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Below is my complaint - I encourage anyone that has had a similar experience to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. You can do it online at FTC.GOV and it is VERY simple.

Here is what I filed. At the end I have listed contact information for Green Tree as well.

FTC complaint:

My home loan originated with Countrywide. Bank of America bought out Countrywide. My loan was either sold or transferred to Green Tree Servicing.

I became behind on my mortgage payment. I contacted Green Tree immediately. They sent me a loan modification packet, which I in turn completed and sent them the packet, along with required documents, via facsimile. After repeated phones calls to and from Travis at Green Tree, and repeatedly faxing the packet and documents, he still said that they did not receive my fax. I sent all of my faxes to their Arizona office (per the instructions in the packet).

I was eventually given another fax number by Travis (per Travis - he gave me that 2nd fax number since the packet never surfaced at the Arizona office), at which time I began repeatedly faxing the packet/documents to the 2nd fax number. I continued to receive calls from Travis of Green Tree and the outcome of the calls was always the same - they still did not have my packet.

This continued from at least December to February. In February I was contacted by a different representative, who stated she worked in another department of Green Tree. I told her that I have repeatedly faxed my packet and Travis says he has never received it. I explained that I have been faxing it to both the Arizona fax, plus the fax at Travis' location.

The representative gave me a 3rd fax number, at which time I faxed my packet to that number. She quickly called me and explained that I was given the wrong packet, and that because my loan is an FHA loan, that I need to fill out a different packet.

I was finally glad to get what I thought was honest assistance. I have now faxed the new backed numerous times to the 3rd fax number with no results.

I was instructed to call her and confirm that she received it. I have not received a call back.

I do continue to receive calls from Travis at Greentree. I have taken to not returning all of his calls, because when I do, it is the same thing - they have not received ANY of the 27 (TWENTY-SEVEN AT LAST COUNT!) faxes that I have sent to 3 (THREE!) of their fax numbers.

I will continue faxing to all 3 numbers and I have begun faxing BOTH packets.

I have now received a Notice of Trustee's Sale set for May 15th.

I know my complaint can only be based on my experience with Green Tree, but it should be noted that I have spoken to professionals in the real estate industry that have had a similar experience.

Here's some good info on Green Tree contacts:

Green Tree Servicing - Company Profile on LinkedIn

Keep this thread going... Here's some more contacts too:

Green Tree Servicing LLC

Phone800) 643-0202

Tempe, AZ


3/16/2007 Note Date

Green Tree Servicing, LLC

Phone: 6053557000

Fax: 4803830629

PO BOX 6172

Rapid City, South Dakota


Green Tree Servicing LLC

345 Saint Peter Street

Saint Paul, MN. 55102








Green Tree Servicing LLC

Mortgage Amendments Department

7360 South Kyrene Road T316

Tempe, AZ 85283

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line them up. they must all fall .God & country.no pukes ,liars ,thieves, *** of the earth .jail..? don't even feed these bastards.

Van Nuys, California, United States #1270038


My wife filed a bankruptcy a few years ago. We were told not to pay on the second & third.

Just pay on the first. That way we would not forclosed on.

I would like to get out from under this loan with you and wondered what it would cost me. I have been told you might take a lesser amount to get it off the books.

Thanks for your consideration


I have had numerous papers lost, numerous packets filled out, they dragged there feet so long that I am facing foreclosure. Their reps are rude and never do what they tell you they are doing.

Oh and trying to get in touch with my loss mitigation rep, forget it!! She's dodged me for quite some time now. I hate green tree and I'm in this position because of them. I tried to report a claim with ftc but I can't figure out how.

That may seem weird but I had a major stroke and have some problems navigating and understanding these things. If you have any guidance on how I do this please let me know





My mortgage was bought by green tree. I paid monthly notes on time and extra sometimes.

I purchased another property using equity in my home which was with greentree. Part of the deal was my bank pay off the small amount with greentree since I was keeping both properties. Then it started. Green tree calling and harassing me and my wife.

We tried to explain that our bank had sent in full payoff via fed ex. They didn't care. Even when I had tracked it down had shown where they had received it Via fed X overnight. They were very rude, disrespectful, and not very smart for the way they handled this.

It was like dealing with someone off the street. I have never dealt another company like this. I personally will never do anything with them again and I recommend the same for everyone else.

They are a joke for a mortgage co.

Great Falls, Montana, United States #943798

The wife and I have had nothing but heart ache and discontent off GT. I'm retired military and have the mortgage payment done electronic right out of my retirement pay before it hits the bank.

DFAS (military finance) posts the payment at the end of the month for the next months payment due on 10th. GF rep indicates they have not received the payment.

Such BS as we have had the allotment set up since 2004 and now 2015.....still the same BS, we are 30 days behind! WTF?

Allen, Texas, United States #870353

My loan is 'In Foreclosure' NOT filed but In foreclosure.

I listed and received a contract to sell it to avoid foreclosure and Green Tree Servicing, LLC flatly refuses to provide a Pay Off amount to me or the Title Company. The 'Customer Service' people are curt, rude and hang up on you.

This is the most pitiful excuse for a :service company; i have ever dealt with.

Refi your loan if Green Tree Servicing LLC ever gets your file!


Multiple issues since the servicing of my loan was transferred to Green Tree in April of 2014. They incorrectly post payments to the wrong date (I have overnight receipts as proof), I don't receive requested call backs and now they won't send me a reimbursement for a double payment even though I have provided them the requested information.

Regarding the latest issue, they want a copy of my bank statement showing payments have been made even though both payments have been posted to my account. Never have I had so much trouble from a company. Thanks to purplestef for posting email addresses of the Green Tree executives.

I just sent an email to Keith Anderson who is the CEO. I have copied some of them below:





cheryl.collins@gtservicing.com keith.anderson@gtservicing.com

to Anonymous #845269

That should read "April of 2013"


I'm currently experiencing the same worst handling of my loan as the rest of these consumers. We paid them in advance and still get delinquent notices.

Out of the 6 months, they noticed that we were behind on total of 5 months, while we've always been one month ahead on our mortgage payment. I've sent them two written requests with copies of my cancelled checks and finally got them to refund me my late charges. I've decided to pay off my loan amount but they still send me default of payment letters. I have to say, this is one of the worst mortgage servicing company you can ever deal with.

I'm tempting to write Mr. Keith Anderson to let him know he needs to come up with a better vision and better team members to lead his company into a more competitive position by providing decent customers service and a better system to record payment records/requests.


This is my first experience with Greentree. My lender SLS recently sold our loan to GT last month...like most of you my loan originated from Countrywide then to BOA then to SLS and now GT.

Yes, we've been through the whole riga-maroo of dealing with lender after lender trying to get a so called "loan modification". It seems that we never could qualify for one of those government programs that were set up supposedly to help home owners retain their property. We've been given reasons from we earn too much money to there is equity on the home so we don't qualify!! Getting back to GT..my first two contacts with GT reps Leonard and Janelle were good.

No issues there..I did what they told me and sent in two month's worth of mortgage payments in order for them to be able to start a loan modification. I gave Janelle all the info advising her that I fedex-ed the check and is due to arrive there on Dec 31 as per Leonard's instructions. Today, however, was a different story...returned a call from a rep named Tim..called him back thinking he will tell me they received the check I sent..but nooooo, he goes through his routine of telling me how much we owe and that we are behind etc..I proceeded to tell him that I just spoke with Janelle the day before yesterday and that she made the notations on the file. So now Tim is "pulling up the notes" of my account..(you would think that he would have done this prior to calling me so that he knows what's going on)!!

I asked him why is he calling me so soon after I spoke with Janelle and his explanation was "we were hired to do this job so the phone calls will continue..we have to do it" I asked him why is it necessary to call us every single day to ask us the same question and go through the same conversation? He proceeded to tell me that "I've been in your shoes so I can speak candidly" (well, he sure didn't show any empathy for someone who's been in our shoes)!! As our conversation went on..I got more and more irritated because after a while, Tim would not let me speak...he kept talking over me!!

This went on everytime I wanted to say something..I got so irritated that I just hung up before I find myself using profanity on the phone.


Our BOA loan was sold to GT. This company needs to be investigated.

They made us wait a year before they denied our short sale contract. Then they offered us a loan modification, but we are unable to make the large payment. I thought a loan mod meant that they would modify the payments. One of the reps told me that I spent too much on groceries for my family of 4.

They are rude and have no heart. I don't know what to do.


This company is very agressive in their collections approach. I have called Greentree twice and asked them to plese stop calling my home number in an attempt to reach a neighbor.

I am not the person you're looking for so why is it when I come home for work I have a couple of voicemail messages as well as numerous missed calls on my caller ID from this company.

They are so bold I know at least 2 other neighbors that they have called searching for the neighbor that they are trying to reach. They are very, very aggressive.


Greentree Servicing is a disgusting company!!!!!! they have the worst type of *** working there. They are unprofessional and need to be investigated!


Sign the petition to investigate Green Tree: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/investigate-the-billing.

Also, send documentation about your experience with the company (harrassment, increased payments, threats, foreclosure, loan modification problems, etc.) to investigative media outlets. If they receive enough correspondence about the same issue, they will take interest. You’ll have to be patient as they receive hundreds of correspondence a day. Give them a few months before expecting contact. MAKE SURE YOU RECORD YOUR CONVERSATIONS. In the state of Georgia, you can record as long as ONE PERSON knows about the recording. The one person is you AND you DO NOT have to announce that you’re doing it.

Send your correspondence about Green Tree to these media outlets:

#1. DATELINE NBC Monica Lee Press Manager NBC News Communications (212) 664-2124




Dateline NBC

30 Rockefeller Plaza

New York, NY 10112

#2. 20/20 Network Programming Feedback – ABC News abcnews.go.com/Site/page?id=3271346–

#3. 60 Minutes 524 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019 EMAIL PREFERRED: investigates@cbsnews.com. PHONE: (212) 975-3247


I am trying to complete a DIL with GTS. Their work flow process leaves much to be desired to say the least.

I got the same "We didn't receive your documents" line too, on my first attempt to submit them. It cost me $59 to send those first set of documents. I was told to fax docs again. When I told them I didn't have another $59 (to take a gamble on) to resend, the CS rep told me to "Go to an apartment complex and ask them to fax docs for you." No kidding!

I don't know where she lives but I haven't seen any WE FAX FOR FREE EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIVE HERE signs out front of any apartment complexes around where I live. Just goes to show how unprofessional they are at GTS. I think they enjoy being able to toy with customers because they know that they will not get fired for treating the customer badly like at other businesses. I don't expect them to be kind or to care, just assist me in getting done what needs to be done.

They also play good cop bad cop with customers to try and accomplish their mission of getting that mortgage payment in anyway they can. They have tossed me from one rep to another without any notice or explanation. One tells me one thing and the other another thing. I just keep good records of phone conversations and docs that I send.

My income in protected from garnishment. And they know this. Now they are trying to get me to dip into my IRA account, which is also protected by law. They'll suggest it you just have to know that you do not have to even disclose to them that you have an IRA.

Unfortunately, I was honest when asked if I had an IRA and now that is all I hear about, "Is there enough to bring your account current?" "How long would it take for you to get the funds from your IRA released?" I'd like to know if they are on incentive or comission for each dollar they pressure, threaten or brow beat out of a customer. Otherwise who could work at such a job. I believe that most people are trying their best to meet their mortgage commitment, but extenuating circumstances and the economy doesn't always make that possible. For me if they keep playing around with my DIL request and then deny it, my house will go into full foreclosure and there is nothing I can do to change that.

Bottom line is that I would love nothing more than to be able to keep my house, my life circumstances have changed drastically due to events beyond my control. They sent me their loan mod packet today with no letter of explanation as to why. Don't know what to tell them other than what I have already explained over and over many times. I found it interesting that this complaint had "24 ***" votes, those are NOT from GTS customers who disagree with complaint.

Just look all over the net, comments about GTS are all negative. Must be their trolls hard at work.


I am having a similar problem with Greentree Servicing. My loan started with Countrywide, then to Bank of America and lastly Greentree in April.

We were behind with BOA and were trying for a loan modification for a year. We have struggled to make payments but we've made them. Now we are 37 days behind on two payments. Make sense?

They included the last month which was 7 days ago. We have a grace period of 15 days. I have faxed my information. GT did not receive it.

I had a male representative and then I was turned over to another representative. Tonya worked with us but she said she didn't receive all the pages. And then she gave me her direct email and said to email the last 5 pages. Then I heard nothing.

Tonya's voice mail said it was full and I talked to anyone and it was a male and he told me that I was denied. They said a letter was sent to me stating this info. Never received it. We were denied because we didn't make enough money.

I was fuming. In the next couple days I received a letter stating that I had a new account rep, Nateisha. She was brutal and rude when I asked why were we denied. She told me that we were denied because they did not received our paperwork.

We are now back to the beginning.

My husband is self employed and we have to gather a lot more information then the average borrower. We are disgusted with the treatment and lies.


I"ve been with GT ever since May of 2013. It have been

a nightmare every since. I have had many of sleepless nights

dealing with this company. I" m assigned to a rep in another

state when they have a local office. I"ve been dealing with the

same issues as everyone else.. The person that oversees my

account is always unavailable to talk when I need him. His supervisor is

never in. I want to file a corporate complaint, but everytime I try

I end up with a rep. What to do?


My loan was transferred from BOA to Green Tree for servicing.

In the process, I overpaid my mortgage by 3 payments through auto-pay programs. Green Tree never let me know, never reflected the overpayments in my statements and when I asked for a return of the money, they demanded I send bank statements showiing my overpayments - the kicker is that the overpayments were undisputed and known by them and they STILL demanded my bank statements to get my money back!

Meanwhile they said they applied my excess payments to principal reductions but they never showed any reductions in the loan balances shown in the bank statements. In other words, if I didn't discover the over payments myself, they would have likely kept my money!

And what hoops I have to go through to get the excess back! They are a nightmare whether you don't pay them OR you overpay them!

to Problems When You OVERPAY too! #845218

@Problems When You OVERPAY too! Had the same problem as you.

Fortunately, I only made one duplicate payment. Like you, no calls.

Sent them what they requested except I redacted line items on my bank statement not related to them and they refuse to process. Can't give me an explanation why.

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