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Green Tree Financial is owned by JP Morgan Trust. I am a model citizen and a commercial airline pilot. Green Tree has posted fraudulent charges to my account, has refused acceptance of payments in order to charge interest and late fees, and have harassed me repeatedly.

This company is screwing people left and right. We went to court over the fraudulent charges they posted to my account. It was only $118 and they couldn't even tell me what the charges where for. In fact, they said they didn't have to. Two weeks later they got an ex parte default order to take possession of the property. There was no hearing no nothing. Just them and the judge with me having no knowledge or voice in the matter.

I was able to get the order set aside with much difficulty. When we finally appeared in court, they stated to the judge that the charges were for a lapse of insurance. This was not the case and I told them before the judge to prove it, and submitted my evidence showing it wasn't the case. The judge told me I had better settle the case or he was going to award them the home. I couldn't believe it. Did I not have a say in any of this. It seemed like the decision was already made before I even appeared in court. We hadn't even had a trial on the evidence and the judge was already making a ruling.

Upon further research, I pulled the judges campaign finance reports. Guess who the larges contributor was? Yep, JP Morgan Trust, the owner of Green Tree Financial. Things were making more sense. Why would Green Tree take my property and lose money, when they would make so much more money letting me continue paying over 15yrs left on the loan? BANK BAILOUTS. You see, they would take people's property (like mine) and claim a loss to the government of what they would have made during the full 20yrs of the loan. The TARP funds would then pay about 60% and they would get 30% by selling the property at auction. In the end they would get $35,000 in a few months on a property for which they only lent $20,000. That is why they won't work with you on payments, why they pretend not to have received your payments and are just a overall pain in the rear.

The only way to get justice is to organize ourselves and file group complaints to State Attorney General's Office. I volunteer to be the AL State coordinator for this effort. Contact me at Together we can stop their madness!

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I can't stand dealing with GreenTree.I have tried for months to get them to change my payment due date and they will not do it.

So, I wait until the last minute to pay my bill before it is considered delinquent. What happens is the minute the "printed" due date arrives, I am harrassed with phone calls asking me to make my payment. I tell them everytime that I have until X date until it is delinquent, but they don't care. Also, because I do this, they blocked me from being able to make a payment on their website, just to be nasty.

One representative told me that if I would make my payment on the printed due date, they would allow me to use the website, but since I don't, I am not allowed. Also, when the harrassing calls start, they try and get sneaky by calling from various area codes.

I HATE THIS COMPANY!They are very hard to work with, they have no understanding of anyone's situation, nor do they care.

to Kat Hodge Oxford, Pennsylvania, United States #604437

Exactly no one you talk to there have any people skills.All they are after is when can we set up your payment.

I tried to tell them i would have to see how much my check was this week before i could definitely set up a payment.

They kept saying lets just set one up and would let me hardly get a word in until i finally yelled you have my answer i will let you know in a couple days and hung up..They are the most ignorant *** i have ever dealt with..


Recently had servicing rights of my mortgage sold to the Greentree loan sharks from BofA. Got a notice in the mail saying make my next payment to GT, no payment book, no bill, just an address and a new account number. So I made the payment, the same amount I made the month before, because there was no actual amount on any correspondence from GT or BofA. Turns out GT did an escrow review account review during the transfer and the actual payment due was higher- surprise! So, my entire payment of over a thousand dollars (which was only ~20 dollars short) was not applied to my account. Starting getting debt debt collector phone calls.

Eventually ended up talking with someone who wasn't a tier one debt collector, and she said she would review my account and get the calls to stop. I said I figured the escrow increase was probably legit, but without something in writing, I'm just not going to start paying more cause you guys said so. She said she would review and get back to me personally.

Well, GT did get back to me, with more debt collection phone calls. Rather than allow the 20 dollar difference to just get taken care of with the next bill, they flag your account as delinquent and treat you just like you missed the full payment. And if I tried to reconcile the 20 measly dollar difference with my next payment, they threatened to report me to the credit agencies.

Nice thing is, they allowed me to pay, but with a 12 dollar 'convenience fee'....

These guys are the slimiest and most underhanded crooks in the business. I can't imagine they have any legit customers, just ones they managed to scheme and buy from other banks. There is a special place in *** for the owners of Green Tree Servicing.

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