I paid $427,500 for my house in 2006, I put $85,500 down payment, and quiet often I paid extra $500 towards the principle. I have the mortgage balance around $304,000 with a 6.375% interest, and my house is worth around $250,000.

I am trying to do a HARP refinance through the service company, Greentree service, and I was told I am not qualified because of my income. I am a self-employee, I have good years and bad years, I have never been late on any payment in my life, and I have over 800 FICO score.

My current payment is $2,140 PI with 6.375% interest rate, for sure I can reduce the payment if I can do the HARP refi. How can a lender dis-qualify me if I have less monthly payment?

That's all because the greedy lender doesn't want to reduce the profit, they forgot all we tax payers bailed them out. I am ready to default on my loan, I'll drag the foreclosure as long as I could (rent free), I'll trash half the house. By the time Greentree takes back the house, there's probably over $100,000 repair work needs to be done.

If there's enough people like me doing that, I am sure the lenders will be more cooperate doing the refi to their customers.

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Whereas I wrote to you & such complaint was answered by Kaley Wright - Office of Citizen Services, advising basically - me to get a lawyer - Thanks a lot!

I am 62 years old. The people of Florida DO NOT seek your office for advice or recommendations. We seek legal justice when we encounter barriers which are larger than life itself, specially in light of the many complaints against these people, including death cases lawsuits against them. What else do you need?

On Sunday March 18, 2012 - When Green Tree Mortgage co instructed Five Brothers Default Management Solutions to come out and DRILL OUT the front door locks of our investment unit in Dania, Florida because it was "empty" - even though the mortgage has always been up to date, they crossed the line. The property was NOT ABANDONED and it is kept in pristine like new conditions. This is a typical Bank of America & Walter Investment Group & Green Tree & Five Brothers tactics against average consumers.

I reported to you that Green Tree mortgage Co has amassed 50,000 complaints against them & this information is commonly found in a simple Google search.

Ignoring them until 60 Minutes, CNN or likely news media channel get wind of how these people act will eventually get to be an embarrassing moment to all those that ignored consumer complaints all along - your office included.

Please take the time to take a...

Thank you for your time & considerations.

Carlos Diaz - 305-763-0436

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Green Tree and its degenerate employees are the reason for the economic collapse. People who have no idea how to do business should be barred from this civilized society..


I am a mortgage broker, if your home is not a moblie email me I can likey help.



We paid twice what we bought the mobile for.Kept making payments.

We owed 3.5 years on it. They tried to take money out of my moms acct without letting us know. We r @ wk when they locked us out due to the fact that they payment they were not authorized to take our bounced. Who is doing a lawsuit n how do we join in.

I paid 500.00 4 2 years 200.

Extra but the principal only went down 1000.00.Please help


That is exactly what i did to get away from them they will do nothing to help you i pd on my house almost 13 yrs and somehow managed to owe more than i borrowed they are a scam


Real smart trashing it and dropping your credit to zero M O R O N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x ...

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