GMAC went bankrupt and my mortgage was sold go Green Tree. They sent me a letter saying since I didn't have homeowner's insurance they were purchasing insurance for me.

I received a letter stating that my premium was $1,905, and another letter for earthquake insurance stating I needed to send them $13,000 premium on that alone. I have tried calling 4 separate times and each time I get completely incompetent customer service reps who could care less whether they help you or not. I asked where I could fax proof of my homeowner's insurance with USAA and was given 5 different fax numbers so I sent proof to all the fax numbers and asked that they call me when they fixed the problem. Never heard a word.

This is the most inept lender I have ever dealt with and I am trying to get refinanced with a more competent lender. I also note that there are so many complaints I have found online complaining of the exact same problem as I have listed here. It is absolutely scary and I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau as well as trying to let certain media know about all the customer complaints with Green Tree.

Pathetic. If you are with Green Tree I urge you to find another lender.

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I could not agree more with this comment. I had the unfortunate fate of having my CountryWide Mortgage sold to Greentree.

I dealt with the proof of insurance scam that they run and managed to not get charged for anything. Well...come last year I decide to refinance again. I refinance with Quicken, and I love their service. I only loved it for about a month - my mortgage was sold once again to, you guessed it, Greentree.

I wanted to die. Guess what letters have started showing up again in the mail?? Proof of insurance requests. Penalty for non compliance?

Gettign charged for insurance they buy for me. The reason this is such a pain for me is because it is a condo with an association. So it isn't my insurance they are looking for, its actually the associations program. So I have to get three parties involved - myself, the association, and THEIR insurance company.

I have a main home and have never had such requests. Is this normal?? Apparently in Greentree's world it is.

I haven't even mentioned their $12 fee to pay my bill on their website.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692521

I worked there here is the story Insurance agents and customers would send in proof many times different fax numbers green tree kept evidence of that out of system we were told to tell customers that we did not receive it who knows where the faxes go then green tree turns around and put assurant insurance on account which is 3 times amount and takes it out of your escrow money Assurant another big company in the field of big business is in cohoots with green tree we tell people we will esculate the problem to get solved never hear back from dept so customer at mercy of green tree even people who pay their own insurance they will put on account and add it to their payments


This place operates by a different set of rules. If you do some research,youll find they buy up legal debt,secured debt,the kind of debt that is hard to discharge in bankruptcy,then play games the entire time your with them. Ive never seen anything like it in my entire life,to them,its nothing more than a game,a way to personally embarrass you,the errors they make are so blatant,you start to realize this is done on purpose,even if you do pay,they may or may not say you did pay,.....scary doesnt even come close to the reality of this place,...

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