Greentree Servicing in Utah - What a horrible company!!

I have never been treated so unprofessionally than I have been for the last 5+ years by Green Tree! Their lack of customer service and rude employees has left such a bad taste in my mouth that I can't take it anymore!

I have been in my home for 27 years and because of their corrupt business dealings and greed, I am losing my home! I have repeatedly tried to work with them to refinance and they keep losing the paperwork, or claim to never have received payments, etc.


I hope no one ever has to go thru what I and my children have gone thru.

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Greentree Servicing - Returned my payment checks.

**UPDATE** I sent a certified check for thousands of dollars -the amount owed- to Green Tree, now Ditech. Ditech cashed the certified check, then several weeks later mailed me a check for the amount I sent them, and told me my house is in foreclosure. I now have 4 returned mortgage checks from Green Tree/Ditech, valid money that they refused to put in my account. HOW IN THE *** AM I SUPPOSED TO PAY THEM?! What do they want? My house?

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Citi sold my mortgage after I lost my job and couldn't make full payments.So for a while I sent everything I had to Green Tree.

They tried to force me to refinance my mortgage but I read all the horror stories about this company and refused their offers. Then Green Tree started the nasty phone calls. Next Green Tree held onto one of my payment checks without cashing it. So I took money out of my retirement fund and sent to them.

Thousands of dollars! After a few months they returned both of my uncashed checks and said my house is in foreclosure. I was still receiving monthly bills so I took thousands more dollars out of my retirement fund, and sent in the exact amount due before the due date. Weeks went by and they didn't cash my check.

Now they just returned my check saying I need to send a certified check to reinstate my account. The check is good and all they had to do was cash it or call my bank to verify the money was there. It's a scam to delay payment and add more late fees.

They ruined my credit.Green Tree is corrupt to the core.




They did the same to me - the only way I was able to avoid them from hiding mailed checks was to pay directly via my BOA account BUT then they put the money in a suspense account. They were adamant about putting my home's FULL mortgage amount into the monthly totals to get bonuses - in the end, I 3 way called them with BOA rep on the phone and resolved the problem BUT, they hid a $1200 legal fee by overcharging me $100 per month as a "insurance" line item when I asked for an audit of my account.

I was so sick and tired that I felt the $100 per month was actually better than fighting anymore as it took over my life, my health my sanity for months!! I feel better and am ready to fight for my money and my sanity lost to their illegal practices.


I have a consumer law attorney who filed a lawsuit against Green Tree Servicing in Federal Court about 10 days ago. Without filing a lawsuit in FEDERAL court you will never be able to deal with them.

You need a lawyer to go to Federal Court--too complicated. Even after the $63 million fine by CFPB and FTC they are still operating illegally.


Contact an attorney through your state bar association - pro bono is possible.

If you have copies of all payments, bank statements and proof of delivery of your checks you may have a strong case to sue for fraud.

Green Tree nka Ditech are only permitted to collect or "service" the mortgage payments, they cannot change the terms of your loan.

Write them a letter asking them to provide copies of your original note and proof of their legal assignment to collect money from you. If nothing else, this establishes that they cannot alter your original note or contract or force you to breach the terms of the loan.

Good luck!


How do we fix it. We are having same prob. Who do we talk to


Contact FDIC and the FTC.

Green Tree /DITECH are openly breaking the law.

Keep good records and get copies of your bank statements to prove that you have in fact paid - send payments and any correspondence through Certified Mail to prove that they DID receive your money.

Wishing you all the best!

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Greentree Servicing Loan Review

Antron & Ms Rita @ Greentree servicing in modification department was very rude and not concern about your family matters.

Antron should be coach on phone etiquette and Ms Rita should have sympathy for customers.

Very poor services and no follow up regarding your account

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Poor customer service
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Greentree Servicing in Tucson, Arizona - Green Tree Servcing is doing a very illegal business

They intentionally put my payment as UAF (Unapplied Funds, then called tell me I did not make the payment, many calls, I tried to explain to them ( the debt collector), and offered to fax my bank statement, they refused to listen and insisted that I did not pay and was late, charged me with late fee, while my money was sitting there as unapplied funds. After I filed a complaints to Arizona Attorney' s Office, they still did not admit their mistakes or "crime", I would say, but at the same time they suddenly applied my money back to my account. That is very bad business practice

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Greentree Servicing in Parker, Colorado - Green Tree Incompetence

Can't pay directly online. Money sits in the unapplied funds account.

Customer service reps have no access to transfer funds over. Multiple calls to my cell phone daily even though account up to date. No wonder people hate large corps! Green Tree is the worst.

Is it legal for mortgage companies to call cell phones?

I would like to have a mortgage with a company that does not sell my mortgage to another sub par company.

Green Tree makes Bank of America look good.

I would suggest online echeck payments, online debit or credit payment, call staff that can actually help manage your account and moving into the 21st century.


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OK first by law green tree has to post your payment the day it is received ...if they are applying to unapplied account that means they are planning to try to steal your home ..DO NOT let these scumbags screw with you and they are lying when they say they can't transfer it..of course they can ..I suggest you call them and harrass the *** out of them and that you start making complaints to the CFPA ..consumer Financial protection agency and federal trade commission.. Please do this a fast as possible because your home and everything you've worked for is in jeopardy..they can call cell phones but you can tell them to stop but they won't

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Greentree Servicing in Memphis, Tennessee - Forced escrow and horrible service

Green Tree Servicing paid taxes on my Mother's property, she has no loan on her property and never did any business with them. They then claimed they paid my taxes and forced me in to escrow.

When in reality it was her property and they paid them 3 months before they were due. They have now raised my housenote $260.00 a month. May not be a big deal to some but it is to me. I am so pissed and I would never want them to service another loan for me.

They are the worst company I have ever dealt with and it's all about padding their pockets. DO NOT USE GREENTREE/DITECH

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Greentree Servicing in Schaumburg, Illinois - I'm so dissappointed at this company

Unfortunately, they bought my mortgage. I have had nothing but bad experiences with them.

I'm on automatic payments and they increased my payment by $200 per month. I called to inquire about it several times and they kept telling me that it was due to taxes. However, my county increased my taxes by $800 per year, so mathematically the numbers do not add up at all. So after about 6 phone calls, I finally figured out that it was because this company requires a minimum of $1200 in my escrow account.

It is not right to go through all of that and for my money to just sit there for them to use. Also, I recently inquired about getting the escrow removed, I was required to fax them a letter. Well, it has been 3 weeks since I sent the letter and no response.

They always say that they will call back and NEVER do. Worst experiences, I really really hope that they sell my mortgage soon because I simply can not deal with their poor work ethics and the way that they treat their clients.




This is how I got them to finally do what they needed to do. Let me give you the procedure, then the background.

1. I typed a letter stating every conversation and transaction from the time that I realized they were overcharging us.

2. I sent that letter and copies of that letter to every known address for Green Tree, whic was 4 locations.

3. I sent each packet certified, return receipt.


They settled out of court sending us a check for close to $2,000.00 and we had one month with no mortgage payment.

I hope that Ditech is a good move and not merely a restructing of the same bad business. Here's the background: We had to close our business in 2009 because it was tied so exclusively to the construction business. We were able to close it solvent, but we lost $40-50,000.00 annual income. Due to my husband's age, he had a very hard time finding a job paying what we needed.

We limped along for over a year depleting our reserves and existing on my income that was less than $33,000.00 annually. We also had a mortgage that was upside down because we trusted one of our sons-in-law who was in the mortgage business. When Bank of America sold our mortgage to Green Tree, they were charging us a high premium for hazard insurance because of circumstances surrouning being dropped by our home insurance company due to a tree falling on our house and a house fire. In our state, no other insurance company can fill the gap for 3 years, so mortgage companies get to supply hazard insurance from their source and charge interest on the premiums.

Our mortgage went from $698 to $880.00. When August 2014 came, we could get our own insurance. That company contacted Green Tree. Green Tree continued to charge us the same amount.

After much research and conversation with Green Tree, we contacted an attorney. On my end of it, I compiled documentation that was literally an inch thick. I made 3 copies and sent those packets to all 3 addresses that I had for Green Tree by certified, return receipt mail with a copy to the attorney. They admitted that they had not yet reviewed the mortgages that they had bought from Bank of America the previous year.

They adjust the payment correctly beginning January 2015, but continued to show that we owed the $880.00 through December 2014. They did send us a check that was close to $2,000.00 from the Escrow account and still had all they needed to pay insurance and taxes. The attorney contacted them. We went through this until February 2015 when they finally settled the rest of the discrepancies and lowered our mortgage payment to the amount it should be, plus they had to pay the court costs and the attorney fees.

My payments are now made by my bank to Green Tree (Ditech, now), and I monitor my Escrow account and payment account every month. In my letter to them, I told them that all correspondence with me and my husband must be conducted in writing whether by USPS or email; that I did not believer they were actually recording every conversation, or this would have been settled much earlier. I also told them that if they ever had a verbal conversation over the phone, we would be recording the conversation.

I hope you have already had success in getting your mortgage payments corrected. If not, my method is time consuming, but held up well in court.


I am having the same problems. My payments have gone up plus they have added additional money (they say Paying toward Principle) to my payment.

I have no principal, only interest. they have drafted my account earlier than the normal and ealier than authorized. Customer service hung up on me.

I have never had to deal with such a scam of a company! Always did business with professional and ethical mortgage companies in the past.

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Withheld account .,rude.,threating,repossession, calling family.,and friends.,ex in-laws..now summon to court to foreclose. .....oh..now changing name Ditech....look out...

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Greentree Servicing in Columbus, Ohio - Escrow

Mortgage was acquired from Citimortgage 5 months ago and these folks are horrible to deal with. The customer service reps have very bad attitudes and never a supervisor around.

Just filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Bureau because after two weeks, they can't explain where our tax escrow funds went. Fees and penalties have been assessed and we stated that we are not paying them. We've now been "escalated to a supervisor". This is supposed to be an electronic transaction and for some reason, they can't explain where our taxes went.

This company is terrible and I would never recommend them to anybody. All I see online is nothing but complaints and sanctions from government agencies.

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Greentree Servicing in Denver, Colorado - Under Payment when on Auto Pay

I do not know how this could happen but it did. I have auto pay set up and each month the same amount comes out but not this month.

This month they only took out the Principle and Interest and not the Escrow and NOW I am getting nasty calls at home and work stating that I underpaid.... And not I have to pay the late fee and another transaction fee from either Western Union or Money Gram to fix their mistake. I DO NOT THINK SO....


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Problems with payment
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