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I purchased a mobile home from a private party under contract for deed for $28.000 any money put into it constituted down payment i put $13.000 in repair along with $14.000 for a new roof and siding do to water leakage .paid the $28.000 off not including the repairs . called Greentree and asked were ny title was .

They said Brian Jscibson lied to you about the amount owing as well as the very high interst rate in this loan . Brian also told us not to give you aby information . 1 week later Greentree started calling me from 8:30 am till the evening 10 plus calls aday monday- Sat. I was going through Chemo and it was Christmas time .

i called Brian the one i did the CFD with asked him what was going on i said i paid this off . he said so i lied i said you told me that the loan payoff was $28.000 i said you lied he said so what i dont give a blank let them forclose i have a nice home to go to . i m a single Father of 3 small Sons at the time . being sick i was getting calls from Greetree every day 10 plus one day i was at my Dr.

Appt and my 12 year old so answerd the phone with my Mom listining on the other phone Charity said let me talk to your Dad i know he is home . my Son said no he was not so Charity from Greentree called my Son a litle *** lyer. So my Mom said somthing to her and Charity hung up . when i got home i calked Charity not happy at the time her responce was i dont give a *** what you think .

i said i have no money to send you it took me a year to save up for my sons Christmas presents . Charity said take them all back and send us the money you get from returning the presents . or i will send you a nicly christmas wrapoed with a bow on the letter present for you of the forclosue. She had me on tears so i had to hang up .

sick as ibwas it took me 9 hours to return all my 3 sons Christmas gifts . than i sent Greentree the check minus $36.00 . at the time and still to this date i am on Sochial Security Disability . so for the next 5 months Greentree called and left basty rude message .

i had wrote them my nane is not on any loan document at Greentree you have no rught to be calling me at a so stop the calls right now . they egnored me a kept the calls up .paid the $36.00 . my original payment was $309.00 per month they called and said your paynent is now 335.00 for the forced place insurance . over a period of time the kept uppin my paynen to $355.00 per month i said what for we csnt tell you .i was forced by them to send 7 months worth of mortgage payment at a time or they would forclose .so i sent them 4 months ago i missed a payment du to visiting my Mother who had a bad stoke i was spending 400 a month on gas cause they live an hour east of me calked the corparatw office and asked them what my true payment is they said $345.00 a month they said theycwere just tryin to get more money thst whatcwa do Thr Carver County i talke with the Procicuter told him my story .

the prtacuting this case said both green tree and Ditecr andcBrian Jacobso thtey are all guity og Felony fraud covictions for what thet both has caused my badcdepression cact sleep nor funktion.please help me i pray you or somone cachelp me to make both partys accountable .i want to get involved in a class action lawsuit against Greetree / Diteck and Brian Jacobson for all the enotional pain they have caused me in my life this is my home and i will never walk awayx from all the money i have put into the home. .I pray you will read this post i pray for your help please please help me ther is. So much more i need to tell you.

Thank you andcall GODS BLEESSINS Thank you Troy Flynnn phn. 952-451-8633

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