Long story short,I can't afford the mortgage payment anymore,the house has been on the market for a year,we finally got a reasonable offer on the house, that would qualify for a short sale, and greentree told us that they won't accept a short sale for less than an unreasonable amount. the house has been for sale for a year !!

it wont' sell for what they want!! Greentree told us that they don't care and that they want their money.

They are forcing my family to a foreclose situation, and later a bankruptcy. What are the banks doing with the middle class???

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692523

Burn it down walk away only solution but make sure you destroy it worked for them they will get money one way or other don't let them dictate to you they are ***


DOES GREEN TREE INTERFERE WITH LOAN MODIFICATIONS OR SHORT SALES? We are seeking information from those who were good candidates for loan modification but the process was derailed through no fault of their own. We are also seeking information from individuals who claim they were unable to complete short sales because of Green Tree’s business practices.

We are accepting information from people from all U.S. states, including current and former employees of Green Tree Servicing, Bank of America, and GMAC.

What Can You Do the Help?

If you have information that is relevant and helpful to this investigation, please email it to: pleonard@theleonardlawoffice.com, subject line “GREEN TREE SERVICING.” Due to the flood of recent phone calls, we ask that people kindly restrict contact to email only.

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