Greentree Servicing - Horrible

Do not use this company. Absolutely no customer service.

Ive been trying for 3 months to be out on biweekly payments. They have done nothing. Instead they are charging me late fees cause i have to split my payment up every two paychecks. Absolutely wrong.

They need to.get off there behinds and do there jobs. I am in.the process of finding a better mortgage company.

Greentree Servicing Customer Care
Reason of review
Problems with payment
Review #1054520 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1054520.

Greentree Servicing - The worst customer service ever!!!

The account representative never returned calls. I submitted a settlement request to close my account in early March 2017.

I received a correspondence stating that a decision would be made within 30 days. It now May 23, 2017, no decision yet. I've left repeated messages on the account representative voice mail. I've no received a single return calls.

Whenever I speak with a customer representative, they all say the same thing: I just sent your acct representative and his manager an email. I'm told repeatedly that the person that must review it is either sick, on vacation, or not in. I'm constantly told to call back the next day for a decision.

I'm repeatedly told that it's on the Vice President or President desk for a review. I've probably left 30+ messages and have received zero return call from neither the account representative nor his manager.


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Cottageville, South Carolina, United States #1353894

Now greentree is diteck still I can't get a response out of them awsome

Greentree Servicing Customer Care
Reason of review
Poor customer service
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Greentree Servicing Customer Care Review from Mount Laurel, New Jersey

When bank of america turned my loan over tl green tree i new it was going to be troble right away ,they began accusiing me of not recieving the very first payment ,i beganto get harrassing telphone ca.lls almost threating to a point they told me i owed one thing bank of amrica said another.i caught *** with them ,on differen t matters.they were not good people,nor was bank of america. How do i file in the class action suit ,oh by the way some one came to my house ,to put a foreclosure notice on my door,where do i find the form to fill out?

Greentree Servicing Customer Care
Reason of review
Poor customer service
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Greentree Servicing - Want to join Class Action lawsuit against Greentree

They would not modify my 2nd mortgage under the HAMP program even though I modified my 1st mortgage with BofA and made unlawful threats to me by stating they would arrest me, seize my property, garnishment of wages, and foreclosure, and used loud and abusive language, mocking my financial struggles, and yelling and cursing at me. They also added insurance to my account and told me they would not allow monthly payments and wanted the entire balance up front. The company also revealed debts to my employer, neighbors, and family members, and encouraged them to tell me to pay the debt or help them pay it.

Greentree Servicing Customer Care
I didn’t like
Reason of review
Violations by Greentree
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To save the reader time: HERE ARE JUST A FEW EXTRACTS FROM THE GREEN TREE REVIEWS POSTED IN ONLY THE LAST TWO AND A HALF WEEKS. (There are no positive or even mild reviews posted by anyone)

…The title company had it right but GT screwed this up, I am outta my mind with this..... Does anyone know of a class action suit against GT? Is anyone interested in filing a class action lawsuit?

…This company wasted so much money on paying people to harass people when their payments are just a few days late due to their change in payments that no one was noticed about. I'm sure there are laws against this action by this company.

…….have to Fight For!!! And the ongoing battle to get a statement!!! I will not stop until they start sending me a statement. I don't know what the *** is going on with my account for past 2 years!!!

Greentree has been my mortgage company twice now, not by choice but by someone selling them our loan. They are rude and disrespectful.

…..I have paid this loan for over 10 years on time, not once late. I cannot get one single person to help me with the unjustified late fees and interest. How can a bank get away with ripping off their customers? I will never ever do business with them again and will make sure every person I know avoids them as well. I am in real estate so I will make sure it gets out there how they rip off the customers and refuse to make their errors right.

……….We sent a payment via Western Union. They keep saying it was not received but western confirms it was. Keep getting calls saying it wasn't.

... The daily calls (at least 6x a day), the rudeness, unprofessionalism, numerous reps that have different solutions/requests. Reading a lot of these reports here, I cannot believe these people are human... They have no remorse and are monsters.

….I am just trying to get caught up on my payments but I am getting lied to constantly. They are unethical in every sense of the word. And what they are doing should be illegal.

… I contacted the company and got a payoff figure and mailed a check for the payoff amount on Thursday January 22nd 2015. These people are crooks. Don't under any circumstances do any financial business with this company. This company should be investigated by the federal government for fraudulent activities.

…Very rude ugly people when we are the ones making their pay checks happen. According to them there are no supervisors just managers. Really I don't believe that for one minute. If anyone is considering using Greentree I advise you to use someone else. God forbid you ever get down and can't pay one month cause they could care less.

…When I have them both, I am turning them over to my AG Consumer Protection Division. I'm from the days of "honor and integrity". Sadly, sleazy companies like Greentree AND BOA have neither.

…Their website messaging service isn't working likely because so many people are writing in and complaining! I hate to think about how many people they are currently harassing for no reason. Not surprising that there are Facebook pages dedicated to the terrible customer service continually provided by Greentree.

…to date NO response as to what they've done with our money. ALSO filed complaints with NC Attorney General's office and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - ANY of you reading with issues should do the same.

…I sure hope there is a lawyer that is seeing all these complaints that would want to bring a class action law suit against this company on our behalfs to try and take down this bank. Please add me to this law suit. Send me a message on Facebook or via email I used here to file a complaint... Waiting to see if they send anything else. If they do I plan to send a letter by certified mail to them to stop Any further attempts at contacting me!

…The supervisor was unbelievably unprofessional and rude. I ended up terminating the phone call. I would encourage anyone to avoid this company at all costs. I didn't see a single good review out here.

…Greentree offered me the HARP program back in September 2014… I wonder how many HARP loans have actually reached the people who need them most or is it being misappropriated for repeat bogus appraisals and wasted manpower? I am crying for help and I do not know where to get that help from.

…When I try to "contact" via online complaint, it simply will not go through. OBVIOUSLY Greentree does not care. And why should they? Based on other reviews, NOBODY is happy with them but it does not seem to matter. They obviously do not rely on people CHOOSING them. I hope they sell my mortgage soon.

…Two weeks pass, I call and OF COURSEEEE they never received my papers. The same game all these mortgage companies play. Someone really needs to shut this place down! How many homes have they taken by doing what they do?!

…They try to pressure us into auto-bill pay, but there is absolutely NO way we are giving Green Tree access to our accounts. Unfortunately, refinancing with another lending institution isn't an option, so we will be seeking legal advice to see what our options are

…My mortgage company was issued to Greentree…you can never get through and when you do, they are rude, disrespectful, distasteful attitude and cruel…This company needs to shut down and be investigated for fraud...

…They just ignore us and kick a middle class family with 3 kids out to the street. What has this world come to?

…Come to find out the house had sold that Monday and he was actually in Jonesboro signing the papers while he was talking to me. He is nothing but a LIAR!!!!!!

…They bombarded us with offers to refinance and lower our payment, and finally when we called, I spoke with a rep who said my husband qualified, so we ran his credit, he said he'd get back with us. He never called

…We never had to deal with such an incompetent, inexperienced, and unprofessional company and its people… The ladies on the phone either hang up on us or they do not know what they are talking about and cannot answer ANY of our questions. We were told everything would stay the same as we had with the CitiMortgage, but it is a total opposite from what we had and what we have to deal right now. The WORST company ever!

…I have been with Green Tree since 1998. This company is the worst I have ever seen.

…They (Green Tree) are aggressive and intimidating, demanding and rude. I pay within the grace period, never after. The only reason to calls is to intimidate. Complaints can be filed with: http://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/.

… Citi Mortgage sold my mortgage to Greentree. We had direct deposit with Citi Mortgage and was unable to get it set up online with GreenTree. They are very unprofessional, insulting, rude... I couldn't believe that this is a real company... Uncivilized, primitive, gangster and mob style...

… We had a Citibank mortgage for 12 years before Green Tree came along and we NEVER had a customer service issue… I have NEVER had such POOR customer service from ANY mortgage company (we have had numerous mortgages and homes). If any one has the chance to refinance- DO IT!

… My wife and I feel that Greentree was fraudulent in requiring insurance premiums for a non - existent policy, and used our money for their benefit, at our expense.

…Greentree had me send information in over and over again and never do anything with it. Once they said it was in underwriting and that was a lie too. Spend hours on the phone - 100% run around. Lots of lies...

… Our mortgage was acquired by Greentree from Bank of America in mid 2013. We did not ask for this and in the approximate year and a half, have been unhappy with their services.

… Greentree called…they were rude, refused to speak to my wife even though I gave them permission. They hung up on her.

…Class action needs to happen and they need put in their place. These people has caused a lot of mental anguish and disruption for my family. They put words in my mouth and tell me I say things I never said. They have treated us with intimidating, lying, demanding, ignorance, rudeness, acted very childish, immature non professional behavior, etc.

*There are dozens of pages more of negative reviews, if you care to read them…



Winona, Mississippi, United States #1214589

they are not abiding by the law and bankruptcy court

Winona, Mississippi, United States #1214587

green tree needs to be shut down for good they are the devils that needs to be took they are the devils need taken out

Basehor, Kansas, United States #1214585

The Judge in any court should be reminded that he is the defender of the constitution-you and the judge are the only ones that have something to lose- his career your house

Basehor, Kansas, United States #1214578

Make sure that they have your complete note in hand,or in standing. They have to prove they have it or they do not have a contract with you it is with the lender or servicer that transferred the loan to them-bad paper tactics are being used

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1208894

Green tree made me pay 12 dollars every time I made a payment forced into their non existent homeowners policy made payoff on mortgage and did not receive deed for home for two years


I wish I could get someone to investigate the federal government-

mortgage companies-,they all get bailed out with Millions of $$$'s

the poor indivigual who only wants to stay in their home, gets -

nothing, but the sale date.


I also have been screwed by GreenTree. I don't think that there is anyone that care.

I have filed complaint with everyone who should care, but they don't! Someone is making money from our misery. I have an attorney on my case.

Still, no help yet! If there is an attorney out there that has the balls to take on GreenTree and Ditech, I sure would like to talk to them.


What Happen to the Money that was being paid back to the owners of the properties ? And what happen to the Federal Judges order regarding returning Moneys or an Clear Deed of that properties ?


I am very interested in jo*ning the lawsuit against greentree. I just need to know what i need to do. They haras=sed me so bad that i had panick attacks on top of my existing health problems.


now Ditech and they are even worse if that could be charging me fees I wasn't even aware of just appeared a ghostly $55 their reps are not informed I personally can not contact them via email I suspect they blocked me and phone calls oh people don't do that they will *** over in a heart beat...get everything dealing with this *** bottom feeding company IN WRITING it may save your butt!!!

Dover, New Jersey, United States #1044597

I totally hate green tree and the new company is just as rude and nasty ...


I would love to be part of a class action suit against greentree.I never know what my fees are for and the people are amazing rude.




To all Green Tree victims:

They are not a Mortgage Company, they are a collecting agency. If you got your Mortgage with them, is because it was sold as a bad Mortgage.

Example (late payments, etc.) Therefore there is no Customer Service or Supervisors, just collectors. Trained to collect and better yet, foreclosure. They make their money faster, they know most likely your credit will not allow you to refinance with a real bank. So therefore, every month they create late payments on you, or missed payments or God only knows what they come up with.

While hitting your credit score and making it even lower. The devil himself wont give you a loan. The only way is to study your bill, trust me, they are not correct. You will find violations and theft!

You must hire a lawyer to protect yourself. They also know, that 90% of the people who are under Green Tree cannot afford a lawyer. So, its a given, you will be foreclosed eventually.

Fight, fight, fight..Report to Government agencies, the local media and a lawyer. Good luck!

Current Victim


Total scam. When is the Class Action to be filed?

Miami, Florida, United States #1019586

I called on 8/10/15 Customer Service did not have my

information and needed to research it, always very rude and

never received an amortization schedule thru the years.

Very dissatisfied with their process.


They called my parents after receiving their mortgage that was sold to them. My stepfather just started receiving Disability and they fell short of making payments.

A man and a woman harassed them multiple times a day and then began taking turns calling my mother who was on the brink of a mental breakdown, singing "Foreclosure, Foreclosure" right after another multiple times. My mother was in a very fragile state and contiplating suicide to stop the harrassment.

She seeked help and I'm glad she did. Who knows what I would have done if they successed.


Anyone who has had to deal with Green Tree will understand our frustration. We had an unsecured loan back in 2006 with CitiFinancial.

I called to get the balance to pay it off only to learn it was sold to Green Tree without our knowledge 5 months prior. We had automatic payments set up for over 2 years, so I wasn't worried about any missed payments. I called Green Tree only to learn they sold it after 5 months of missed payments to Resurgent (nobody called us or bothered to tell us it was sold). Just stopped ACH payments on a loan that was in good standing for 2 years.

When I contacted GT to see if they could help me get the missed payments straightened out, I received a letter stating "we don't erase derogatory marks to benefit your credit report just to make you look good". I was furious and told them that's not why I was calling and all I wanted was to straighten out the mistake. They sold it to Resurgent who immediately turned around and sold it JCChristensen and I was finally able pay it off. They claim they tried to contact us but our mail was returned to them (my # hasn't changed in 15 years).

When you are making all your payments on time and receive a letter that says Green Tree, I'm sure I thought it was a solitation from a yard treatment company. Furious because we are building our credit to purchase a home next year and this company shows 5 missed payments and then written as a charge off.



I completely agree. GT purchased our mortgage loan in Aug/Sept of 2014.

Since then I have felt fear and mental anguish over what they might do to steal our home. The tactics they use are nothing short of terroristic.

The fact that I have NEVER been late on my mortgage payment and have STILL never been late even though GT holds my money and earns interest on it and then makes the payment after holding my money for 15 and now it will be for 30 days. GT is the epitome of evil and those in control should be tried for terrorism, because I live in TERROR of what they might do in their efforts to squeeze us for every penny they can.


Also we have 15 days they call the first day 4 to 5 times and never stopped until I made my payment. Can't make payments online have to set up payments 4 months at a time 12.00 per month ! I wish my payments with escrow I could go back but when I had to go with them more fees added on and payments way higher due to escrow shortage that they pay to my taxes


My payments have gone up 400.00 since boa sold our loan to them. Tried to get pmi removed no help

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #953448

Green Tree is a conglomerate made up of 40 Corporations. This is done to legally shield their high earning executives ( whon make over 1 million each a year per ).

Green Tree is presently morphing into a new name (Ditech), as the "Green Tree" name is overburdened with lawsuits & in court records. Unfortunately, only in America you will find high power criminals winning most of their court cases. The Dept of Justice has now stricken various deals with Green Tree to show they are on their case. Unfortunately, The Dept of Justice keeps all the fines and distributes same amongst various federal agencies.

Consumers don't get a penny from these settlements. The joke is on us. For year, I have personally read several hundred legal cases whereas the law is on Green Tree's side in over 98% of them.

Their numerous collection tactics - although legendary in scope - are not considered illegal in a single legal case.

Of course, money is the only thing which makes the legal system work in the United States.

Every Judge & Politician is corrupt. Your sense or perceived notion of justice is just an illusion of your mind. The system works very hard at making you think that the Federal Government is here to protect you.

As you grow older, you begin to realize that the system is a gigantic hoax designed to extract money from your productivity.

I know that these simple statements sound very anti-government or as being socialistic in nature, the cold hard facts are hard to deny. Only those that have come under the Green Tree Regime can attest to the brutality of their actions.

Thousands of homes have been foreclosed upon. Again, from recording your conversations whenever you call them, watching your house 24/7 to see if you leave it empty for a moment so they can change your front door locks, Threatening phone calls, sending external intimidating gangsters to your property, talking to your neighbors, outright lying, providing false statements to you, making harassing phone calls to your work & neighbors, charging bogus fees, are just the start of your relationship with Green Tree.

There are hundreds of other nastier tactics they will use to repossess your home. The more equity your property has, the nastier they will squeeze you.

Again, only those that actually deal with Green Tree have familiarity with their Mafia like intimidation tactics. DO NOT COUNT on ANY LEGAL PROTECTION from your State Attorney's or Governor's Office, or ANY CONSUMER FEDERAL AGENCY.

Even the BEST ATTORNEYS have been pulverized by Green Tree. You have been forewarned.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #949788

There is a class action suit against Green Tree for forced placed insurance. Here is the information on this law suit.

Green Tree Servicing Force-Placed Insurance Class Action.html

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Greentree Servicing Customer Care
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Review #594693 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer594693.

Greentree Servicing - Can't get a copy of the title

My dad had purchased a mobile home from Bombardier Capital Inc. in 1998.

His payments were $270.90. He has been paying on this loan, on time, ever since. During this time frame Green Tree bought out Bombardiers loans. We/he received no paperwork at all.

Just a letter saying to make payments to Green Tree.

He is now 64 and disabled and on a fixed income. We are and have been trying to get refinanced where the mobile home and truck would be in one payment and to get away from GT. For about 2 months now our loan officer at a local bank, my dad and myself have tried getting a copy of the title or even a vin number to complete the refinance process. They refuse.

Now tell me that the monthly pymnt is $600 a month. We never were informed of a pymnt increase. Yet we are getting several phone calls a day and letters for notice of foreclosure in the mail due to being behind on pymnts. I pay his bills, I know they've been paid but because we had no clue the pymnt had jumped up over 400 dollars I was sending the same amount.

Only to find out from customer service that due to the fact that they didn't receive the exact amount of $600 the money was put on hold and not applied to the account. I've read most of these complaints, is there nothing that can be done about this? I've ask to speak with someone in management, they tell me that there is no management only customer service. I've been told the bank they bought the loan from still has the title and it could take a while to get it.

Well yes I'd say it would, especially since they no longer exist! Someone please help, how can we get away from this finance company from ***? My dad has been in bed for over a week now sick from worrying he is going to lose his home. He's to old to try and start over.

And the sad thing is that payoff on the mobile home was only 10 grand in April and now it's up to 14 grand! This company needs to have a massive lawsuit and shut down! I believe all this extra money is going in someones pocket. I mean where else would it go?

I look online and it clearly states that the monthly pymnt is $279.90, his statements clearly states his monthly pymnts is $279.90. Yet they are trying to charge him $600.00! Plus all these late fees, ruining his credit, mental and physical sickness from stress and worrying! Can anyone tell me where to go or who to contact to file a federal complaint?

I believe we will be contacting a lawyer. We've never sued anyone in our lives, we aren't that type of ppl. But seeing my dad in such bad health and all of this mess being piled on top of him is more than I care to see.

I want him to live the rest of his life and enjoy it. Not lose what he's worked for while he could still work!


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Contact the federal trade commission and make a complaint and also consumer protection agency..if you can afford an attorney it would be wise to..these people are crooks and they have been getting away with stealing peoples home..that's really what they are in business for

Greentree Servicing Customer Care
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Give us the copy of the document so we can pay what he owed when we started the refinance process, not the extra that has been added or any of the supposed $600 a month payments! We will never use this com again nor will we recommend them, EVER
Review #530347 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Greentree Servicing - Bad escrow management

They have miss managed my escrow account. They told me a statement was sent about the shortage and i told them i did not receive it.

Then they told me it was returned that they sent it to a PO box and i told them i did not change my address with them. now im trying to cancel my escrow with them before the next payment is due. as the account is short 1400 dollars. wow how does that happen.

lesson learned do not trust them especially if you have direct pay. if they adjust your account for more escrow and not notify you the payment you send is not the full amount and a late charge is added. not to mention the shortage. when i called them about my bill they said it was two month behind.

i keep the names of everyone i talk to. after sending in a cancellation letter for my escrow they told me it would not be looked at for four days. so i sent it to another department to expedite the cancellation.

I have expressed my concern to them that this was a time sensitive matter, they dont care or want to work with any customer if they did they could do more at least there jobs.

Greentree Servicing Customer Care
Review #516901 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer516901.

Greentree Servicing - Customer Care Review

I have a personal loan that is being serviced through green tree from citifinanicial. Im currently on medical disability and have been able to work eversince Jan of 2014, my disability checks start this August.

Seeing that im not working i got behind on the payments, which i explaned to them several times. They suggested that i borrow the money, they even suggested that i go and sale something from my house to make the payments. This shows me that they dont care about your situation or how you get the money as long as they get there money. They constantly call me and i tell them the same thing that i dont get my check until August.

The customer service is bad and so is the employees. Bad company all around.

Greentree Servicing Customer Care
Review #515104 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer515104.

Greentree Servicing - Rude service and will not refund double payment made on line

GT Home Loan Servicing customer service is the worst! I made a double payment on line because I did not receive a confirmation number for the first payment.

When I contacted them they said I had to request a refund of one payment in writing with my bank account information and it would take 4-7 days! Really! The supervisor Sarah was very rude and said she would not provide her last name. I will never recommend this company to anyone.

In the past I received excellent customer service but not anymore!

This was not my fault and apparently a glitch in their on line payment system but they do not care.

Their website is a little old fashioned but user friendly or so I thought but not anymore.


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I am having the same problem, after 24 days , 2 faxes ans multiple calls and left voice mails I have not received refund yet.

Houston tx

Greentree Servicing Customer Care
Review #493596 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer493596.

Greentree Servicing Products and Services Reviews

Greentree Servicing - Refund of overpaid escrow

I do not recommend anyone proactively use Green Tree Servicing LLC.

My mortgage loan was transferred from Bank of America to Green Tree Servicing LLC in the first quarter of 2013. I sold the property on September 16, 2013. The overpaid escrow (>$7k) was due to be returned to me 30-days after closing. At closing, I immediately provided my forwarding address to Green Tree.

At the end of Octobr, I was informed by Green Tree that a check had been sent to me on October 3rd for the overpaid escrow. This check never arrived.

Mid-November, Green Tree agreed to send me a replacement check. This check had not been received by mid-December.

Mid-December, Green Tree agreed to send me a second replacement check.

On December 30th, I received a check dated December 18th. The check was sent to the wrong address. I deposited the check on December 31st.

Was informed by my bank on January 6, 2014 that the check from Green Tree bounced.

I immediately contacted Green Tree and was told the check, dated December 18th, was actually the first replacement check. Recall this check was supposed to have been sent to me mid-November. Green Tree could not respond as to why the check was sent to the wrong address.

Today, almost 4-months after selling the property, I am still waiting to receive the refund from Green Tree.

Interesting point is that one of the customer care representatives I spoke with the first part of November actually told me I should be glad to receive the funds closer to the end of the year because I could use them for Christmas presents. Hmmmm.

Still waiting...



Theresa, New York, United States #773224

Hi everyone my name is kate i live in Texas USA I applied for a loan of $100,000 in march 2012 with diamond loan company and i was ask to pay $1000 for insurance which i did and they never transfer my loan and i was charge more and more fee which i got nothing in return i lost over $5000 to them because i was anxious of the loan i have to apply through another company and this second company did the worst to me,i was ask to pay only $100 for transfer fee which i later give them the total of $7000 and till date i never get mails from them.and this really make me frustrated Until 1st of July when a friend of my refer me to Fidelity Loan company at first i was scared but i later contact them and after three days they transfer to me $120,000.00usd on 3% interest please if any one is looking for a loan then fidelity (financialhome@outlook.com) loan company is the solution to your loan problem's.thank you again Mr Wang Yang C.E.O financialhome@outlook any one in need of loan can reach them now on this email financialhome@outlook.com

Stafford, Virginia, United States #772994

This is really the worst mortgage co ever. Never had a late payment with our other company and in 6 months with these crooks we've " been late ".

Twice and never received payment once. We've had mortgage for over 20 years

Greentree Servicing Customer Care
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Review #398299 is a subjective opinion of poster.

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