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Contacted family, my work and who knows who else.

Greentree has called my mother, brother, husband's step-grandma, employer, and whoever else because I am 15 days and $178 behind in my mortgage payment. I've requested in writing that I not be contacted by phone, guess they've "misplaced" it as it was few years ago. Evidentally verbally requesting is not enough. I'm writing another letter. I called them and said I'd be recording conversation, they would not consent. I'm filing a complaint with the FCC. I'm educating myself on the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Pretty much everything they're doing is illegal.
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I used to have a loan with Greentree but with the economy and all, in the end I was forced to let the house go back. I must admit some of the reason was the constant harrashment and problems. They miscalculated my late fees, they messed up on my so called extensions, and in the end the house was simply falling apart around me because with my high monthly payment I couldn't afford to do upkeep. Some sobering thoughts though, Greentree isn't a third party collection agency. They are the originator on your loan so they are not bound by the Fair Collections Act. I know it sucks but it's how it is.




I am having similar problems with this company. I didn't want my family to know I was having problems this winter and was struggling to make payments.

One person agreed to a payment plan and another called an left messages stating that I was deliberately ignoring their calls. I called from a place where I have a babysitting job and was treated very rudely. They then called that number (caller id, I guess because I didn't give it to them) and left a message on the machine. I lost the job because of this.

So that set me back again financially and I am still struggling to make up the payment I was lagging on. This is a company that I dealt with in the past when I purchased another mobile home. They were rude but now they are beyond rude and will not listen when you have a plan of action.

Their actions tend to subvert any plans you have to right the situation. Not sure what the solution is but if anyone has some suggestions, please let me know.


Jenny - we are having trouble with Greetree as well!

Have you contacted a Lawyer? What is going on with you NOW?

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Jackson, Mississippi
Greentree Servicing Mortgage

Green Tree Servicing

I am not writing this to get help from anyone. I realized after reading these complaints that many people do not know their consumer "rights" and I wanted to inform them as best as I can. Please, if you are being harassed by this company or any other, go to: There is plenty of information there to assist you in your rights. For starters, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, clause 805 in particular tells the consumer to send a "certified letter" to the company telling them to cease and desist all communications about the debt with the consumer. If they do not comply, you have a legal complaint. Other clause in this Act specifies threats of foreclosure, calling of third parties, additional fees, etc… Please know your rights, this company treats us like this because they know that no one will actually use the laws that are available to protect from this treatment. I'd like to add that it is very important to keep all documentation from Green Tree, document the time and person in every conversation (you can even record the calls), and be sure to visit as many sites as possible to leave complaints. We, and the government, may not be able to shut them down, but we can and it is our duty to, stop them from receiving any more business outside of what they have. We consumers need to inform other prospective customers of the tribulations that go with this company. This company is a classic "predatory lender" - they chose to lend to "high risk" borrowers just so they can collect more interest. If you read the complaints you'll see that many people mention extra payments being put towards "interest" rather than "principle" - others mention paying well more than the average APR. This company preys on your money. Know your rights and defend your fellow consumer. My story went like this: I am an employee of the federal government and I make very good money. I am not experiencing any hardship, yet they insist on treating me as if I am a habitual offender and a child. Green Tree Servicing calls repeatedly (at least once a day) concerning my mortgage payment, a debt that is not delinquent. When they call they are very insulting and at times resort to yelling at me and treating me like I have done something wrong. I have a legal mortgage "note" from the original mortgage lender (National City Mortgage) which states that my mortgage is due on the 1st of the month and that I will not be assessed a late fee until the 16th of the month. If this company doesn't have payment on the 1st of the month, they will not stop calling and harassing until it is received. I have explained to them that my payment comes from my bank and that my pay periods do not always fall into the schedule to have it delivered on or before the 1st. I have showed them that I have never been late (after the 16th) and never missed a payment. Instead of leaving it at that, they resort to insults and name calling insisting that I make my payments immediately and start doing it by the 1st if I want them to stop calling. This treatment is becoming very stressful and I have experienced much anxiety over these calls. I've never missed a payment or been late (past the 15th).
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Like rainy season in Africa. First few rains, nntoihg happens.

Then all of a sudden, it's green all of it! Nature is so beautiful and the changes in time are precious.


March 26, 2011

I have a 2nd Mortgage, serviced by Bank of America Home Loans (they obtained it when BoA bought Countrywide). Bank of America has moved the loan to another subsidiary, called Green Tree Servicing as of March 1, 2011. (How many subsidiaries does a bank need to manipulate money?)

A letter from Bank of America, Feb 7, 2011; informing me of this did not include a new loan number and said Green Tree will be contacting me with new information.

The payment was due on March 1... I had yet to receive a statement from Green Tree. I called an 800 number around March 10; the representative said the loan was still in transition between the 2 banks; and not to make a payment until I received a statement and letter from Green Tree. I was also told not to worry about any late charges for the first 60 days as they understand the confusion that can be caused by transferring loans. And when I receive a statement, it would have both March and April totals due.

I finally received a letter from Green Tree dated March 13 2011; with some information about the transfer and a statement will arrive within the next 25 days.

I finally got not 1, but 2 statements. One for March with the amount due and the second statement with combination of March and April, just like the person told me. I though great, I'll make the one payment in April.

I have now been getting harassing phone calls from Green Tree on the March payment being late.. When I talked to the representative from Green Tree and told her what took place and I had talked to another representative, she was rude and obnoxious about me not making my payments (I’ve never have missed a payment). I told her to stop the harassment and she respond “so you like yelling at people?”. Green Tree can go **** themselves.

I did not ask for my loan to be moved. Bank of America chose to do it. I do not appreciate the untimely communications from this entity; and harassing me because of their slowness to properly bill in a timely matter.

I also just noticed their statement does not include a "due by" date. At least BofA did that.

If you deal with Green Tree … RUN


Wow, my story is the same too. They are very rude to talk to.

I have never been so disrespected on the phone before.

I've only been dealing with them for 4 months now, and I'm already in the process of finding my way away from them. You end up feeling like you have been "set up" for disaster with changes in the payment amounts and due dates, unauthorized transactions on your bank accts., and when you call to find out what's going on you literally get yelled at, and treated like dirt.


Green Tree Servicing has been treating me the same way about my payment, but my thing is that my payment are due on the 15th of each month and they say it suppose to be on the 1st, but I was told that it was due on the 15th, I don't know were they are going up with all these late charge and they expect you to pay more, It's is a lot that I got to say about this company, Oh how about when they call around in your community telling your information to family & friends about your business, yes I have proof, my things is what can we do about this? HELP


Just an FYI, that may be helpful. If you do change your phone number and when you call them, make sure you block the number, they are not able to have their computer system/calling system automatically read your number for them to call you back on.

You can do a *67 and then dial GT number. This may help stop the calling.


Wow, I have the same problem with this company my loan recently got bought by green tree, my contract reads the same yet, they insult me, and they call on a saturday at 7 am this is absurd , I have fico score of 800 and over I have never been late , this company needs to stop this unfair practices.

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Alexandria, Virginia
Greentree Servicing Mortgage

Lied, did not post payment, she was fired. I still had to make the payments, late fees, etc..

I wish someone who knows something about computers. Copy this and send it to someone who can do something about them. I agree that class action suit should be filed. please add my name. I lost my job in June 2009. I called Greentree that month, the refused to work with me, I had not had a late payment for over 2 years, I had to take money out of my 401k plan to pay off my house because I had trouble finding work, and I did not want to loose my house. I will never have anything to do with this company and will discourage everyone I know not to.
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Can you tell me who, if anyone, I can call at green tree to answer questions about a short sale? The rep. (Renee Martinez is RUDE).


my email is: jaquiningo@***.com


I am a former employee of greentree and yall want to start a class action lawsuiti will help

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Columbus, Ohio
Greentree Servicing Mortgage

Neighbors have been harrased

i was late with dec payment my closet neighbor is a mile away he was called and ask to give me a message. i returned the call and i asked where they got his info they said it was contact info i gave them. when i requested copies the lady got very irate and belittleing i was told when she called i WOULD answer my phone and if payment was not there i WOULD give her a check over the phone. after checking my account online the check was posted to my account after my neighbors being harrased and me being told what i WOULD do this company MUST be shut down.
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Germantown, Maryland

Greentree is a joke!!!

greentree is nothing but a bunch of idiots!!! they lie about everything just to try to scare people into it. they have gave out my info 3 times to someone that is not even on the loan. that goes against their privacy policy. but they wont do anything about it so i am. the bbb has been contacted and suppose to be investigating my situation, i suggest everyone else do the same. if they have enough complaints about this freakshow maybe greentree or someone else will have no choice but to take care of the situation. Let's shut this operation down.
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The BBB can't really do anything. You need to contact a lawyer and sue for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). It is against the FDCPA for them to divulge information to a third party without your consent.

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Albany, Kentucky
Greentree Servicing Loan

Grentree -lies,rude,threatening,unwilling to work with us,thieves,harassing

Greentre Servicing lies to customers.They bought Conseco loans and did not even put both of our names on the loan,even though that was the way it was on the Conseco loan.They call and call and are rude and try to bully us into paying more.Loan amount has changed only 3000.00 in 8 yrs. since financing with Conseco.Has not changed at all since Greentree took over Conseco.These people will not work with customers and are constantly threatening foreclosure.We got behind on loan last year,made some of it up and this year have paid almost 2 payments ahead.They call and say we have not made a payment since May!They are Thieves!Why can we,the consumers,not do somthing about this?Pissed in Mississippi!
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Corinth, Mississippi
Greentree Servicing Loan


These people r something else!It has to be something we can do about this company.Im just now starting to pay for my house ive had it 10 years.and now there coming to get it !They have talked to me worse than a dog,call 50times a day and now that the shoe is on the other foot they r taking there dear sweet time and of course no phone calls!They lied to me and said they were not gonna sue me if i got out with no force,I did,they are!please somebody here me and help.oh, its being bid on for $7,000 and sue me for the rest!
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Worse company in the world to deal with, they are right up there with GMAC who I believe is the worse in the whole industry. No One at Green tree can answer my question as to why on a 15 yr loan which will be paid off in 3 yrs why my payoff amount is way more than it should be I have been arguing now for 2 yrs with these idiots about this, my numbers add up to what the actual payoff should be but theirs is way higher with no explanation except just keep making the payments


I am being sued for 30,000 by greentree after them telling me they would not sue if I would just get out of their house. What is the little guy to do?

They got BAIL OUT money from the government when they had money problems. Where did it go and where is our BAIL OUT money when we get into money trouble no fault of our own?


If its a mobile home it will not be not eligible for making home affordable plan. However it doesn't matter how long you have lived in the home if you are not paying they will repo it. You will be responsible for the deficiency balance of the loan.


hey in the swamps we just use shot guns.........get the hint



You shoul have never left. You were most likely eligable for Making Homes Affordable but not after you left.

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Waltham, Massachusetts

Paid 13 years! Still owe same amount on mortgage!

In 1997, my husband and I purchased a repo mobile home for $26,000. We were both in good health and both working full-time. 13 years later, my husband has a fatal illness and I have arthritis so bad I am disabled. Can we get out of the loan? No! Not only that, but we paid our payments religiously-occassionally being late,etc.; But these folks at GREENTREE are merciless! The clock ticks even if your paycheck arrives a day late!n I did some research and discovered that a group of Native-Americans in Kansas had sued them for predatory lending and(surprise! Surpirse!) Won! I tried to bring this to the attention of the officials of the State of Nebraska who told me this was just how business was done and "like it or lump it." I knew Republicans were greedy, but in Nebraska they will do anything for money. Including sitting back and see their taxpayers get ripped off. BE WARNED! Don't buy a mobile home. Buy a shack in a small town but NEVER a mobile home! And NEVER deal with Greentree! I agree that perhaps we were behind a bit in that we were late a few times in 13 years, but to owe the entire amount-when we had made all the required payments up until the point where we were forced into bankruptcy is just plain WRONG!
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Republicans have nothing to do with it. The Bankmasters own both Parties.

That's why you'll never see a "third Party" given any credibility except Independents, who are basically Republicrats anyway.

They all sit on the same side of the Blackjack table and you'll get hosed no matter which one you vote for. For the same reason, you will never see an end to the kleptocracy that has consumed Washington.


I agree with you I have also had my mortgage for 13 years. I called for pay off and was to I had to still pay all of the principal.

Don't be late one day or they are calling you. I wish I could pay it off.

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Omaha, Nebraska
Greentree Servicing Mortgage

$151,130.00 for a singlewide trailer!!!

I've been paying on a single wide trailer for 10yrs. My start off was 48,522.00 in June of 1999, with Greentree financial. My payoff as of today Sept 19, 2009 is 47,265.80. I have paid over 48,000 in interest alone. By the time this is paid off it will have been $151,130.00. I have complained to the BBB and filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. BBB has had 360 complaints in the last 36 months with only 120 closed...not resolved. I call to complain and a man name Kelly states that there are singlewides worth $151,000---are they outlined in GOLD? They say that everytime we make a payment that's over the requested amount it's not going towards the's going towards the next month's payment! We pay online...they say the only way for it to go towards the principal is if we call each time and tell them!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY? HAVE THEY NO MORALS?
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We are going through the same issue that you are with the same company. Th only difference is that our finance has been since 1996.

We have been payingon the same trailor for over 15 years and on our print out it shows that less then 5000.00 has gone to the principle. The final bill in 10 years will be for over 11000.00. When queestioned they sent us the interest rate and it is 11% but not true APR. It is daily interest.

We have got a Lawyer involved in our case. Best of Luck to anyone who thinks this company is a lagit buisness..


I been searching for help for years with this *** company! After I realized nothing was going towards principle..

I am hoping someone can help us all in this area.. This comapny is getting away with ripping off everyone that has a mobile home loan thru them, they must be paying someone off to get away with this..

I kow money talks but Gheeezzzzzzzz... we need some help here


NEVER finance through Greentree!!! I found out the hard way what a "simple interest" loan with them is - a dead horse and HUGE mistake.

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Jacksonville, North Carolina

Greentree 10yrs $1000 less

June 1999 payoff was 48,522. Sept 2009 payoff is 47,265.80. They say that my payment is due on the 15th of every month. However, I pay on the 12th and if I make the next month's payment on the 14th BAM $300ish interest tacked on. Simple interest loan they call it. Must make the payment within 30days even if the payment is due on the 15th! I've paid over $35,000 in interest alone. In four months time I've made the payments before the 15th and the within the 30 days. It went from 47,265.80 to 47,265.79. Now it's back up a penny!! How did that happen? It's a single wide trailer! How can they do this?
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#157030 Review #157030 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Jacksonville, North Carolina
Greentree Servicing Loan

Not deducting what I paid

I have been with them for 8 years and what I still owe is way off from what it should be in 8 years time. They have me as only paying $10,000 dollars and at $523.32 a month for twelve months a year and, well, you do the math. They just kept about $30 or $40 thousand dollars and I want to know what can be done about this. I am 88yrs old and can't afford to go through this. Can someone help me? I am desperate! Oh by the way I am speaking of GreenTree Servicing Llc
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my mother went thru the same thing when my stepfather passed away back in 2009 the insurance was thru green tree and in case of accident or death it was to pay off the home they cancelled the insurance said that we did not have to lie for my stepfather and they were sending some one to get the home the guy "Allen" was rude and told me that the loan was none of my business and he would have a sheriff remove my mother and take the house i told him to tell the sheriff and moving crew to bring trash bags to put the house in because later that day my mom would be moved into my house and i would take my CAT D9 Dozer and crush the house to splinters which i did and pushed it to the main road for them to move also told Allen if i got the chance "which i spent 120 days in jail for" i would beat him until they have to wire him back together was worth it also got some nice pics of a crushed house sitting next to the main highway where i live.... screw them


I was with Bank America until Greentree bought them out, and its been h@@l every since, i ust lost my home to greentree after 13 years, and according to them i owed them more than i did the day i bought the home, they were not applying my payments accordingly either, granted i was 2 months behind, and was told i was in default, but i never recieved anything to that affect, and when asked was it sent out i was told, if i didnt get it i knew when my payments was due, they were very rude, when my home was repoed i was not not notified by any one, not even the sheriff department, i lost everything i owned, because i was at work when this happened, i called for a entire week before i could find my possesions and a lot of it was gone, can someone please advise me legally on this matter?


This company is the worst I have ever dealt with. They need to be investigate.

Please people contact me. And lets get a class Action suit going.


i have the same problem not posting our payments cause we were late now they are sending money back and taking our home after giving us a two week notice they need to be looked into!


jdeg762 must have his nose way up the greentrees a-s!you need to go some where else!dont you harrass enough people all day at work!


Oh, I forgot to leave my email, it is brennie64@***.com


I am with Green Tree Servicing, Inc. They have been harrassed me every two other days and "threatened" me and say unnecessary comments.

I am on the *** of breakdown.

Anyone experience this before. I have called a lawyer and waiting for the lawyer to call me back :sigh


I was with National city before the loan transferred to Greentree. They were telling me I was 2 months behind, not sending me statements and not applying my payments.

Contact a real estate attorney. I know they are expensive, but I would rather pay him then Greentree an extra penny. Even with an attorney, we still have problems, but at least they have my account as current. Progress is being made.

I hate this company. For the record I was NEVER late, not even a day late.


The loan is not a typical morgage loan.. Its like a credit card loan..

Interest is daily.. I found this out too when making payments to after 6 years with them.. all I am doing is paying every 20 days now.

Making extra payments towards principle of 250 a month. They suck , but I can't seem to get anyone to give me a loan for a mobile home.


:( This place is the biggest rip off..Do Not!!!!Do Not give them your card info....They will use it over and over again...Even if you make a call and ask them to remove information Not they keep it and bounce your account if you plan to pay later..Illegally use your card for payments!!!! You have to keep record of all..They charge you more than you show credit for..We have a lawsuit against them..Calling late hours weekends and harass family members. Afriend of mine had the same problem till he paid them off to get rid of the crooks!!!!!

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Halifax, Virginia

Greentree screwed us royally!!!

on 1-22-08 our house financed through gt was gutted by fire. (for years to save money we paid for their structure insurance) at least if something happened we would still have a house to live in right??? wrong!!! they took all 80 grand and wanted us to pay our full pmt of 850.00 a month and demanded we get insurance. we had 20 years left on our mortgage and were totally up to date with pmts at that time, because we were told be on time for 1 yr and we can refi at a lower interest rate. well after the fire we were told they were not a lender anymore and could not help us. so as a result, being unable to afford mortgage and rent for someplace to live, we were forced into foreclosure. so if you pay for there structure insurance be careful they will not use the money to repair your home. where is the bailout for us??? so not only did i lose my home, pets, and belongings to a fire, but in a year and a half i have lost my home twice. after only owing 28000.00 after the ins. check. the real kicker, the house could have been repaired with about 15-20 grand in materials. so if you know anyone with gt tell them to get rid of them they will *** royally!!!!! Brooklyn mi
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#149243 Review #149243 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Concord, Michigan
Greentree Servicing Mortgage


I've gotten behind a few time because of a personal injury (documented), but I've always caught back up in full. Yet the very next month they have added fees such as "insurance" or "additional cost" any where from $250 to $1200. They either can't explain why or they tell us that it was for lawyer fee's? We never even gone to court! They threatned us a few times by saying they sold our house to a private buyer and we can only get out of by paying these fee's again without going to court. Now they tell me Im 6K + in the hole because of their extra "fee's". On top of that they charge me $100 dollars a day for late fee's. They even call relatives who have nothing to do with our house. One time they sent a rep. by who after being 30 days behind and in front of my 7yr son threatned my husband (my son was in tears by the time I got home). They use extortion practices and if it wasn't for this bad economy I would get out from under them. They suck!!!!
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Yes jdeg762 they do, and God as my witness, I will find a way to make it known to the government their unlawful and unethical practices.


Well thank you jdeg762 for confirming that you do perform these horrific acts.


So far I've dealt with okay people at GT. One person was an *** and didn't want to answer questions I had about a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.

We've been trying to sell our home for two years without success. I think our park manager may be making it difficult. I get the feeling she's not really helping us sell because we're good tenants.

We pay our mortgage on time, but after reading these comments GT is a predatory lender. They're making money on interest only loans that cannot ever be fully repaid. That's why the principle is not going down each month because interest-only loans are NEVER paid off. That's the scam part of all of this. GT says they'll accept the deed-in-lieu of foreclosure but still expects repayment. They cannot legally have it both ways. It's one or the other.

We have to get legal advice to find out how to break the agreement and minimize damage to our credit. I expect GT will engage in the same extortion tactics with us that they've done with others on this site. I have and continue to make timely payments, but because we can't sell our place we'll have to look at foreclosing. They can have the house.


I suggest you read your contract. GT is not charging you $100 per day.

There are state laws limiting the amount of late fees that can be charged. If you don't want your relatives called, pay your bills....ON TIME. Do you even know what extortion is? It is not extortion when you SIGNED A CONTRACT TO PAY BACK A LOAN and the company is trying to collect it back from you because you don't send it in when you are supposed to.

I work for GT. You are full of ***.

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#148447 Review #148447 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Fremont, California

Harassing calls about $26.00 not recieved.

Greentree employees call at least 7 times a day about a $26.00 that was not paid. They even call after 9:30 pm. This is about mortage payments. This has been going the week of april 20th thru 25th 2009. extend to 100 words my foot.
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Bank of America sold my mortgage to Greentree. Even though I've never been late with a payment in 4 years, these guys are making the rudest phone calls.

I'm been treated like I'm late on payments when I'm not. What gives with these ***


GreenTree calls my neighbors and sends them to my house with a message.They threaten to take my house and I tell them to take the *** thing and see what they will get for it! I want to know what agency it is to report the misconduct of their collections dept.

I will pay my monthly payment and they will call me the next day to find out when I will paying the next payment that isn't even due.

Sara in the IL branch has nothing batter to do but to call and harass me.They goggled my Name and Number to get the phone numbers of my neighbors, they then call and tell them my business. I think we should start a Class Action and they can make payments to us everytime they call and threaten me!


I received harrassing calls to on a past due amount of $47.00. They act like you are in danger of losing your home. They are very rude and accused me of lying.

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#148084 Review #148084 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Ashland, Oregon

GreenTree Financial is a very unprofessional company.

I have major problems with GreenTree Financial. I own a Clayton single wide home in Southeastern Indiana that is on lakefront property that I also own. GreenTree is servicing this mortgage for BankAmerica Housing Services which is a division of Bank of America. This is not a sub-prime mortgage. GreenTree has been calling me repeatedly. Yes, I have gotten behind in my mortgage payments, but not too far. I live in Northeastern North Carolina currently. GreenTree has found out that I have a renter in this home. First they said that I had violated my contract by renting in out. After reviewing my contract, I found that I am not in violation. Then they said that I abandoned this home, no I did not, it's occupied. They have contacted everyone in Indiana that I had used as a reference when I purchased the home and land in 1998. They have told everybody that I am a deadbeat, that I am ***, that I am using my money for illicit purposes, that I am not to be trusted, and that I am a filthy liar. They have also contacted my renter and stated to him that he can file criminal charges against me for committing fraud against him because I have been using his rent payments for illicit reasons. How they got his number or name, I have no idea. He started renting on March 01, 2008. I've sent him documents showing that the only money that he has paid to me that didn't go to any debt in Indiana (Mortgage, Electric, Water/Sewer, Homeowners Association Dues, Property Taxes) was the amount of $29.51. My renter is now paying the electric since March 01, 2009 for a lower rent amount. I have also informed him that it is costing me $58.00 extra each month over the rent that he is paying for me to even own the property. On April 6, 2009, Samantha from GreenTree called me and told me that I was $736 behind and if I didn't pay this immediately, then Legal was going to file criminal charges against me and that I should expect a very long prison term. I informed her that over the past 4 weeks, I have paid GreenTree in excess of $800. She said so what! She informed me that all but $100 went to her department for her cost to collect from me and that the $100 went to what I owe. She then informed me that GreenTree was through dealing with filthy *** like me and that Legal was going to put me in my place as I should be. After several choice words from her and from me as well, I ended her call. I am now filing for Chapter 13 for all my debts. But, since my Indiana property is now considered as investment property, I have to relinquish it to the Banruptcy Court. I sincerely hate and despise GreenTree for everything they have put me through these past 3 months.
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harrassing ,rude calls. how do you deal with it is there a way to stop them. is a month behind a crime?


We have recently gone through a very similar situation with Green Tree. They have been calling harrassing my mother over being one month behind in a home that was financed in my deceased fathers name.

They have called repeatedly and left nasty messages for her calling her all sorts of names and now don't want to come and take the home off of her property but they state that she is illegally living there. I will always discourage anyone to do business with them.


I have been dealing with this company for 7 yrs now, and I have all but stopped answering their calls. I get behind at least 3 times a year due to the nature of my work.

I simply wait for their forclosure doc and then pay it when the funds become available. They have tried to convince me that they are going to foreclose anyway, but so far I've called their bluff numerous times.

Ignore their collection agents, just follow the paperwork you receive. On paper they have to be legal, but by phone they can say anything.


They used the same tatic's but in front of my 7yr old son. They even told me they have already sold my house in order to extort money.

I now just ignore their calls and send in my regular payments and Im really only a monthy behind.

Which would be $1k, but they say its $6K + according to their numbers. Nothing but liars and theifts.


I agree with you about them being unprofessional. They badger, harrass and pressure with untrue statements just to scare people.

My solution is just don't talk to them. Pay them and that's it. If you get behind, ignore them. Catch up but don't talk to them.

Avoid the stress. The law is on our side when it comes to dealing with bill collectors.

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