. This is the how they got access to the house mortgage inventory. One big great money making idea: To Manage Bank housing Portfolio.

Target #1: Get commissions on on time payments. Then the entire COMMISSION STRUCTURE idea grew exponentially, Even their LAW FIRM works on COMMISSION. Anything goes at GREEN TREE.

Second, WALTER FINANCE is listed in the STOCK EXCHANGE. As long as they make money for their investors ( Judges , Governors and State Attorneys among a million others) they are UNTOUCHABLE ( by mere complaints ).

Thirdly, The FTC WILL NOT TOUCH THEM either.

Footnote: Supreme Court protects Walter Finance because - apparently - it's legal to make a RETURN Investment for investors. This is HUGE, because these people operate with IMPUNITY. A True modern day MAFIA where anything goes & protected by the US Government laws !!!!

Only on RARE and MINISCULE instances does GREEN TREE actually loose a case. A mere slap on the wrist. Meanwhile Green Tree continues their relentless pounding against consumers.tens of thousands of FORECLOSURES!

Green Tree's mortgage portfolio grows by the minute. UNLESS you take them to court personally, NO ENTITY nor AGENCY WILL COME TO YOUR RESCUE. Their LAW FIRM is a GIGANTIC CARTEL & GROWING DAILY.

Like you have been taught all these years "THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD" - WILL NOT WORK against GREEN TREE.

GREEN TREE is comparable ( except much better organized ) to the DRUG CARTELS in MEXICO. DO NOT MAKE ANY OTHER ASSUMPTION regarding GREEN TREE. HEED THIS WARNING AT ALL COSTS.

GREEN TREE is a MAFIA CARTEL which is roughly made up of 40% LEGAL FORCE, 40% COLLECTION AGENCY, 15% STREET ENFORCING GANGS and 10% lending company. They even BID out their repossessed inventory to INVESTORS.

By merely following your instincts & complaining skills as best you could. This thinking is NOT ENOUGH AGAINST GREEN TREE. Contrary to popular beliefs, One REALLY HAS NO BASIC RIGHTS in the US. This is just an illusion & opium thinking for the masses. Only REAL MONEY talks. Why do you think politicians exist? GANGSTA STYLE....

Green Tree is a GROWING MAFIA CARTEL (composed of several STREET ENFORCING GANGS - and they all work in UNISON ) and they have their tentacles in deeper that it appears. TRUST ME. this is your LAST WARNING.


I can tell you this because of personal experience and writing over 100 well redacted complaint letters to various State Governors, Representatives, Federal Agencies, BBB, Various State Attorneys and over 50 News Media Agencies.

Each one was brushed aside with 'DEAR JOHN' replies or 'YOUR CASE IS OF A LEGAL Nature'- and "It's neither a violation of your rights nor it fit as a Consumer complaint'. READ THIS AGAIN, because I was floored.

Recently, Green Tree has acquired several more BILLIONS of dollars in mortgages because the Banks are DUMPING ALL MORTGAGES and giving them to GREEN TREE because their business model yields positive results.

In turn, GTS mother company - WALTER INVESTMENT is making a killing selling their stock to JUDGES, GOVERNORS and FEDERAL AGENCIES 401K retirement packages. DO YOUR RESEARCH. I have been over a year into this information !!!!!!!


#1 - GREEN TREE gets your attention by saying that you are LATE.

# 2 - GREEN TREE LOOSES your paperwork

# 3 - GREEN TREE They rig all paperwork ON PURPOSE

# 4 - GREEN TREE routinely gives you FALSE INFORMATION

# 5 - Green Tree employee names are FAKE

# 6 - GREEN TREE supervisor names are FAKE

# 7 - GREEN TREE plays GOOD COP- BAD COP to DRAW OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION from you. The worse your situation is will trigger the STREET ENFORCEMENT GANG services.

DO NOT MAKE ANY BAD COMMENTS about your PESONAL SITUATION - EVER!!!! All personal information gathered by phone goes into your record & will be used against you.

DO NOT let your children or family say negatibe things about your personal information. They already have your Social Security Number and most personal information that you provided when you signed up for the original loan.

# 8 - GREEN TREE WILL RECORD ALL YOUR PHONE CONVERSATIOS and use them against you in a court of law. They warn you first with their greeting when you call them. You are being legally recorded - under the guise of customer service purposes


There are few answers: get a MAJOR LAW FIRM which pays for a MAJOR LAWSUIT. Do NOT HIRE a COMMON or SMALL TIME ATTORNEY or small Law Firm which are POWERLESS AGAINST a MAFIA & will cost you tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Green Tree is counting on you to make this mistake !!!!!

Good Luck to All !!!

San Antonio, Texas, United States #648595

"You MUST NOT TAKE OFFENSE"...But....Hmmmm hyperbolic-conspiracy theory much...? Yes, "Greentree" is a big *** scumbo of a company!

lol...I wrote the post above. And YES the CFPB, state's attorney general, FTC, your congressman-woman, state senator (BEST if they are DEMOCRATS!) CAN HELP!....The FTC and the CFPB are moving against, invesitigating GT. Your grandiose-conspiracy theory blather aside, PROTECTING yourself through regulatory agencies designed to PROTECT you is ALWAYS a good idea!

CHECKING your credit and consulting an attorney is ALSO a GOOD IDEA...Now, lay off the caffine, relax, and take a deep breath! LOL

San Antonio, Texas, United States #648599

P.S. again, I wrote this post...and you must have a *** congressman-congresswoman, state rep-state senator, and U.S.

Senator if positive things haven't happened for you concerning Greentree....OR you never contacted your elected officals PERIOD..."YOU MUST NOT TAKE OFFENSE"..but get off your *** and start writing letters and making phone calls!

...Well? What are are you waiting for????

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692505

people have to stand together and not put up with big business or government we are beginning to have freedoms like china

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692504

Worked there you speak truth us little guys don't have a chance thanks to big money and power Bank of America is still in business after all that has happened Government is big business will always be I will not be chained to a house rather live in tent than deal with any loans from government or big business all loans from green tree from frannie mae and freddie mac they want more accounts so csr told to keep talk times down to 4 min or you will get fired don't have time to solve problems that is big business

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Review #342060 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer342060.

Greentree Servicing - Green tree taking my money for years

I returned home n 2015 after paying for years after making several complaints. They made settlement to a cosigner that didnt pay 1penny harassed me for years.

I will now sue cosigner n ditech. They owe me thousands back.

Review #1516075 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1516075.

Greentree Servicing - I worked for Green Tree as a Collections Manager - Pennsylvania Office

Senior Leadership condoned bad behavior, being rude, threatening to customers who where pushed into expensive loan arrangements for inferior manufactured housing. Mostly located in areas with hardworking people who may not have been business savvy to to protect themselves.

I remember one Saturday (end of the month) we had taken over Green Point, we had collected any and all past due amounts that was ethically possible. I got to go home, and released the collection staff. By the time I got home, which was about 40 minutes away, the Regional Manager (office manager) called me and said I HAD TO COME BACK because the company as a whole had not hit their collection goals. I went back but I refused to call the staff back as they had been dismissed for the Saturday.

Myself and the Manager sat there from 2pm until 9pm (couldn't call anyone after 9pm) no additional payments were collected, but this what the senior leadership wanted probably while they where enjoying their Saturday with their families.

we did all that and they closed the Pennsylvania office anyway. No ethics or standards here, just a free for all

Review #1469396 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1469396.

Greentree Servicing - I Lost $5000 to GT llc

I've contacted then over 100 times. I went of to care for my x-wife in 2012 for 5 months with stage 4 Cancer.

When I arrived home the house was in foreclosure. Payment was autopay. Checked with bank & all payments withdrawn. They used every excuse for more $$$$!

Attorney fees, court files etc. Never recv a cent back.

Review #1314713 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1314713.

Greentree Servicing in Mendota, Minnesota - Very inhuman

My late husband and I were with Greentree beween 2006 and 2008. My husband would make sure that the rent was paid every month.

Then on October 17, 2008 my husband was killed in a rollover. I was devastated, and going through a lot of depression. My husband was the one who paid the rent. Because of PTSD and major depressive disorder, I was on Social Security.

The rent had been paid for Oct 2008. Then because I was unable to pay the rent for Nov, I panicked. On Nov 17, 2008, I started getting money for my husband's work related accident, but it was only going to be $719.00, and then it would go up the following months. I paid the $719.00 and told greentree if it would be ok to pay the balance later.

They said no. When Dec came, I had to ask for help from my family. I had the money in my checking account because Greentree would take the rent out that way. I went through *** trying to pay the rent, because I couldnt afford to pay $891.00 a month.

I asked greentree if there was a way to maybe get a loan modification, and I was told no. I then received a foreclosure, and was told to leave. This was embarrassing and humiliating. I ended up moving in with my sister.

I was denied access to the place I was renting.

I lost important things there, tht can never be replaced. I have waited 3 years to find out about the lawsuit that Greentree, but nothing has happened.

1160 Centre Pointe Dr #7, Mendota Heights, MN 55120, USA
  • Green Tree Forclosure
I didn’t like
Company lies and threatings, Charges for online payment
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Review #1184563 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Greentree Servicing in Tampa, Florida - Mobile home

I purchase a home in 1998 and I still owe about two no $28,000 on this home. Can someone please help me obtain a lawyer because right now I am in bankruptcy making my monthly payments but I still do not think it's fair that I owe that much on this mobile home and it's a 1998 please anyone help me.

Reason of review
Problems with payment
Review #1113219 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1113219.

Greentree Servicing - Horrible

Do not use this company. Absolutely no customer service.

Ive been trying for 3 months to be out on biweekly payments. They have done nothing. Instead they are charging me late fees cause i have to split my payment up every two paychecks. Absolutely wrong.

They need to.get off there behinds and do there jobs. I am in.the process of finding a better mortgage company.

Reason of review
Problems with payment
Review #1054520 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1054520.

Greentree Servicing - The worst customer service ever!!!

The account representative never returned calls. I submitted a settlement request to close my account in early March 2017.

I received a correspondence stating that a decision would be made within 30 days. It now May 23, 2017, no decision yet. I've left repeated messages on the account representative voice mail. I've no received a single return calls.

Whenever I speak with a customer representative, they all say the same thing: I just sent your acct representative and his manager an email. I'm told repeatedly that the person that must review it is either sick, on vacation, or not in. I'm constantly told to call back the next day for a decision.

I'm repeatedly told that it's on the Vice President or President desk for a review. I've probably left 30+ messages and have received zero return call from neither the account representative nor his manager.


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Cottageville, South Carolina, United States #1353894

Now greentree is diteck still I can't get a response out of them awsome

Reason of review
Poor customer service
Review #1051041 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1051041.

Greentree Servicing - Mortgage Review

My late husband and I were buying a home in Salt Lake. The mortgage had been taken over by Green tree.

The year was 2008. We paid the mortgage every month. Then on Oct 17, 2008, my husband was killed in a one vehicle rollover. I was devastated.

The mortgage had already been paid for the month of October. I thought Greentree would understand when I told them what happened to me husband, but they weren't. I was told that if I didn't pay the mortgage that the house would go in foreclosure. In the last part of December 2008, $891.00 was taken out of my checking, which I owed.

Then on Jan 2, 2009, $891 was taken out again by GreenTree. I had no money in the bank to support it. I had nothing but problems with Greentree. They made threatening phone calls to me, I ended up having an emotional breakdown and ended up in the hospital.

I never got any help to see if there was a way to stay in the house under a program. But I got absolutely nothing

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Poor customer service
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Short Review on November 21, 2016

Had the money wudnt accept lost home anyway after they told me the night before to be at courthiuse by 7am and i had to sleep for 6months on a floor with my kids

Reason of review
Problems with payment
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Greentree Servicing - Misplaced payments, rude customer service representative, incorrect escrow amounts

Our mortgage was originally with GMAC, in 2011 it was sold to Greentree. We pay our mortgage bi-weekly and the company we used for GMAC said they can send our payments to Greentree. Everything was set to go.

First few months all was OK. I get a call from my husband saying did you pay the mortgage? I said of course it auto drafts and get sent out. Verified with bank funds withdrew, verified with company that sent that it was sent out on time, it was.

Greentree had the payment but just did not post it. They called and demanded payment which we refused due to they had it. This went on monthly with the threats, and "missed" payment.

We then get our statement advising that for escrow we have to come up with an additional $680.00 for taxes and insurance. I said how as there was no increase in either?! Our mortgage from GMAC was about $900/ month after 18 months with Greentree it was $1150.

We refinanced with another company and pray our mortgage is not sold again. If possible refinance and get away from this company.

Reason of review
Poor customer service
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