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What company do you know in the 21st Century does not post their email address on their Website. It says contact us...How? by US mail or phone. Phone so they can intimidate you and US mail so they can lie and say they didn't receive the information you sent. Playing games...This is an antiquated method of running a real business...Get with the program and stop hiding...

My mother need to modify her loan with this company, and she can't submit her documents expeditiously. So, now she has to send it via US mail. This is unacceptable business practice. I see why people are pissed-off...

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Apparently, we're not the only ones having problems with Green Tree. Our house was not repossessed, rather it was forfeited after the divorce.

Green Tree sold the house, but never contacted us in any way to let us know whether we owed anything else on it or not. After nine years, it is still being reported, and shows up on the credit report. We are currently trying to buy a house, but Green Tree will not send a letter to the mortgage company we are using stating that we do not owe anything else on the house. The owners had to PCS two weeks ago.

We still have not been able to close on the house. The mortgage company we are currently using called Green Tree and recorded the call, in which the representative stated that the letter would arrive in two days guaranteed. That was one week and two days ago.

I am contacting the Better Business Bureau to report this whole situation. Green Tree is a terrible company and will never treat its customers with fairness.


If you click on contact us there is a email link that pops up, Make sure that the pop up blocker is disabled or you wont see it. I put all of my complaints in writing.

If they are calling an unauthorized number you can call have it removed and have them mail you confirmation.

I emailed them today that if they do not abide I will promptly submit the documentation to the FTC. I actually got a very pleasant person on the phone that was polite and helped me set up future payments


I got stuck with Green Tree after BOA sold my loan to them and now I get the same lousy treatment. Three properties, all well rented, Mortgages paid on time and they freaking harass me constantly, saying they didn't receive insurance coverage that was faxed over there three times, or didn't get the checks (that are delivered automatically from my bank.) I despise these scumbags.

They are a low end, mobile home mortgage writer. They deal with the dredges of humanity who skip payments, etc, and now they treat people who own and pay their mortgages on time for 15 years the same way as the ***.

Their customer service is horrible.


No email address for contact. Not only that, they won't accept electronic payments.

The will accept a pay by phone payment along with charging a hefty fee. After dealing with the nightmare corporation B of A who sold my mortgage to these guys, here we go again.

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