Greentree Servicing in Fremont, California - Extortion

I've gotten behind a few time because of a personal injury (documented), but I've always caught back up in full. Yet the very next month they have added fees such as "insurance" or "additional cost" any where from $250 to $1200.

They either can't explain why or they tell us that it was for lawyer fee's? We never even gone to court! They threatned us a few times by saying they sold our house to a private buyer and we can only get out of by paying these fee's again without going to court. Now they tell me Im 6K + in the hole because of their extra "fee's".

On top of that they charge me $100 dollars a day for late fee's. They even call relatives who have nothing to do with our house. One time they sent a rep. by who after being 30 days behind and in front of my 7yr son threatned my husband (my son was in tears by the time I got home).

They use extortion practices and if it wasn't for this bad economy I would get out from under them.

They suck!!!!




Yes jdeg762 they do, and God as my witness, I will find a way to make it known to the government their unlawful and unethical practices.


Well thank you jdeg762 for confirming that you do perform these horrific acts.


So far I've dealt with okay people at GT. One person was an *** and didn't want to answer questions I had about a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.

We've been trying to sell our home for two years without success. I think our park manager may be making it difficult. I get the feeling she's not really helping us sell because we're good tenants.

We pay our mortgage on time, but after reading these comments GT is a predatory lender. They're making money on interest only loans that cannot ever be fully repaid. That's why the principle is not going down each month because interest-only loans are NEVER paid off. That's the scam part of all of this. GT says they'll accept the deed-in-lieu of foreclosure but still expects repayment. They cannot legally have it both ways. It's one or the other.

We have to get legal advice to find out how to break the agreement and minimize damage to our credit. I expect GT will engage in the same extortion tactics with us that they've done with others on this site. I have and continue to make timely payments, but because we can't sell our place we'll have to look at foreclosing. They can have the house.


I suggest you read your contract. GT is not charging you $100 per day.

There are state laws limiting the amount of late fees that can be charged. If you don't want your relatives called, pay your bills....ON TIME. Do you even know what extortion is? It is not extortion when you SIGNED A CONTRACT TO PAY BACK A LOAN and the company is trying to collect it back from you because you don't send it in when you are supposed to.

I work for GT. You are full of ***.

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Greentree Servicing in Ashland, Oregon - Harassing calls about $26.00 not recieved.

Greentree employees call at least 7 times a day about a $26.00 that was not paid. They even call after 9:30 pm.

This is about mortage payments.

This has been going the week of april 20th thru 25th 2009. extend to 100 words my foot.




Bank of America sold my mortgage to Greentree. Even though I've never been late with a payment in 4 years, these guys are making the rudest phone calls.

I'm been treated like I'm late on payments when I'm not. What gives with these a$$holes.


GreenTree calls my neighbors and sends them to my house with a message.They threaten to take my house and I tell them to take the *** thing and see what they will get for it! I want to know what agency it is to report the misconduct of their collections dept.

I will pay my monthly payment and they will call me the next day to find out when I will paying the next payment that isn't even due.

Sara in the IL branch has nothing batter to do but to call and harass me.They goggled my Name and Number to get the phone numbers of my neighbors, they then call and tell them my business. I think we should start a Class Action and they can make payments to us everytime they call and threaten me!


I received harrassing calls to on a past due amount of $47.00. They act like you are in danger of losing your home. They are very rude and accused me of lying.

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Greentree Servicing in Rocky Mount, North Carolina - GreenTree Financial is a very unprofessional company.

I have major problems with GreenTree Financial. I own a Clayton single wide home in Southeastern Indiana that is on lakefront property that I also own. GreenTree is servicing this mortgage for BankAmerica Housing Services which is a division of Bank of America. This is not a sub-prime mortgage. GreenTree has been calling me repeatedly. Yes, I have gotten behind in my mortgage payments, but not too far. I live in Northeastern North Carolina currently.

GreenTree has found out that I have a renter in this home. First they said that I had violated my contract by renting in out. After reviewing my contract, I found that I am not in violation. Then they said that I abandoned this home, no I did not, it's occupied. They have contacted everyone in Indiana that I had used as a reference when I purchased the home and land in 1998. They have told everybody that I am a deadbeat, that I am ***, that I am using my money for illicit purposes, that I am not to be trusted, and that I am a filthy liar. They have also contacted my renter and stated to him that he can file criminal charges against me for committing fraud against him because I have been using his rent payments for illicit reasons. How they got his number or name, I have no idea.

He started renting on March 01, 2008. I've sent him documents showing that the only money that he has paid to me that didn't go to any debt in Indiana (Mortgage, Electric, Water/Sewer, Homeowners Association Dues, Property Taxes) was the amount of $29.51. My renter is now paying the electric since March 01, 2009 for a lower rent amount. I have also informed him that it is costing me $58.00 extra each month over the rent that he is paying for me to even own the property.

On April 6, 2009, Samantha from GreenTree called me and told me that I was $736 behind and if I didn't pay this immediately, then Legal was going to file criminal charges against me and that I should expect a very long prison term. I informed her that over the past 4 weeks, I have paid GreenTree in excess of $800. She said so what! She informed me that all but $100 went to her department for her cost to collect from me and that the $100 went to what I owe. She then informed me that GreenTree was through dealing with filthy *** like me and that Legal was going to put me in my place as I should be. After several choice words from her and from me as well, I ended her call. I am now filing for Chapter 13 for all my debts. But, since my Indiana property is now considered as investment property, I have to relinquish it to the Banruptcy Court.

I sincerely hate and despise GreenTree for everything they have put me through these past 3 months.




harrassing ,rude calls. how do you deal with it is there a way to stop them. is a month behind a crime?


We have recently gone through a very similar situation with Green Tree. They have been calling harrassing my mother over being one month behind in a home that was financed in my deceased fathers name.

They have called repeatedly and left nasty messages for her calling her all sorts of names and now don't want to come and take the home off of her property but they state that she is illegally living there. I will always discourage anyone to do business with them.


I have been dealing with this company for 7 yrs now, and I have all but stopped answering their calls. I get behind at least 3 times a year due to the nature of my work.

I simply wait for their forclosure doc and then pay it when the funds become available. They have tried to convince me that they are going to foreclose anyway, but so far I've called their bluff numerous times.

Ignore their collection agents, just follow the paperwork you receive. On paper they have to be legal, but by phone they can say anything.


They used the same tatic's but in front of my 7yr old son. They even told me they have already sold my house in order to extort money.

I now just ignore their calls and send in my regular payments and Im really only a monthy behind.

Which would be $1k, but they say its $6K + according to their numbers. Nothing but liars and theifts.


I agree with you about them being unprofessional. They badger, harrass and pressure with untrue statements just to scare people.

My solution is just don't talk to them. Pay them and that's it. If you get behind, ignore them. Catch up but don't talk to them.

Avoid the stress. The law is on our side when it comes to dealing with bill collectors.

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Greentree Servicing in Parkville, Maryland - Not posting payments

I paid through my online banking account on 3/10/09 and the payment still has not been posted. The automated message says my last payment was made on 1/14/09.

Now I'm getting messages to give them a call and when I called them they couldn't find out why the March payment wasn't posted and to call back while the customer service people are there. I thought I was talking to customer service.

I am so sick of dealing with this company. All I want to do is get the loan paid off as soon as possible.




Even if you try to pay off your loan, Greentree still wants to rip you off. My mortgage loan was bought by Greentree recently.

I decided to pay off the loan. The amount due was confirmed with Greentree. I sent bank check via certified mail. About 12 days later, I received letter saying that I still owe money on the loan and that the amount sent was incorrect.

Greentree claimed I had sent it in after the cut off date, even though when I call and listen to the automated voicemail, my pay off was posted 2 days before the cut off date. After having to wait a long time, I spoke to supervisor to ascertain why I had all the additional fees. The end solution according to Greentree is either pay the amount or the loan will keep accrueing interest.

I called again to listen to the voicemail regarding the date that Greentree had posted my pay off and the 2nd time, Greentree had changed the recording to a later date. How deceptive of them!!!!


GreenTree was one of the many of the other mortgage companies that gave too many mortgages to people they knew could really not afford them or gave them to people regardless of their bad credit. It is the mortgage companies that allowed our economy to take a dump.


You make me laugh.


Fix this company go to Twitter and post that you are getting ripped off and see how many tv reporters start investigating Greentree. I did.

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Greentree Servicing in Washington, District Of Columbia - Harrassed over late fee, Green tree.

I have recieved call after call, after call they have called my sister, my dad and Lord knows who else over a late fee... Other than that my account is current and I am zero months behind. That has not always been the case, There was a time I struggled to get the payments caught up, and now it feels like I am being stalked for 50.00 dollars?

Maybe thay need to be on the government bail out list if my 50.00 is such a threat to their business....Then they act like they are doing me a favor by harrassing me to the point of ripping my hair out.

Not gg
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Greentree Servicing in Monticello, Illinois - I lost my home because of greentree

green tree was my mortgage company, i got behind but got caught up, i set green tree all the money i owed them and then some, green tree took my money and still put my home up for sheriffs sale, my children and i had to leave our home, i had 5 years left out of a 15 year mortgage. The day of the sale, green tree let the court know to stop the sale hours after the sale had taken place.

Is there anyone who can help me out with this? I lost over 4 thousand dollars because of this, what happen and where is my money

Brosha Conaway
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Greentree Servicing in Hattiesburg, Mississippi - Gave false infomation

I do not have an account with GreenTree. Their debtors gave them my information (a lie) and have since been contacted by other parties to the debt.

greentree gave others my name and phone number. Tried calling Greentree to correct the problem and see how much more of my info they have. They hung up on me several times. Very rude and unprofessional people.

I was told only one person could help me and she might call me back and might not.

Had to get Sheriff dept to get this straight. At least I think it is straight, since no one at GreenTree will talk to me.

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Greentree Servicing in Somerset, Kentucky - They call way too much and they are VERY RUDE !!!

I agree with the rest of you people about Greentree. They call a 100 times a day and when you talk to them they talk to you like a dog.

Most of them want even tell me their names. I have got to were I am rude right back to them. If they can dish it out, they can take it back. After I would send them my payment, I would go to and see if they've received it and they have and they would still keep calling.

I had one woman call me on Thanksgiving Day and she was very rude and she told me that she was working until late that night and that I was home with my family. She acted like it was my fault that she had to work.

I will NEVER finance anything with them ever again and I will WARN OTHERS I know not to either.


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they call the payment is due and ask if we are makingthe payment. they suck and if they keep it up i will stop making payments all together. they can have this junk house in flint michigan that iam paying 900 dollars a month for

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Greentree Servicing in Columbus, Ohio - Threaten forcloser on someone and not try to help yhem find a solution.

going through a very though divorce haven't recieved

any child support am three month's behind have three childern and a soon to be daughter-in-law whom is carrying twins. I was called on job which

is only minn. wage and 12 to 28 hrs. a week. I don't have any money at this to time to even rent a place. I

don't see why you are not calling him 740-253=3484

he want's me to lose my home because he say's i have to suffer. He has two bank account Homeland credit union an Woodforest in Chillicothe i would like to know if you have a prgram called loss litagation or can you modifity the loan lower my payment's so i can stay in my home. CALL 740-851-4818


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Altenkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #48611

You're an ***. Why should Greentree Financial help you find a solution, when you're 3 months behind in paying them back their money?

You are in debt. And it's YOU who needs to find a solution.

Your husband is right, you do need to suffer. Glad he's divorcing a loser like you.

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Greentree Servicing in Salt Lake City, Utah - Can any one tell me where else to get a mobiel home loan

the only place that will help me with my mobile home id green treei see how pissed people are with this company can anyone else tell me any other places that can help with a older mobile home i own my land and its a 1977 but updated to a 1996 it like walking in to a new home do if anyone knows of a place let me know before i go with green tree and tell me how bad are they really cause i cant find no one else to give me a loan and i am about to lose it help if anyone can

rowdey piper
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