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green tree after not being able to contact me called my neighbor and interrogated her and scared her half to death for not giving any info on me because shes a contact on my acct mind you this lady is 70 years old the rep i spoke with was very rude and obnoxious,uncaring unconcerned and I'm not even 1 month behind their should be laws to protect consumers from ignorant rude reps from green tree!!!They say that calls are recorded for training purposes and if they did they wouldn't have any customers i am very upset and wish i had never done business with them.

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That is illegal to call your neighbors!

They took over our account from B of A

They have been screwing with us since last summer.

We hired an attorney and unless they put our account back the way it was we are suing them!

We are sick and tired of their *** and we are not tolerating it any longer!

I do not understand WHY this company is not shut down!They lie!

ALL of them who work there! They can not be trusted. My attorney told me they are one of the worst companies to deal with. They only survive because of their political contributions.

That is why they get away with what they do.

Well I am suing them and going after my attorney fees.Green tree is a *** joke of a company and this applies to the idiots who work for them!


I too have had a distaste for Greentree, They have the worst website and the customer service is appalling.I have never made a late payment on my mortgages and always send the checks in on time ..

they did not receive the check and I had to pay twice ..

I am fortunate to have had the money to do it.:sigh I want to change mortgage companies.

New Hyde Park, New York, United States #651822

They are rude, they put words in your mouth and they try and threaten and bully you.This is a company who said "please keep in touch if you're having a hard time so we know what's going on".

When I do that, they start bullying me, telling me I have to get a payment in by a certain date or they are going to foreclose (1 payment behind), so I yell at them and tell them to f-off and hang up on them...

Great relationship w/ my loan company, eh?THEY SUCK - STAY AWAY...

Dallas, Texas, United States #642583

Green Tree's customer service reps are downright rude.I've never seen the like.

These pompous simpletons should not be allowed to service anything. We paid the amount on the bill, and they wouldn't apply it because they said it wasn't for the right amount. I faxed them the darned thing and was told "too bad, it doesn't matter what the bill said. You sent the wrong amount".

The rep literally said that.Jerks.


We have 2 Green Tree Loans.Over the years we have tried to consolidate these loans but Green Tree refuses.

Due to lack of employment, medical issues, plumbing issues, we have had difficulty making payments in the past, but caught up. Now, I am behind less than a week on one payment and the goons are calling daily. They are rude, disrespectful, demeaning, and a disgrace to humanity. They have no compassion,no understanding, they go out of their way to be nasty and treat you like trash.

They kick you while you're down and pile on the late fees, which they could waive. Their motto is "Relationships That Work ".

If this is their idea of a "Relationship", I want a divorce !!!STAY AWAY FROM GREEN TREE !


This is a boiler shop of the 1st rate.These people are rude, lost my bill pay sent on the first and admitted it and when ask to stop calling to collect after they found lost check they refused.

Rudest people I have ever seen.How it is legal for banks to sell mortgages is amazing to me.


we owned a rental property,our tennant was not paying rent and we were on real hard times,called green tree and said we could no longer pay and wanted them to foreclose,we were told,we dont want the property we want our money or else????I think this was a threat!Just an exaple of an out of control finance company,so sad


I wish I could back up time and do business with someone else.Unfortunately, we're already here.

They have changed their story almost every time we talk to them. They have told me that they cannot be held to whatever a previous CSR told me, so I have sent money on the basis of a promise that was not honored. We did not ask to be in this position. We're sorry we just are and we have to work from here.

They are beyond rude.They are insulting and obnoxious.


they do suck bigtime..dont do business with them

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