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I want another finance company

Yes, I have read some of the compliments that have been posted and my advice to anyone that has a compliment, is to start a potition in the town, city in which you live. Once you have the names of those that feel they have been taken advantage of, we need to send all of the names to the BBB. Also, we need to place or email addresses with our complaints. We need to be able to have another company buy our loan out. Thank you and I hope to hear from others soon. lilcunrty@***.com, will place your emails.
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The second mortgage on our home has been sold three times to different banks. Never before have we had to fill out a new automatic deduction form.

I received a letter saying GreenTree was now servicing our loan 15 days before the payment was due. 5 days after the payment was due we started receiving phone calls from debt collectors saying the payment was never received. When I spoke to a GreenTree rep they said they had mailed a packet that required us to re-fill out the auto payments. I had never received the packet, the rep then said it probably did not get to me yet.

Think about it, they have debt collectors call me before they send me the packet to pay the loan. Kind of backwards if you ask me. Now they are charging $12 per month to automatically deduct the payments. They never let me know I would receive these fees.

GreenTree sucks. Never use them. If I could do anything to get away from using them, I would. Unfortunately the financial system is foobar and I have no option.

(This is only one example of how they are incompetent. I could go on for a while but will spare you.)


I created

I'm hoping more people will join. Is a social networking website for us frustrated customers...


I have been paying Greentre for 10yrs and recently have had some financial hardships. My husband called and specifically told them we could not make a payment until we contacted them.

They instead withdrew a payment from our checking account and of course it was overdrawn.

After my bank kicked it back they did again I had to stop payment on it and it ended up costing 60.00 total in fees. Now they keep calling and harassing me to end.


Kenneth, I'm with you. If anyone else is having trouble with GT, please contact me.

After paying on the loan for 13 yrs, now all of a sudden after being 39 days late, I have been contacted about foreclosure. Wintertate@***.com


Pay your blls on time and you won't get any calls. GT would much rather NOT call you.

GT shouldn't have to call you.

Calling you costs GT money because they have to employ people to collect your payment from you that you should be paying on your own. This website is like a support group for losers.


Hi I have a mobile home financed through Greentree .It hads been a nightmare of constant harrassing calls and threats of repossessions and rude representatives. I am in Northeast Alabama .if ther is any class action suits against the blood sucking leaches someone please let me know or anything else for that matter ..I am sick of these people bothering me.I cannot even have peace in my own home and I myself would love to refinance or see some laws passes that protact home manufactures home owners from vampires like Greentree

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Rude Greentree Employees

I have had trouble for the past year with payments but "Carol" has worked things out with me and always treated me with utmost respect. Now I got behind again - two payments of which I am confused about. I made an agreement with "Dawn" for a partial pay and then rest 5 days later. When i made the partial payment "Mark" calls me afterward and advises it was not good enough and had to have all of it by the 31st - not on the first when I get paid. I advised him I'm only paid once a month. I was talked to like I was subhuman and he did not care who had "kissed my butt" before but that he would not and I could either pay or get out. He also said that Dawn had no authority to make agreement with me. I told him to take that up with her. He again advised to pay or get out and didn't care I have no where to go or that I care for an elderly mother in my home. I called him an SOB and hung up. Called Dawn who advised me all was ok and she DID have authority to talk to me and make arrangements to pay up. During this conversation Mark called me NINE times. I have paid to date what was agreed to with Dawn; however, on the first of November I got served with eviction and seizure of property papers!!! I called again and was told by regional supervisor all was okay and I would get confirmation from them as to agreement. I requested confirmation from them I was NOT being evicted or my home seized and was told I would have to get from the attorney. Called the attorney and have yet to have call returned. I believed Dawn and the regional rep I spoke to that all was ok with them but I still have papers in front of me stating otherwise. I was also told that "Rusty" handles my account. Mark advised he was Rusty's "assistant" and Rusty was not available. If that's the case and Rusty handles my account then Mark has no authority to evict me. I have never been talked to so rudely in all my life except by Greentree's Mark and a couple of others. Carol, Dawn and Chris have been good to me. Mark has no business dealing with people and making threats and talking so ugly to folks he doesn't know. This company is very unorganized. I also would think they would rather do the payments with me than to lose the money that is owed them but "Mark" doesn's seem to think so although the others do. So. . . three people tell me all is okay but "Mark" says not. Also Mark filed the papers TWO days AFTER my agreement with Dawn and also AFTER payments had been made. He too called my landlord and had not business discussing my financial business with him. I am very upset about this entire mess and taking care of my elderly Alzheimer mother is tough. Mark is the type of person that could make an already depressed person want to commit suicide or something. You don't kick folks when they are down. Mark would not discuss ANYTHING other than pay up or get out!!!!!! He needs to be fired for the way he talked to me BEFORE I called him an SOB and hung up and for the way he misrepresents the company!!!
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:( OMG I just sent off my payoff last night and I get a call from TAMEKA in the Maryland Heights,MO Greentree office. Hello I say right off the back I get this scarcastic piece of *** wipe.

I said right off the bat I said I said I put it in the mail yesterday. It is very obvious that her boss was nowhere around because she was as rude and a super ***. I'am thinking are you kidding me? I have to admit I came back on her and called her a C---.

Sh said well you should of paid your bill on time. I said well I didn't so whatever. I had to come up with a large payoff and my payoff was actually about 40 days late. I was offered a opportunity to refinance it.

I said no because naturally I was on the doorstep of paying it off. She was the rudest piece of *** I have ever talked to and she brought out the worst in me. Nasty nasty nasty, ignorant ignorant ignorant pile of ***. So I call the company back to complain and the boss just tries to get rid of me.

It was very obvious he didn't want to hear it. I asked to talk to her boss and she said you can talk to the president. O how I wish I had that recorded. There are two possibilities here.

She looked about to insure that her boss wasn't looking before she ran her nasty ignorant nasty mouth or her boss hears it all the time and covers her ***. I think its the second one. They need someone to step into that office and do some listening to all of them. She's to ignorant to deal with people.

The crazy thing is that it was a pay off and up front I told her I had just put it in the mail. So it wasn't about me it was about a low life sorry excuse for a human that likes to abuse others because it makes her feel good. Low lifes are like that. O well what just blows me away is this will no doubt be the last time I deal with Greentree and I'am so glad.

My warning to everyone is go somewhere else. It's obvious they hire heathens to call people. These poor souls probly make a half a living and so they are miserable. I'am just stunned and elated this will probly be the last of Greentree.

I would of been horified if I was in the middle of my loan and found I had to deal with this kind of trash. Well come to think about it I would of had a recorder next to my phone and I would have her job within 24 hrs. That would of been sweet to get it on the news. She was a super *** I bet she a bigger one in person.

Better her than me. I'am felling pretty lucky today after all.


My mother died on 10-08/09 She paid has two Mortages under Greentree she left no will and know insurance policy. I called Greentree in Nov to let them know what was going on and to fine out about the house, and asked them what are my options in regards to a deferrment.

I needed a little time (a month) to get some money up to bring them up to date to get the deferrment. These guys where very very nasty disrespectful and played alot of games, of course I gave it right back (this is for the first loan). Once I brought it the loan current they still played games. The second mortage I had know problems.

The young lady was nice understanding and made it easy to work with (Jessy).

The other guys James,Rick,Rich,and Justin the manager very nasty. They only document what they want in their system.


Rude is not the word for Rodriguez a Greentree rep. for financial department.

It is people like him we need to send them back to what ever country they come from and burn them at the stake. We all have had difficult times but to be a WEEK behind on a payment does not mean foreclosure. In this case no it meant we will charge you triple your payment and don\'t give a *** to do it.Trying to talk to him was a joke he was rude and talked to me like I was a dog, but after they started taking my whole paycheck plus some it left me no other choice but to file bankruptcy. It is a shame people does not have much more to pay on a home they have worked for, just to know it was all for nothing.

I know a person can get phone calls from people with all kinds of excuses not to pay for something but this is not the case.This man is nothing but an *** and I\'m sure he talks to his dog better than he talks to the customers.

Needless to say we help pay for these kind of jerks, he puts his pants on the same way as anyone else one leg at a time, this still does not give people the right to be such an ***. Starting all over is going to be hard my faith has been tried and it is not in my control where one door shuts another will open,I hope every night he has nightmare and every one he has been such a *** to their voices haunt him.


jdeg762 I bet you don\'t pay your bills on time, so be considerate of people that are having a difficult time especially at this time of need where the economy ***! If your not in a financial crisis like the rest of the USA thats because you work for a company that steals from hard working americans.

Your company should know the feeling of being in a financial crisis and or situation due to being on bankruptcy mode selling to Conseco Finance and then finding Investors to invest in a billion dollar corporation that earns there monies through rediculous late fees and interest. So if your one of the CEO\'s or an Investor or any top management remember WE SEEK WHAT WE SOW!

You and your company need to have compassion and change your tactful contract to something that is reasonable to the hard working AMERICAN people that\'s trying to make a living. President OBAMA has been trying to find a resolution to all the problems the AMERICAN people are suffering it will take a little time but will get to investigate your Employer GT.


I was so infuriated with these people! The original mortgage company I had was bought out by greentree.

I called to explain why our payment was late and to let them know that within the week I would have it paid up and this lady had the audacity to tell me that if it were her she wouldnt accept a payment, then told me I didnt care about keeping my house anyways. So thats when I told her I wanted to talk to someone else and she said she was the nicest rep I would get so I said "well im sad to hear that" and she said yeah well good luck keeping your house!

I was like omg are you serious! I called and reported her.I know they have a job to do but insulting people isnt part of that job.


Would you people please contact me. I have several attorney friends who are going to help us. Wintertate@***.com


I completely agree with everything said about GreenTree Financial. They are currently servicing my account for my home in Indiana.

My Indiana home's original mortgage is thru Bank of America in Charlotte, NC. I originally purchased my home and land for $27,800.00 after paying 30% down. Greenpoint Credit serviced my mortgage from July 1998 to Feb. 2006.

GreenTree then bought the rights to service it. When they did this, I owed $11,954.00. I now owe $19,763.00. This is on a fixed rate of 10.1% for 15 years.

I now live in North Carolina and have a renter in my property in Indiana. GreenTree harasses me repeatedly and has threatened me with imprisonment. I have said several choice words to them and they have said that I have 'No Rights' whatsoever. They have now told me that I must pay them whatever they come up with and whenever they say to pay it.

That I have no choice in this matter. They have also informed me that they have a 'court order' implying this. I haven't received a court notice or even been to court with them, or with either Greenpoint Credit/Bank of America. They have said that I've violated my terms in the mortgage contract by renting my Indiana home out.

I've never signed or received a mortgage contract from GreenTree Financial. My Bank of America mortgage contract does not say that I cannot rent my home out either. GreenTree is now saying that they are proceding with Foreclosure on my Indiana property.

Incidentally my mortgage payment is only $295.79 and it is currently 53 days past due according to GreenTree Financial. But, my records and my Bank has documents showing that I am current.


Greentree employees and the company itself are a bunch of rude motherf*ckers. I have a loan thru them for a trailer my ex huband I *bought* together.

He left me and I got stuck with the trailer. I have had this thing for 12 years now and I figure I've probably paid over $25,000 for the piece of ***. I'm 2 monthes behind on my payments now, and yes, the phone calls are never ending.

They sent a service rep out who took pictures and even if I make my payment by the time the rep and I agreed on, they can't garentee that I won't lose the trailer...Well big *** deal....Let them deal with the ***, cause I'm sick of it. Bankruptcy sounds like a good idea....then they can eat the rest of what I owe them


I agree with you too. Greentree goes beyond collecting a debt falls Into harrassment.

I also have two mobile homes financed with them and they are rude as ***. I had one manager from the Houston Department tell me to flea from my home. What nerves. Well if any of the employees read this I want to tell you something.

KISS MY well you MAY notice I said may be smart enough to figure the last Word out. They act like they are never late on any bills. Keep acting cause we know its a lie just like the way you all LIE!! Keep up Im tired Look into collecting a debt and when it becomes harassment GreenTree falls into harrassment.

I will procede with this because I am not dealing with this for years. I never signed an agreement with GreenTree it was CIT Group and they couldn't financially stay afloat so neither can I!!!!!!!!!


I agree with you too. Greentree goes beyond collecting a debt falls Into harrassment.

I also have two mobile homes financed with them and they are rude as ***. I had one manager from the Houston Department tell me to flea from my home. What nerves. Well if any of the employees read this I want to tell you something.

KISS MY well you MAY notice I said may be smart enough to figure the last Word out. They act like they are never late on any bills. Keep acting cause we know its a lie just like the way you all LIE!! Keep up Im tired Look into collecting a debt and when it becomes harassment GreenTree falls into harrassment.

I will procede with this because I am not dealing with this for years. I never signed an agreement with GreenTree it was CIT Group and they couldn't financially stay afloat so neither can I!!!!!!!!!

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Greentree Financial aka Greentree Servicing is ripping me off

13 years ago, my husband and I, we were just starting out, not making alot of money, purchased a mobile home, my parents gave us $11,000.00 down on a $27,000.00 home, we financed $16,000.00 w/ Greentree, now after 13 years of living in this dump and dealing w/ these VULTURES, we still owe $11,000.00. I figured it up and all together we have paid Greentree $27,300.00 towards a $16,000.00 loan, This is unreal that I am dealing w/ this in this day and age. unbelievable. These people need to be stopped.
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I am a consumer with 800+ credit. I Have never made a late payment. I Have made thousands of on time loan payments, paid off every account in full as agreed, I am a totally ethical upstanding citizen.

Green tree is harassing us. The people who call ARE debt collectors, NOT loan servicers. This is important to understand because I/we have never made a late payment on ANYTHING EVER! Like I said, my/our credit scores are over 800, and this is completely unjustifiable.

To Charles: you are wrong. The grace period is THE LAW! It is not a courtesy. It is the LAW. And even if this is actually a "courtesy" the calls from debt collecting agents are anything but courteous.

To all the other consumers: stand up for your legal rights! Do not be intimidated by these wanna-be thugs. They are not actually gangsters or loan sharks who will come to your place and follow through. These are very weak little men with pathetic careers, barely making minimum wage. Call them out when they call you. Tell them to come over and talk like that face to face. Tell them you aren't afraid of little punks and empty threats. You are a real person and deserve to be treated justly!


if someone wants to do a class action against them you can count me in.



You can count me in for that class action suit too!


It is unreal how Green Tree manages to stay in business with they way they operate, and quite frankly the best thing for everyone is if they would go belly-up!! They are nothing but *** bag vultures who take advantage of people, harass, and intimidate them.

I have no time for these peices of garbage and despise them for everything they are. They are rude and disrespectful; they are nothing but thugs who hide behind a telephone and desk. "Kagan" is the worst. That miserable little rat starts calling once you are a single day late, but still within the grace period, for submitting your payment.

He calls every 1/2 hour ALL day long. Fortunately I have a call-blocker on my phone that just picks up and hangs up on him. Before I started blocking his calls he would leave voice mail messages with his snippy disgusting attitude; he really thinks he is somthing special. I sincerely hope that after the way they have treated me, and everyone else, that every Green Tree employee will end up unemployed, homeless, and destitute.

May everyone of them rot in ***!! Thank goodness for good attorneys; I won't speak to Green Tree. Actually, you can't speak to them.

They are unable to communicate with their customers. Having a highly aggressive attorney on your side is the only way to deal with these thugs!!!


What is that about a mobile home cannot be moved once it has been in the same spot for ten years, does that mean that they can't foreclose?


I agree with 99 % of the people on this forum, Green tree representative are not helping and at at time they are very rude to customers. It seems if they are told by their employers to harrass the people


I can't believe these people. I have been asking for an itemization of my payments and this a**h*** his name is Sean start screaming at me telling that He was going to send me to foreclosure becuase he did not like me.

I asked him to talk to his supervisor and he said that he didn't have one. I told him that he was just an employee that he did had one. HE said that whoever had a complaint we could contact him at 605-355-**** ext. 554440 or Fax Sean at 866 210 **** after a few phone calls I was able to contact his supervisor Jeremy Ticken 605- 355-**** ext 57119 I did insist about 10 times leaving a few messages...

His supervisor finally answered. Please, don't be intimitated by these people. Just like they insist on the payments ...

you also insist on knowing every month where your paymetns are going ... I contact them in writting I send about 5 to 10 letters a month requesting for payment itemization since I am late and they don't want to show the payments of the statements.


I was told by a Green tree rep to stop telling lie's. that I didn't call them when i did.

I wish I had recorded the phone call I am sure the CEO would liked to have heard it. NO one has a right to treat you like the ppl here do.


I have to years to finish paying off home, and the Green Tree nightmere will be over, and I might say that the place is falling apart! Green Tree still fights to get the place back, I would of been better off renting, to many fees, to much 12.5% apr, no service, to many phone calls at my jobs and lost a few jobs because of them, high insurance cost, chosen by Green Tree, that is not Green Tree insurance company, maybe they want to be payed by another insurance company. I guess if they want it they will come and get it, there is a law here, a moble home can not be moved if it is over 10 years old, and mine is over 20 years old, so good luck Green Tree and maybe If they forclose on the home I can charge them storage fees and I will call them 10 times day and night at all hours being ugly rude.


This company is a NIGHTMARE to deal with. My former mortgage company was bought out and in the restructuring they sold off a bunch of accounts, including mine.

From the beginning it has been nothing but errors, mistakes, false promises, mindboggling incompetence, and idiocy. The customer service rep on the phone today told me "Here at Green Tree we're not too familiar with how 'escrow' works, so it's a little confusing for us just now" - if they're not familiar with escrow what the *** are they doing financing mortgages?!?

It is unbelievable... In the span of that ~45 minute phone call I was given 7 - SEVEN - different amounts that were the "actual amount due." Furthermore, I called on 3/1, and was told my payment due was xxx - when I called today, she said it's xxx+50, because I "underpaid" February's payment, DESPITE the fact that the payment I sent in for February was $80+ MORE than what I had been told to send!!

Doing everything I can to improve my credit score and get the *** away from these jokers, before it's too late.

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