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In 1999 I applied for a home loan.WHile on workmanship comp.At first after giving 500.$ earnest fee.i did not qualified for loan.Two months later I qualified for two smaller loans.And 340.$310 was for land,$340 was for Mobil home.Then went to closing and signed contract for land and Mobil home.I payed for land and house for 10years.At that time I was informed that contract did not match land and house.Contract was for 3 bedroom 2 bath Mobil home.My home was a 2 bedroom 2 bath.Nothing matched contract.Serial #,size,color,location,contract was for Mobil home in another county,20 miles away.At that time I informed Greentree that the contract did not match.Greentrees replied that it does not matter,pay anyway or they were going to sue me.I replied go ahead.Go ahead and sue me.They did in 43 district #cva10-0001.J.Silver aka Greentree did not show up for court.They reset a new court date.again no show.After two no shows tried to reset another hearing,was denied.They took it to another Judge,I was not informed of new hearing with Judge David Cleveland.he ruled for Greentree A $20,000 judgement and court order to take model home listed on contract this was Oct 14th.Court order to take home was .determined unserverable,by county attorney John closed.Feb 2nd !deputy of Parker county.John Woverton served court order to take home.gave me 20days to move out,it was tapped to my front door.nothing on court order was correct.except my name,and it was spelled wrong.March 24Th M and M model home service came and removed home.Distroying every thing around my home with sledge hammers and tractors.They took out 50ft of chain link fence with a chain and a tractor 8By8 utility room with washer and drier with tractor.Distroyed and ran over 5 oak trees for no reason.Removed model home with use of three tools,sledge hammer,cutting torch,and crescent wrench.All while deing watched by Parker County deputy's,by order of a assent ant county attorney Wilson.Forcing two disabled veterans to live in tents and rv's,last five years.

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