Greentree Servicing - They call me a million times a day

I just wanted to write and tell how I have been

treated by these people.

My Daughter passed away in Feb. 07, we did not have any Ins on her so we had to pay for all the funural expences our selfs,

so i call to see if there way they could help me out because i knew i was going to be late on some of my payments and was told that there was nothing they could do so when my payments were late they started calling everyone i knew and telling them about my business which i do not think is right.


and they had the nerve to serve me with and eviction notice unless i payed everything i owed even though they knew this was a hard time forme, till this day i am still one month behind and they call and call till i don't anwser the phone.

I have told them as soon as i can i going to catch that payment up but they are so hateful they don't understand after lossing my daughter and everything else they don't care if i ever get this payed off i will NEVER have a nother loan with them.

I really despise those people and if they were in my shoes they would have done the same thing i am doing, thanks for letting me have my say on GREENTREE



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also, write to the Attorney General of your state. You might be pleasantly surprised at what help doing so may do for you (and 'another victim') -- I hope. Good luck to both of you.

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Complain, officially, with the Federal Trade Commission. Either fill out the online form, or mail a certified letter.

I don't know what GreenTree is, but the way they're contacting you is in violation of federal law.

Also, send a certified letter to Green Tree regarding your situation, and your request, as well as a request not to be called at whatever numbers you don't want them to call you at while you work out a payment arrangement.

Don't throw the certified receipts away no matter what anyone tell syou. Keep a copy of your letter, and write the certified number on the bottom of both letters.

Zawiercie, Slaskie, Poland #14855
:eek they just dont care. at all. :( very sorry for your terrible loss.
Greentree Servicing Loan
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Greentree Servicing - I want another finance company

Yes, I have read some of the compliments that have been posted and my advice to anyone that has a compliment, is to start a potition in the town, city in which you live. Once you have the names of those that feel they have been taken advantage of, we need to send all of the names to the BBB.

Also, we need to place or email addresses with our complaints. We need to be able to have another company buy our loan out.

Thank you and I hope to hear from others soon., will place your emails.




The second mortgage on our home has been sold three times to different banks. Never before have we had to fill out a new automatic deduction form.

I received a letter saying GreenTree was now servicing our loan 15 days before the payment was due. 5 days after the payment was due we started receiving phone calls from debt collectors saying the payment was never received. When I spoke to a GreenTree rep they said they had mailed a packet that required us to re-fill out the auto payments. I had never received the packet, the rep then said it probably did not get to me yet.

Think about it, they have debt collectors call me before they send me the packet to pay the loan. Kind of backwards if you ask me. Now they are charging $12 per month to automatically deduct the payments. They never let me know I would receive these fees.

GreenTree sucks. Never use them. If I could do anything to get away from using them, I would. Unfortunately the financial system is foobar and I have no option.

(This is only one example of how they are incompetent. I could go on for a while but will spare you.)


I created

I'm hoping more people will join. Is a social networking website for us frustrated customers...


I have been paying Greentre for 10yrs and recently have had some financial hardships. My husband called and specifically told them we could not make a payment until we contacted them.

They instead withdrew a payment from our checking account and of course it was overdrawn.

After my bank kicked it back they did again I had to stop payment on it and it ended up costing 60.00 total in fees. Now they keep calling and harassing me to end.


Kenneth, I'm with you. If anyone else is having trouble with GT, please contact me.

After paying on the loan for 13 yrs, now all of a sudden after being 39 days late, I have been contacted about foreclosure.


Pay your blls on time and you won't get any calls. GT would much rather NOT call you.

GT shouldn't have to call you.

Calling you costs GT money because they have to employ people to collect your payment from you that you should be paying on your own. This website is like a support group for losers.

Leakesville, Mississippi, United States #4151

Hi I have a mobile home financed through Greentree .It hads been a nightmare of constant harrassing calls and threats of repossessions and rude representatives. I am in Northeast Alabama .if ther is any class action suits against the blood sucking leaches someone please let me know or anything else for that matter ..I am sick of these people bothering me.I cannot even have peace in my own home and I myself would love to refinance or see some laws passes that protact home manufactures home owners from vampires like Greentree

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Greentree Servicing Loan
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Greentree Financial aka Greentree Servicing is ripping me off

13 years ago, my husband and I, we were just starting out, not making alot of money, purchased a mobile home, my parents gave us $11,000.00 down on a $27,000.00 home, we financed $16,000.00 w/ Greentree, now after 13 years of living in this dump and dealing w/ these VULTURES, we still owe $11,000.00. I figured it up and all together we have paid Greentree $27,300.00 towards a $16,000.00 loan, This is unreal that I am dealing w/ this in this day and age.

unbelievable. These people need to be stopped.




I am a consumer with 800+ credit. I Have never made a late payment. I Have made thousands of on time loan payments, paid off every account in full as agreed, I am a totally ethical upstanding citizen.

Green tree is harassing us. The people who call ARE debt collectors, NOT loan servicers. This is important to understand because I/we have never made a late payment on ANYTHING EVER! Like I said, my/our credit scores are over 800, and this is completely unjustifiable.

To Charles: you are wrong. The grace period is THE LAW! It is not a courtesy. It is the LAW. And even if this is actually a "courtesy" the calls from debt collecting agents are anything but courteous.

To all the other consumers: stand up for your legal rights! Do not be intimidated by these wanna-be thugs. They are not actually gangsters or loan sharks who will come to your place and follow through. These are very weak little men with pathetic careers, barely making minimum wage. Call them out when they call you. Tell them to come over and talk like that face to face. Tell them you aren't afraid of little punks and empty threats. You are a real person and deserve to be treated justly!


if someone wants to do a class action against them you can count me in.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #634354
@paul ensign

You can count me in for that class action suit too!


It is unreal how Green Tree manages to stay in business with they way they operate, and quite frankly the best thing for everyone is if they would go belly-up!! They are nothing but *** bag vultures who take advantage of people, harass, and intimidate them.

I have no time for these peices of garbage and despise them for everything they are. They are rude and disrespectful; they are nothing but thugs who hide behind a telephone and desk. "Kagan" is the worst. That miserable little rat starts calling once you are a single day late, but still within the grace period, for submitting your payment.

He calls every 1/2 hour ALL day long. Fortunately I have a call-blocker on my phone that just picks up and hangs up on him. Before I started blocking his calls he would leave voice mail messages with his snippy disgusting attitude; he really thinks he is somthing special. I sincerely hope that after the way they have treated me, and everyone else, that every Green Tree employee will end up unemployed, homeless, and destitute.

May everyone of them rot in ***!! Thank goodness for good attorneys; I won't speak to Green Tree. Actually, you can't speak to them.

They are unable to communicate with their customers. Having a highly aggressive attorney on your side is the only way to deal with these thugs!!!


What is that about a mobile home cannot be moved once it has been in the same spot for ten years, does that mean that they can't foreclose?


I agree with 99 % of the people on this forum, Green tree representative are not helping and at at time they are very rude to customers. It seems if they are told by their employers to harrass the people


I can't believe these people. I have been asking for an itemization of my payments and this a**h*** his name is Sean start screaming at me telling that He was going to send me to foreclosure becuase he did not like me.

I asked him to talk to his supervisor and he said that he didn't have one. I told him that he was just an employee that he did had one. HE said that whoever had a complaint we could contact him at 605-355-7000 ext. 554440 or Fax Sean at 866 210 6192 after a few phone calls I was able to contact his supervisor Jeremy Ticken 605- 355-7000 ext 57119 I did insist about 10 times leaving a few messages...

His supervisor finally answered. Please, don't be intimitated by these people. Just like they insist on the payments ...

you also insist on knowing every month where your paymetns are going ... I contact them in writting I send about 5 to 10 letters a month requesting for payment itemization since I am late and they don't want to show the payments of the statements.


I was told by a Green tree rep to stop telling lie's. that I didn't call them when i did.

I wish I had recorded the phone call I am sure the CEO would liked to have heard it. NO one has a right to treat you like the ppl here do.


I have to years to finish paying off home, and the Green Tree nightmere will be over, and I might say that the place is falling apart! Green Tree still fights to get the place back, I would of been better off renting, to many fees, to much 12.5% apr, no service, to many phone calls at my jobs and lost a few jobs because of them, high insurance cost, chosen by Green Tree, that is not Green Tree insurance company, maybe they want to be payed by another insurance company. I guess if they want it they will come and get it, there is a law here, a moble home can not be moved if it is over 10 years old, and mine is over 20 years old, so good luck Green Tree and maybe If they forclose on the home I can charge them storage fees and I will call them 10 times day and night at all hours being ugly rude.


This company is a NIGHTMARE to deal with. My former mortgage company was bought out and in the restructuring they sold off a bunch of accounts, including mine.

From the beginning it has been nothing but errors, mistakes, false promises, mindboggling incompetence, and idiocy. The customer service rep on the phone today told me "Here at Green Tree we're not too familiar with how 'escrow' works, so it's a little confusing for us just now" - if they're not familiar with escrow what the H*LL are they doing financing mortgages?!?

It is unbelievable... In the span of that ~45 minute phone call I was given 7 - SEVEN - different amounts that were the "actual amount due." Furthermore, I called on 3/1, and was told my payment due was xxx - when I called today, she said it's xxx+50, because I "underpaid" February's payment, DESPITE the fact that the payment I sent in for February was $80+ MORE than what I had been told to send!!

Doing everything I can to improve my credit score and get the h3ll away from these jokers, before it's too late.


Oh yeah Charles and another thing .You say it is illegal for Greentree to take money from someones account or to take more money from someones account without authorization .Well from what Karen says here they did it so what they did was illegal just like calling people several times a day and harrassing them like they did me.Looks to me like they do alot of illgal practices from my experience with them just like alot of large greedy corporateorganizations do ..Here is another example ..Citifinance ...My biggest mistake was taking out a loan with those sharks and i will be doing a writeup on them as well do.Just another company that takes advantage of people trying to get by and getting wealthy off high interest loans where pople can only afford to pay the minimum payment that goes only toward interest and the principal NEVER goes down then when you get in trouble with the loan .they want to refinance which only starts the whole process over again ...*** THESE *** .I do not think that someone like Karen would have any reason to lie and from the experience I had with these vultures (Greentree) ,I am sure she is telling the truth .I wish they would have sent a rep out to my house .I probably would have shot the S.O.B...... I know this for fact ,It is time the Greentree was chopped down and people like you are finding yourselves standing in the unemployment line ..


Hey Charles you are full of *** .I dealt with these *** for several years before the sake of my folke paying off my mobile home and telling Greentree if they EVER contacted me again ,we would sue them .I even have my dad to back me up on this from listening in on the conversation I had with them on speaker phone ..Their reps are rude ,dont give a *** about their customers and constantly harassed me over the phone and what everyone says here is true.Fortune 500 company my *** .They have made a fortune by taking advantage of people ,by their high interest rates and by scamming peopleinto loans that are impoosible to pay off .I suppose you are just another one of those screwheads that just dont give a *** and get off on the misery of other peoples griefso you can take your fortune 500 *** and shove it straight up your *** .Thank God I dont have to deal with these asshholes ever again .If you have a conscience,you will find a more honest line of work to get into .I dont know how these *** sleep at night .All I know is had the greentree experience and it was a bonified nightmare.These bloodsucking vampires need to be stopped .I would love to see a class action suit against them and this company stopped dead in their tracks and *** lie you in the unemployment lines and soup kitchens begging for a crumb to eat.Maybe then or at least I hope ,you would learn to be a little more humble and understand what poor people go through to sustain themselves


green tree selection practices are illegal folks who honestly dont need the loan are getting them that is why thier enforcement is so tight they know you cant pay and will ruin credit and offer outrageous full payment methods even after they sell a repossesd mobile home. i know attnoey general will invistigate them with all the complaints in florida you should file a complaint with them see what happens.

i feel they willing take folks who's cant pay high risk loan or not some folks including myself shouldnt of been approved. and the other person on the loand is scott free never gets calls since he never picked up a phone in the first place.

aand they do lie btw charles i just filed a compliant with the FTC over thier collections and them for not providing documentation of the debt that i am suppose to owe. but remember if they sue they violeate thier contract thus opening up for class action lawsuit.


Wll, Charles, apparently you are one of the vultures that dipped into my account and stole my money! But, you are correct about one thing, IT IS ILLEGAL to do what green tree did to me according to the Colorado Insurance Commission!

I guess when ALL of my complaints are read and investigated, Charles will be eating Green Tree Crow for dinner because they most certainly stole money from my account and I have ALL paperwork to prove it!!! Charles, you might want to work for a reputable company, not one where they have the grunts defend their illegal practices for the sake of a paycheck.

I bet your Dad works on Wall Street or for G.I.A. too!!


I had my payment taken automatically out until greentree took more than I authorized and overdrew my account. Now THEY want to charge me fees because my bank returned money to my account. greentree is threatening me with legal action for their screw up.


Green Tree is not a harassing company. #1, its illegal to take pymnts from chcking accts.

they woudlnt be in business if they did that. #2, pay your bills #3 violations of the FDCPA and HIPPA are investigated throughly, again, they wouldnt be a fortune five hundred company if they did that. #3, these conversations are recorded and monitered. if representatives from green tree talked to these customers like this, they wouldnt have a job.

These ppl exagerate, lie, and try to make themselves sound like people with 800+ credit scores. if u paid ur house pymnt ontime u wouldnt be receive phone calls.

a grace period is a courtesy, not a requirement. this lawsuit will be dropped just like the rest of them.


Charles, you're such a liar. My state's banking department is now going after Green Tree for not doing an escrow analysis.

Oh and as far as grace peros go It's in my contract. THat means it's REQUIRED.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #88622

to internet reader and js336 u r dumb ignorant and i hope u lose everything u have u r probably a green tree worker or banker so i expect no better from an *** like u green tree increase stuff they cheat scam and they r being sued now for harassing a man to have a heart attack to death. and if u think thats right then give me your address and number so i can harrass u so u can feel how these people u 2 *** jerks


Green Tree sent a rep out to my house three months ago because I refuse to pay their insurance when I have insurance on my house thru state farm and have faxed the insurance to green tree several times. The Rep came to the front door and identified himself and asked for me, I said wait a second I'll go get him, I then came back with a 12 gauge shot gun and asked what do you want he proceeded to talk but very nerviously and then i politely asked him to leave because i'm very unstable dealing with idiots, then he tried to take a pic of my house but that didn't happen either.

He left and they called 10 minutes later and I told them that they will be getting a letter to cease communications with me and that they can deal with my attorney. This is the only way to deal with them. My Attorney has discovered alot of illigal things they do.

I've got them sweating and so can you. Also in the process of refiancing with a local bank....


Greentree has some of the most hateful people on the face of this earth working for them. You call and try to make arrangments and all they want to do is be rude and act as if they want to come right then and take your home.

Well i say let them have it....

We have been paying for over 15yrs and now falling on hard times and they want to take our home.... i say come get it, its not worth anything now and they can't get my land....i can always start over.They need to be stopped!!!!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #66250
Green Tree is ripping me off. They told me I had some pre-taxed interest on my loan.

I have never heard of this. I plan to make something happen. This is not right. I financed my home for 24,000.00 and I have lived in it for 10 years and I owe 24,242.00 now.

This is impossible. I have contacted the Federal Trade Commission. I plan to get an attorney as well to look into it.

This is a shame. :( :(
i am in the same boat with these idots.....i i have been in our modular for going on 10 years and still owe about as much as we did when we started....husband lost job and year ago, did find another but cut in pay was basically our house payment. just recently i was 227.00 behind on the payment and we have no house phone and they evidently went on the internet and found a neighbour\'s number and called and left a message that they were checking \"vacancy\" and stated our address and said they were going to forclouse in a week!

well isn\'t that again privacy laws? even though they did not say our name they said our address now this neighbour knows our business! does anyone know where i can report this? also they are constanly calling me and my husband at our work place after they have been told repeatedly not to, again isn\'t that against the law.

something needs to be done to these people\'s business ethics! :(

why don't ppl realize that when they gave you the loan, it was for 15% because more than likely you dont own the land. mobile homes do depreciate more so than wood built.

also one thing i've learn before i bought was with any home loan, you are paying back lots more because of interest. i took a 20yr vs a 30 which saves you on interest. yes, in the beginning you have to laugh because first payment 4.00 went towards the principle lol. but i've also learned, don't put tons down on the loan.

get the loan with the minimum down. then after the first payment, you apply that large amount down on the principle. ex: i put 1500.00 down. after first payment, i put 10,000.00 down.

home paid off before 20yr. it does help.

or make an extra payment. can't just blame gtservice, its all mortgage co's.


I bought a maufactured home in 1999 for $49,400 at $400/mo. 11 years later I still owe $49, 000.

I've paid $49,000 in interest. Help with the Vultures

Just found out that $36 of a 488.56 payment goes towards principle. We've been paying for 14 years :( I am so angry. Our original finance amount was $49,335.00 They tell us we owe 48,700.00 after 13 years????

My DH and I have a mortgage with Green Tree that we are trying to get out of due to financial hardships. We've received an offer that is less than what is left on the mortgage but Green Tree is refusing to conduct a short sale.

We have been in the mobile home for almost 8 years and can't stand it any longer, the neighborhood is becoming uninhabital and unsafe for our family.

They've made their money of us more than twice over with the astronomical interest rate of 15%. They are evil blood suckers that need to be put out of business for poor customer service.

Norwood, Pennsylvania, United States #16427

I love to read comments regarding finance companies. I find it humorus that people are surprised when they make payments (late) and wonder why their balance does not go down.

Its been my experience that USUALLY payments are not made on time or the creditor does not keep the terms of the agreement. Examples in my theisis were: creditor late payments ( accured daily intrest on simple interest loans) additional charges for legal fees when they are sued. (yes, if you get a letter from an attorney you are paying for it.) and failure to keep the home insured.

Let's face it you did not read your contractual obligation and then you get mad when the servicing company bills you. Shame on you for not paying on time.

Zawiercie, Slaskie, Poland #14854

greentree just foreclosed me on.its probably the cheaper way out for me. my home was 50,000 13 years ago and i still owe 48,000 something is wrong with this game.iv'e been paying 4900 5000 intrest yearly.wats up with that? i wouldn't recomend any kind of a purchase from crooks like them.i'm going to rent.the are very rude and i think they like taking homes.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #11879

Please everyone call the Federal trade commission and your attorney general they helped me with these Green Tree vultures they will help you as well.Green Tree destroyed my credit.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #11878

Green tree servicing has destroyed my credit but the bad thing about it is I've NEVER been late on a payment. Well there is help out there just call the Federal trade commission and the attorney general you will get help with them just give them time.

The attorney general was my biggest help.

So everyone call the FTC and attorney general please. We can stop these vultures.

Leakesville, Mississippi, United States #4152
Blood sucking vultures is more like it .I have dealt with up to 5 or 6 harrassing phone calls a day if a payment gets slightly behind and have had repossesion threats and everything else you can possibly imagine..These people do need to be stopped ..Something has to be done to protect mobile home owners as well and I think that we as mobile home owners nee to petition to have laws passed that protect us from leaches such as Greentree .I think the tree needs a really good shaking :(
Chula Vista, California, United States #2339

My sister also has a mobile home with Greetree and has had similar problems, the company is just horrible. I have filed complaints, tried calling the right people..

and nothing seems to work. I wish these people could be stopped.

VULTURES is a great word to descibe them! But you forgot to add unprofessional and ignorant.

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ripped off by greentree
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