Greentree Servicing in Columbus, Ohio - Lied, did not post payment, she was fired. I still had to make the payments, late fees, etc..

I wish someone who knows something about computers. Copy this and send it to someone who can do something about them.

I agree that class action suit should be filed. please add my name. I lost my job in June 2009.

I called Greentree that month, the refused to work with me, I had not had a late payment for over 2 years, I had to take money out of my 401k plan to pay off my house because I had trouble finding work, and I did not want to loose my house. I will never have anything to do with this company and will discourage everyone I know not to.




Can you tell me who, if anyone, I can call at green tree to answer questions about a short sale? The rep. (Renee Martinez is RUDE).


my email is:


I am a former employee of greentree and yall want to start a class action lawsuiti will help

Greentree lies
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Greentree Servicing in Germantown, Maryland - Neighbors have been harrased

i was late with dec payment my closet neighbor is a mile away he was called and ask to give me a message. i returned the call and i asked where they got his info they said it was contact info i gave them.

when i requested copies the lady got very irate and belittleing i was told when she called i WOULD answer my phone and if payment was not there i WOULD give her a check over the phone. after checking my account online the check was posted to my account after my neighbors being harrased and me being told what i WOULD do this company MUST be shut down.


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Greentree Servicing in Albany, Kentucky - Greentree is a joke!!!

greentree is nothing but a bunch of idiots!!! they lie about everything just to try to scare people into it.

they have gave out my info 3 times to someone that is not even on the loan. that goes against their privacy policy. but they wont do anything about it so i am. the bbb has been contacted and suppose to be investigating my situation, i suggest everyone else do the same.

if they have enough complaints about this freakshow maybe greentree or someone else will have no choice but to take care of the situation.

Let's shut this operation down.


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The BBB can't really do anything. You need to contact a lawyer and sue for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). It is against the FDCPA for them to divulge information to a third party without your consent.

Albany, Kentucky
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Greentree Servicing in Corinth, Mississippi - Grentree -lies,rude,threatening,unwilling to work with us,thieves,harassing

Greentre Servicing lies to customers.They bought Conseco loans and did not even put both of our names on the loan,even though that was the way it was on the Conseco loan.They call and call and are rude and try to bully us into paying more.Loan amount has changed only 3000.00 in 8 yrs. since financing with Conseco.Has not changed at all since Greentree took over Conseco.These people will not work with customers and are constantly threatening foreclosure.We got behind on loan last year,made some of it up and this year have paid almost 2 payments ahead.They call and say we have not made a payment since May!They are Thieves!Why can we,the consumers,not do somthing about this?Pissed in Mississippi!

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Greentree Servicing in Waltham, Massachusetts - Greentree

These people r something else!It has to be something we can do about this company.Im just now starting to pay for my house ive had it 10 years.and now there coming to get it !They have talked to me worse than a dog,call 50times a day and now that the shoe is on the other foot they r taking there dear sweet time and of course no phone calls!They lied to me and said they were not gonna sue me if i got out with no force,I did,they are!please somebody here me and help.oh, its being bid on for $7,000 and sue me for the rest!




Worse company in the world to deal with, they are right up there with GMAC who I believe is the worse in the whole industry. No One at Green tree can answer my question as to why on a 15 yr loan which will be paid off in 3 yrs why my payoff amount is way more than it should be I have been arguing now for 2 yrs with these idiots about this, my numbers add up to what the actual payoff should be but theirs is way higher with no explanation except just keep making the payments


I am being sued for 30,000 by greentree after them telling me they would not sue if I would just get out of their house. What is the little guy to do?

They got BAIL OUT money from the government when they had money problems. Where did it go and where is our BAIL OUT money when we get into money trouble no fault of our own?


If its a mobile home it will not be not eligible for making home affordable plan. However it doesn't matter how long you have lived in the home if you are not paying they will repo it. You will be responsible for the deficiency balance of the loan.


hey in the swamps we just use shot guns.........get the hint



You shoul have never left. You were most likely eligable for Making Homes Affordable but not after you left.

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Greentree Servicing in Omaha, Nebraska - Paid 13 years! Still owe same amount on mortgage!

In 1997, my husband and I purchased a repo mobile home for $26,000. We were both in good health and both working full-time.

13 years later, my husband has a fatal illness and I have arthritis so bad I am disabled. Can we get out of the loan? No! Not only that, but we paid our payments religiously-occassionally being late,etc.; But these folks at GREENTREE are merciless!

The clock ticks even if your paycheck arrives a day late!n I did some research and discovered that a group of Native-Americans in Kansas had sued them for predatory lending and(surprise! Surpirse!) Won! I tried to bring this to the attention of the officials of the State of Nebraska who told me this was just how business was done and "like it or lump it." I knew Republicans were greedy, but in Nebraska they will do anything for money. Including sitting back and see their taxpayers get ripped off.

BE WARNED! Don't buy a mobile home. Buy a shack in a small town but NEVER a mobile home!

And NEVER deal with Greentree! I agree that perhaps we were behind a bit in that we were late a few times in 13 years, but to owe the entire amount-when we had made all the required payments up until the point where we were forced into bankruptcy is just plain WRONG!



Richardson, Texas, United States #694793

Republicans have nothing to do with it. The Bankmasters own both Parties.

That's why you'll never see a "third Party" given any credibility except Independents, who are basically Republicrats anyway.

They all sit on the same side of the Blackjack table and you'll get hosed no matter which one you vote for. For the same reason, you will never see an end to the kleptocracy that has consumed Washington.


I agree with you I have also had my mortgage for 13 years. I called for pay off and was to I had to still pay all of the principal.

Don't be late one day or they are calling you. I wish I could pay it off.

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Greentree Servicing in Jacksonville, North Carolina - $151,130.00 for a singlewide trailer!!!

I've been paying on a single wide trailer for 10yrs. My start off was 48,522.00 in June of 1999, with Greentree financial.

My payoff as of today Sept 19, 2009 is 47,265.80. I have paid over 48,000 in interest alone. By the time this is paid off it will have been $151,130.00. I have complained to the BBB and filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

BBB has had 360 complaints in the last 36 months with only 120 closed...not resolved. I call to complain and a man name Kelly states that there are singlewides worth $151,000---are they outlined in GOLD? They say that everytime we make a payment that's over the requested amount it's not going towards the's going towards the next month's payment! We pay online...they say the only way for it to go towards the principal is if we call each time and tell them!!





We are going through the same issue that you are with the same company. Th only difference is that our finance has been since 1996.

We have been payingon the same trailor for over 15 years and on our print out it shows that less then 5000.00 has gone to the principle. The final bill in 10 years will be for over 11000.00. When queestioned they sent us the interest rate and it is 11% but not true APR. It is daily interest.

We have got a Lawyer involved in our case. Best of Luck to anyone who thinks this company is a lagit buisness..


I been searching for help for years with this *** company! After I realized nothing was going towards principle..

I am hoping someone can help us all in this area.. This comapny is getting away with ripping off everyone that has a mobile home loan thru them, they must be paying someone off to get away with this..

I kow money talks but Gheeezzzzzzzz... we need some help here


NEVER finance through Greentree!!! I found out the hard way what a "simple interest" loan with them is - a dead horse and HUGE mistake.

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Greentree Servicing in Jacksonville, North Carolina - Greentree 10yrs $1000 less

June 1999 payoff was 48,522. Sept 2009 payoff is 47,265.80.

They say that my payment is due on the 15th of every month. However, I pay on the 12th and if I make the next month's payment on the 14th BAM $300ish interest tacked on. Simple interest loan they call it. Must make the payment within 30days even if the payment is due on the 15th!

I've paid over $35,000 in interest alone. In four months time I've made the payments before the 15th and the within the 30 days. It went from 47,265.80 to 47,265.79. Now it's back up a penny!!

How did that happen?

It's a single wide trailer! How can they do this?

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Greentree Servicing in Halifax, Virginia - Not deducting what I paid

I have been with them for 8 years and what I still owe is way off from what it should be in 8 years time. They have me as only paying $10,000 dollars and at $523.32 a month for twelve months a year and, well, you do the math.

They just kept about $30 or $40 thousand dollars and I want to know what can be done about this. I am 88yrs old and can't afford to go through this. Can someone help me?

I am desperate! Oh by the way I am speaking of GreenTree Servicing Llc




my mother went thru the same thing when my stepfather passed away back in 2009 the insurance was thru green tree and in case of accident or death it was to pay off the home they cancelled the insurance said that we did not have to lie for my stepfather and they were sending some one to get the home the guy "Allen" was rude and told me that the loan was none of my business and he would have a sheriff remove my mother and take the house i told him to tell the sheriff and moving crew to bring trash bags to put the house in because later that day my mom would be moved into my house and i would take my CAT D9 Dozer and crush the house to splinters which i did and pushed it to the main road for them to move also told Allen if i got the chance "which i spent 120 days in jail for" i would beat him until they have to wire him back together was worth it also got some nice pics of a crushed house sitting next to the main highway where i live.... screw them


I was with Bank America until Greentree bought them out, and its been h@@l every since, i ust lost my home to greentree after 13 years, and according to them i owed them more than i did the day i bought the home, they were not applying my payments accordingly either, granted i was 2 months behind, and was told i was in default, but i never recieved anything to that affect, and when asked was it sent out i was told, if i didnt get it i knew when my payments was due, they were very rude, when my home was repoed i was not not notified by any one, not even the sheriff department, i lost everything i owned, because i was at work when this happened, i called for a entire week before i could find my possesions and a lot of it was gone, can someone please advise me legally on this matter?


This company is the worst I have ever dealt with. They need to be investigate.

Please people contact me. And lets get a class Action suit going.


i have the same problem not posting our payments cause we were late now they are sending money back and taking our home after giving us a two week notice they need to be looked into!


jdeg762 must have his nose way up the greentrees a-s!you need to go some where else!dont you harrass enough people all day at work!


Oh, I forgot to leave my email, it is

I am with Green Tree Servicing, Inc. They have been harrassed me every two other days and "threatened" me and say unnecessary comments.

I am on the *** of breakdown.

Anyone experience this before. I have called a lawyer and waiting for the lawyer to call me back :sigh

I was with National city before the loan transferred to Greentree. They were telling me I was 2 months behind, not sending me statements and not applying my payments.

Contact a real estate attorney. I know they are expensive, but I would rather pay him then Greentree an extra penny. Even with an attorney, we still have problems, but at least they have my account as current. Progress is being made.

I hate this company. For the record I was NEVER late, not even a day late.


The loan is not a typical morgage loan.. Its like a credit card loan..

Interest is daily.. I found this out too when making payments to after 6 years with them.. all I am doing is paying every 20 days now.

Making extra payments towards principle of 250 a month. They suck , but I can't seem to get anyone to give me a loan for a mobile home.

:( This place is the biggest rip off..Do Not!!!!Do Not give them your card info....They will use it over and over again...Even if you make a call and ask them to remove information Not they keep it and bounce your account if you plan to pay later..Illegally use your card for payments!!!! You have to keep record of all..They charge you more than you show credit for..We have a lawsuit against them..Calling late hours weekends and harass family members. Afriend of mine had the same problem till he paid them off to get rid of the crooks!!!!!
:sigh Reading these messages is scary. I had a mortgage with NationalCity and I was very satisfied with them.

I did the modification program because my sister lost her job and it became harder for me to maintain alone. They cut my mortgage drastically. My credit score just dropped 23 points and I've received a letter saying that my mortgage is $3000 behind. They claim because I am in a trial period with the modification program it will not show current at this time.

I was NEVER late with NationalCity even when my mortgage jumped $600. I hope this isn't a bad mistake.

Please send me a message on what I should know and what ways helped you just in case I have to lose my mind.

I'm encountering a similar problem. My loan (previously serviced by NAtional City Bank) was purchased by Green Tree a few months ago.

For some reason, Green Tree refuses to apply any of my monthly payment amount towards the principle balance; each statement claims that 100% of my payments go to interest. I'm aware of what my interest rate is and know that this shouldn't be the case.

I've requested that they eitehr explain themselves or adjust the principle, but they have yet to do either. I'll be filing a complaint shortly, as their customer service seems to be better at deflecting criticism than at giving answers or understanding loans.


I Also Need Help Iv'e Been With Greentree For 12 Years I got A $63000.00 And Still Owe $59000.00 Iv'e Called Them And Tried To Get Answers Of Why I Owe This Amount And They Will Not Give Me Any Answers These People Need To Be Investigated A.S.A.P..Email Add.Is They Went As Far As Calling People I Know,Calling Me And Making Threats And Asking My Kids Questions About My Income And Told Them If i Didn't Make The Payments On Time Thaey Were Going To Take Our Home,I Want Them Investigated.I Need Help A.s.a.p.


I've sent emails to my congressman, Obama, and filed a complaint with the FTC regarding the same situation.


To the 88 yr old gentleman. I am going to be contacting everyone I can get to from all of the sites pertaining to GT unethical practices and I'll need you to send me your e-mail address.

We can only succeed if we all band together. I have several attorney friends who are going to help us. I just need to get everyone's stories and info.

Hang in there. Don't give up.


You need to read your contract sir. Are you taking interest into account?

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Halifax, Virginia
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Greentree Servicing in Concord, Michigan - Greentree screwed us royally!!!

on 1-22-08 our house financed through gt was gutted by fire. (for years to save money we paid for their structure insurance) at least if something happened we would still have a house to live in right???

wrong!!! they took all 80 grand and wanted us to pay our full pmt of 850.00 a month and demanded we get insurance. we had 20 years left on our mortgage and were totally up to date with pmts at that time, because we were told be on time for 1 yr and we can refi at a lower interest rate. well after the fire we were told they were not a lender anymore and could not help us.

so as a result, being unable to afford mortgage and rent for someplace to live, we were forced into foreclosure. so if you pay for there structure insurance be careful they will not use the money to repair your home. where is the bailout for us??? so not only did i lose my home, pets, and belongings to a fire, but in a year and a half i have lost my home twice.

after only owing 28000.00 after the ins. check. the real kicker, the house could have been repaired with about 15-20 grand in materials.

so if you know anyone with gt tell them to get rid of them they will *** royally!!!!! Brooklyn mi

Concord, Michigan
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