Greentree Servicing in Ada, Oklahoma - Greentree said to buckle down & get the cash

nikki called me at work said greentree would be doing a home inspection and lock at of my home at 7pm that night unless i sent in @$600 that day.

she said i needed to buckle down and borrow money from anyone so i ask if her if she and her manager could help me. they don't even know me and they work for the company and can't do that.

it's okay to ask other people that don't know me to help pay my mortgage. i pray god blesses these people and they never are in a situation like so many are in today.


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we abandoned the single wide we loved cuz we simply couldnt pay the $2600 we owed.We were both unemployed,thus we were in defaulkt. We got the title to this property last Friday,along with a letter stating-"This account has been settled".

how can you explain this? :?
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Greentree Servicing in Cobleskill, New York - GreenTree = Ruthless

My Mother and Step-Father had a mortgage through GreenTree. I had never heard of them.

My Step-Father passed away a few years ago and my Mom was doing her best to keep up with the payments as you'd expect. She was also diagnosed with cancer and had spent over a month in the hospital. She was able to return home only a week before she passed in mid-March of this year. As unbeleivable as this sounds, within an hour of the undertaker removing her body from the house, GreenTree called to inform us that she was behind by a month (duh, she was in the hospital) and they were prepared to foreclose.

End of March comes and the harrasing phone calls begin again, anyone familiar with these jakals know their tactics...we'll take the house unless you give us your credit card number for the payment, etc. Needless to say, they did NOT get my card number. As a family, we decide to bring the account up to speed until we can find a buyer, but the money is nearly gone and...the phone calls begin again. This time...they can have it!

NOTHING is worth the harrassment that these people put grieving families through. We did not take out the loan! We're simply trying to do the right thing and make payments but they are completly ruthless and only slightly better than loan sharks.

Now they can have the enjoyment of trying to sell a house in today's market. Good luck!

Cobleskill, New York
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Greentree Servicing in Plano, Texas - Green Tree Claims Handeling

My mobile home loan that had been with a company called CIT out of Oklahoma City was recently bought out by Green Tree. No problem, until I had hail damage and the insurance company made the settelment check out to both me and Green Tree.

I sent the endorsed check, pictures, contractors W-9, contarctors estimate, and my first born to Green Tree like they wanted just to get 1/2 the insurance claim money back in 5-7 days like they told me. I waited, and waited, and waited with no money back. Once I started calling to find out what was going on I was put in touch with my "claims rep", a guy by the name of Clayton. Clayton had every excuse under the sun as to why It was taking so long to process my claim.

Everything from they were behind on mail to I was calling to much and he couldn't get his work done. I told them that I didn't care if I called twenty times a day, if Green Tree can't afford to hire people to answer the phones and process claims that's not my fault, second, they are in the CUSTOMER SERVICE business, I'm a customer and I'm pissed because I can't get any money to fix my property. I guess in a nut shell it's *** to have to jump through all the hoops Green Tree wants just to get half of YOUR insurance money back (that never comes). Mean while, unless your independently wealthy your property is sitting, still damaged and getting worse because you don't have the money to make all the repairs.

Green Tree *** at customer service, they should revamp the way they get "OUR" money back to us because "WE" need it to take care of "OUR" investment. They suck, they should be nvestigated, and they should give us OUR MONEY, they don't hesitate to call and try to intimidate us when we're late on a payment. They don't care about our problems and hardships, why should we care about theirs.

The motgage crises is because of companys like theirs. They are the idiots that loaned money on bad risk, I've made all my payments for the past twelve years so show me some respect, don't treat me like a child and give me MY *** MONEY.




I have a large water loss and I am getting the same runaround. I paid for $46,000 in material at Home Depot and submitted the bill to them on September 22, 2015 which I was assured would be reimbursed to me asap.

Well it is November 11th and I have gotten $24,000 of the amount and I'm still fighting for the rest. This happened with the demolition, The hvac atc. The hold on to your money as long as possible. My original loss was May 1, 2015.

The reconstruction should have been done already but it has just started but I am paying for everything myself. My insurance paid the claim but Greentree won't reimburse me. There is always one more thing they need perpetually.

They are criminals in my mind. I've been told to contact the Il states attorney but I have resisted but I am in trouble financially due to Greentree's abuse.

Wildwood, Missouri, United States #880699

I have had the same issue, I had over $15,000 worth of damages to my house and dealing with these A***** is a total nightmare, when I have been told it will have a check cut in 72 hours, that means 1-2 weeks, they have only 3 people that work in claims, they never answer emails, and it takes an act of god to get them on the phone, they have cost me 100's of dollars in interest from companies that I have used to get my house fixed, dump them as soon as you can......

Austin, Texas, United States #690549

July 30, 2013

I had just the opposite experience with Green Tree. I mailed my property damage insurance check to their Wisconsin office on 7/25/2013 & I've already gotten it back w/ the company's endorsement!


I to have been paying on insurance for 18 years.Never turned in a claim till June of 2012.Mi Insurance Co. done same thing. I've sent check and Insurance Appraiser list for the hail damage on the roof.Shingles alone is going to cost about $2200 not counting nails felt paper and any damage under the now shingles.Green Tree is only sending me half until work is finished.Well half is not even covering the shingles.I know I have a $550 deduct.But still not covering all the cost.I have had a lot of trouble out of other things dealing with Green Tree.

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Greentree Servicing in Mcpherson, Kansas - Conseco/Green Tree Financial Issue

Can anyone tell me how to find GreenTree Financial services or Conseco Financial. I'm needing a contact number for Customer Service.

Unfortunately I have a question that dates back 7 years ago. Can anyone help me?

Thanks so much. You can email me at

Thank you,

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Greentree Servicing in Wall, South Dakota - Greentree Finances People for homes

I worked for Greentree. Most all customers do not realize that when they are late with their payment, their (per diem) interest could be costing them as much as twenty four dollars per day, for every day the payment is late.

Say the payment is three weeks late...multiply that by twenty four dollars per day. Simple math. This is why the entire payment goes toward interest, and not the principal. Some of the customers I had to call didn't grasp this.

All they knew was that they had been paying for three years and the principal was still the same.

Make your payments on time. Being even two or three days late will cost you interest money.

Wall, South Dakota
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Greentree Servicing in Waycross, Georgia - Green Tree finance

I have written Greentree several times asking why when Consco bought Greentree they did not buy the "points" Consco added $5000.00 to the principle which when we bought the mobile home it had a price tag, after taxes and other things were added, of $63,000.00 and after they bought it the principle amount went to $68,000.00. I did call Consco and they were the ones that told me about the "points".

Well as you know Consco sold back to Greentree but guess what they did not buy the "points". We have had the mobile home since Dec.

1998 one of the "better build mh" ha ha it's falling apart never been late even try to make extra to principle but they always put it on interest. We now owe $60,153.00 so in 9 years we have only paid less than $3,000.00 on principle.




To me, Greentree is like a LOAN SHARK.


This is the worst company ever. If anyone is reading this, go elsewhere before they ruin your life. They are very difficult to deal with after the fact and they will make your life miserable.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #25262

I too have a hoem financed with Green Tree. Sinse 1999.

Due to the sickness of a child and the loss of my husbands job, we have fallen behing two payments, but have made arrangments to pay...However, there is one lady (and I use the term Lady VERY LOOSLY) that continues to call.

In fact, TODAY, she called using her private number and told our 16 year old son that she was with the local sherifs department and was "sending out a deputy to PAD LOCK our house" and she "Hoped we had all our things out of the house", she did not leave a contact number or her name, but was easily recognized because she has called and harrassed our entire family for over two weeks now. I have spoken to EVERYONE that will listen but nothing has been done...They acknowlede that her actions are "not acceptable" But, do NOTHING...Funny, a company with yearly revenue of over 366 MILLION dollars is so concerned over 347.51 that they actually condon this type of behavior....

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Greentree Servicing in Livingston, New Jersey - Ordinary Folk -vs-Green Tree Finance

Greentree in my observation violates all of the FTC rules at will.They harass, lie, and uses unfair collection tatics against the economic Handicaped.(US) As we celebrate our Nations Independence, I am reminded that Through out history, whenever injustice, was apparent it was " Ordinary Folk" like you and me who stood together to squash it.

If the Consumer Agencies won't enforce their Laws, United we can and will enforce them. A change is coming It is time for the ordinary Folk to Unite. We can win if we stand together as one!

Rolland T. Hinkins


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I've sent my complaint to the FTC, my congressman, and since President Obama's discussing financial crisis--sent an email to him too. Hopefully enough people will do the same.

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Greentree Servicing in Reston, Virginia - Cancelled their insurance and got my own.

In june 2008 i cancelled the insurance on my mobile home with Greentree Servicing. I purchased my own insurance.

They show on their paper work the name of my new insurance company. They told me over the phone what my house payment would be minus the insurance.

I made the payment they told me to make. Today 6/30/2008 I got on their online service to make sure the payment had been received. It had been received, but now they say I owe $60.00 more.

I called them. They say it is for insurance for March thru June 2008. This was not one the bill before. now I have to pay $60.00 a month for 4 months for Insurance that should have already been paid. I fear this will never end.

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Greentree Servicing in Omar, West Virginia - Took my home because I was Two months behind

same here, only I dealt with Erica I was two months behind on my 1999 norris mobil home and see told me to move out so I did I've also paid ed 64'000 thousand dollars on my home Now it up for sale I wonder how those people sleep at night knowing they have got there money for the home and me and my Handicap Child is sleeping were ever we can find a place, so here's to Greentree I hope God blesses you with only good Because I have a heart and I would never do what you have done you got your money good luck and god bless Melinda West Virginia




greentree is also taking my house away for being 2 months behind too. I have been in court with them for the last 5 months.

I'm giving up and they can have the house. they don't post any of my payments that I give them and I owe more then I started 10 years ago


Let me know about the law suit I want to be part of it. my email is

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #19640



Chesterfield, Massachusetts, United States #18542
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Omar, West Virginia
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Greentree Servicing in El Dorado, Kansas - Paid for 6 years owed more than org amount

I got a trailer thru deerfeild homes in Mcpherson ks

the originial price was $7000.and change i put $1000 down (money never was listed on contract or any place else) and $6000 was financed by then Green point Credit

and all was fine i got a call saying i was behind

no matter when i sent it i was late so i had it

automaticaly payed thru checking account .

a year later i get a call " mr---- you need to

go get me some money" i thoght it was a prank so i just hung up a mrs. walker for gp called right back

and was quite pissy she informed me that i had been behind for the last year. i explained that i was on auto pay she didnt care i was behind!

and that i was to pay or they would just come get my home. I told that hag she better bring tires.

over the course of 6yrs they took $700 insted of $100 neglected to tell me it took a month to get

the auto pay started called me at least once a week after 6 yrs i owed $7000 plus a years worth

of late charges. I just walked away my credit was screwed due to them any way. A couple of years later made a agreement that if i paid $1000 they

would Write it off and put that on my credit

they did write it off but still havent changed the credit and had the balls to call my 71 year old mothers house " mrs. ---- where you going to sleep tonight when we come get your home? "

this after i had settled and 3yrs after i walked away. i could go on but i just get pissed every time i think about

El Dorado, Kansas
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