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My Loan was transfered from BOA to the Terrible company ( Green Tree) first why is is called GreenTree when you can't go paperless on line without a fee?I am self employed so I pay my mortagage from two different accounts and like the flexability of when to pay my mortgage.first MARLA said I was being " Rude and tio keep my comments to myself " because I stated how much I HATED Green Tree for the reasons listed above.

I asked why aren't you on line to pay bills without being charged? she said we are and there is no charge if you set up an automatic payment from your account . I reiterated that I am self employed and need the flexability to pay within the first 5 to 10 days depending on my income . Then she suggested I set up a third account just for greentree so it could come out automatically.

How *** is that?? I would then have another account so I get charged $29.00 per month in fees instead of the $12.00 a month to pay over the phone.. great suggestion... I am like most people out there paying my bills on a month to month basis with little left over.

Thanks MARLA for the great advise. and for the record I was not rude to you on the phone I was stateing a FACE Green Tree is not Green and I hate this company do not tell me to keep my Comments to MYSELF.

It is the way I feel and I in no way was disrespectful to you..even after your ignorant comment....

Re think your phone personal lady......

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I agree.The ironic thing is that the customer "service" people are so belligerent that even when I was telling them "yes, I will pay whatever it will take today for you not to call me during my children's sleeping times" they transferred me to another person who wanted me to either sign up for online pay and refinance.

So they missed out on at least one month's extra fees from check by phone.ridiculous.

Shopping for new mortgage now.


Our loan was also sold by Boa to green tree.We were forced to get more insurance insurance than what we had.

We have what is needed for the state of Florida requires. Our insurance company guy couldn' t even beleive it. When we first talked to green tree they said we could make bi weekly payments. So when we started to they applied one payment to principle only so come the first of the next month, they expected a whole payment.

We pay through our credit union so they tend to get it early. We just received a letter today saying our taxes are deliquent, which they are not, they were paid last month. It really seems to me that B.O.A. Is in bed with this company.

We have never been late, but it seems like this company is trying to pull what ever tactic they can to make it look like you screw up so they can take your home.Somebody please do something!


Yeah!Greentree employees are the pits.

Our loan was sold to Greentree by BOA and its been nothing but heartache since day one. It's impossible to get to a person who doesn't have a scripted response. if you ask a question you get a scripted answer that does not answer your question but deflects you back to the topic where they want you to pay pay pay by their way or the highway. Threats of collections, fees and rough talk by every customer service person I've reached.

Today they want me to sign up for auto pay where they can deduct their payment from my bank account. Alternative, pay by phone with a $12 fee. We paid Due on the 1st late by the 16th for 5 years with BOA and never a squeek, now Greentree wants paid PRIOR to the 1st every month or get a collections call from the Mean Talkers. Although we have NEVER missed a payment nor have we ever received a late fee, WE are now told that we are unreasonable, uncooperative and refusing to work with our lender because we prefer to keep control of flexibility in our payments and avoid their additional fees.

Grade F on Customer Service and communications.

When we asked why this was a problem all of a sudden after six months of paying this way with no complaint, we got NO answer only more bullying rhetoric in a threatening voice from both the customer service person and his manager.We'll be looking to refinance with someone else ASAP

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