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Greentree mortgage company sucks

Our original mortgage was bought by Greentree Mortgage company and we have had nothing but trouble with them. They are extremely incompetent, one end does't have any idea what the other is doing, and they love to harass their customers with phone call after phone call. Our latest issue was a mortgage payment that they claimed was off by $200. They didn't return the check to our bank so we never did see if it was wrong, but okay, maybe we made a mistake. So we got a phone call and we apologized and wrote a check immediately and popped it in the mail THE VERY NEXT DAY. So we then proceeded to get 4 MORE phone calls asking us to write a check and mail it.OBVIOUSLY they thought we were lying about sending it. I did talk to one of their employees early on who said that checks sometimes get stuck in their system and he would put a note on our account saying we had sent the payment. So then we proceeded to get three more phone calls, each one asking us to send the payment ( because we're lying obviously!). I finally got so fed up when I got the 5th phone call and told the employee to put her supervisor on because, she told me, we would continue to accrue late charges as long as that check wasn't there. I told her no way were we paying late charges due to their incompetence.( I have to explain here that the check in question had in fact cleared our bank 10 days ago, so obviously the company had that check BEFORE it cleared our bank, so more like 14 days previously). Anyway, I wanted to talk to her supervisor( which took about 5 minutes before she put him on) and he then told me he wanted an image of the front and the back of the check to be sent to him ( obviously once again implying that I was lying about having written the check!). I'm afraid I used some very impolite language at that point and hung up on him. So maybe 5 minutes later the supervisor calls back and they have miraculously found the check, BUT the reason they couldn't find it was because I had not written the correct account number on the check ( we have 2 mortgages with them)so it WAS ALL MY FAULT. I told my husband if we ever take out another mortgage we are going to make it a condition that the mortgage can NEVER be sold to Greentree. So do yourself a favor and take this very seriously. If you take out a mortgage with this company I ca GUARANTEE you will REGRET it!
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I absolutely agree. They are the most unprofessional people I have ever dealt with.

We recently had our loan sold to them. We only have 20 payments to go!!!! Before our loan number was even sent to us, they could not accept other coupons from our previous bank. Their representatives are extremely rude and imply you are late.

We told them, hello....., what is our account number, where do we send the check?

Rude rude rude because all they want is our twelve dollars to pay online. If I wasn't so close to paying it off, I would seek out a new company to refinance with.



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Burlington, Wyoming
Greentree Servicing Mortgage
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Green Tree Servicing - Worst Customer Service

My Bank of America Mortgage loan was sold to Green Tree Servicing, I have not even made my first payment and they have treated me with disrespect already, harrassing phone calls, 3 in one day, and on a saturday. then when you call back they are not even in the office. Why call me on a Saturday if you are not even gonna be there to answer my call back. I have not even been with you 3 weeks and I have already received 18 phone calls. I wish Bank of America had not sold my loan! Mad at BOA
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who holds your deed? anyone here been in foreclosure for years after B of A sold your home to GT?

I want to re-fi but know with a foreclosure that's impossible unless it's with the GT crooks. Just want to buy my house before it goes on the auction block.

A bank in NYC holds my deed and I have only seen a copy. Who knows where the original is?


how do I get out of a loan with GT my loan was also sold by BOA. GT has been rood and they make it very hard to pay them without getting a 12.00 fee.

I am self employed and can not set up auto pay. when I send a check it never gets to them fast enough I always pay fees! late fee 30.00 payment fee 12.00 every month I end up paying 42.00 in fees not to mention that my payment went from 1500.00-1600.00 over night. I had an agreement with BOA and they stiffed me after I worked my *** off to keep up with bills now I cant even go to the bank and pay in person!

this online payment *** is dumb!

your asking for trouble putting your banks info out there! GT stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Green Tree refused my payment which was not even 30 days late at that time, stating that we had to also pay the following month's payment. We explained that we could not afford at this time to pay for the following month and we would pay that between the 15th and 20th, but definitely wanted to pay the current months payment so as not to go over the 30 days.

Green Tree refused to accept the payment.

I called 3 or 5 five times the same day stating they could not legally refuse my current payment, but they insisted that they would only accept the current month's payment IF we paid the following month due. They also stated that they were not refusing payment, but just wanted to get the account to current status, which included the following months payment.

They wanted us to provide them with a dated check for both of the payments and guaranteed that they would not cash the check. They also guaranteed not to process the 45 day Default Notice which would begin the process of Foreclosure, the check date agree to by Green Tree was the 17th.

They lied, after they processed the check, we immediately received in the mail the notification to begin foreclosure if not brought current.

IF you are not current by the 5th of the Month, they call you continually until you. They call even after you guarantee payment within the week - they call by the 2nd and 3rd date.

Green Tree servicing is a harassment and intimidation company, they are not professional and they intentionally lie to get their way. They are insistent you call to them to make payments, they do not allow you to make payments after the 5th of the month on their online payment portal (lock you out by the 5th), are insistent that you pay BEFORE the 1st of the month that the payment is due.

I can honestly say that I do not like Green Tree, nor do I trust Green Tree and do not wish to speak with them - I am sick of them.


Welcome ALL to the world according to Green Tree. It their rules and they don't give a *** about you. They are rude and ignorant Basters.

I had gotten to the point I now send mt payment via certified mail. This way I can track when they received it. I suggest everyone else do the same.

If the amount of your loan has jumped to more than you originally owe. Immediately place a compliant with your State Attorney General, the SEC and the Consumer Boards... both Federal and State.

It appears BoA determines if you are an at risk customer, if they do, they send your loan of to the sharks at Green Tree. This way they can hassle you. One... it is against the law to do that. So again, complain to every Government agency you can. This is company and BoA need to be put out of business.


Just started out with Green Tree since Bank of America gave them my mortgage account for servicing. Sent them a check on the 1st of the month, today is the 15th and they still have not taken it out of my account.

I called and apparently they have received the check on the 11th of the month, but I cannot get any life person to answer the telephone. I simply wonder who is Green Tree and is it safe to send them my money? No names, only P.O. Boxes, who are they?

What is my security that they apply the payments?

Who actually owns my mortgage? I need to be better informed and need to have some security that these people are legit!


I too have had nothing but problems with GT and they have made threats to me. Now I am 32 days late with my mortgage and I have no idea what they will do.

They have always been so rude and ugly to me on the phone.

No professionalism at all.

Along with the fact that my loan was sold to them also. I have a copy of my loan that showed I owed 60,000 and then all of a sudden there is this 20,000 dollars added and I have no idea what it is for. Go figure they are ruthless.


i guess we are all in the same boat.BOA sold my mortage to green tree too. what up with that.why.

No problem so far.trying to other baks to refi and ask who my holder is i say greentree and they oh my.

not so good.they better get ther act together. we all need help these days.


BOA sold my loan to GT over a year ago and the very first month I received a phone call from GT informing me my loan was late. I stated it was only the 3rd of the month and still within my grace period.

The caller said that GT was a debt collection agency and there were no grace periods.

I was also told that they would accelerate my loan if I was ever late again. So at the beginning of every month I start receiving threatening calls from GT.


As a mortgage professional, I cringe when I see a customer has a loan with GreenTree...whatever I need to get on that mortgage WILL be a struggle and a delay. Realistically, it will cost the customer money because your rate will either have to be locked for a very long period of time or relocked when it expires.

The worst is when a subordination is needed for a second mortgage (or "equity loan") serviced by GreenTree. A subordination is an agreement by the lien holder to remain in second lien position, which allows a customer to refinance their first mortgage - a common need with the availability of today's refinance programs for first mortgages and current rates. In this case, what takes many other institutuions 24-48 hours to provide, WILL take you over a month to get from GreenTree.

I do not believe that the people there are bad. More likely this is a company that is managed with the customer experience last & therefore it is understaffed and inefficient. When the level of service is SO much worse than the vast majority of similar institutions providing similar services, what other excuse can there be other than, "I'm sorry Mr. Undervalued Customer, but we are not designed to care."


Complaint to authorities in writing. Every State's Attorney where they have GREEN TREE Mortgage working out of.

The evidence WILL NOT and CAN NOT be ignored any longer. The legal system will catch up with these people soon.....

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Houston, Texas

Greentree cheated and lied. They are a predatory lender.

Greentree is a predatory lender. They add fees and interest and add charges to the end of the loan. They harass and threaten and intimate and bully. They are not in any way shape or form a company with integrity. They are not cooperative about given written information and documentation. They will only work with you unless they can cheat you. They call repeatedly even after a payment has been made and another is not due for as much as 20 days. They belittle, twist your words and refuse to listen to reason. They know that they are dealing with people with less power and they take full advantage of them.
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This company went up on my loan the very first month after they bought if stating that the previous lender was in error on the evaluation. They buy loans and try to make as much profit as soon as possible. When are some one going to put a stop to this?


once they take over your second mortgage from bank of america, your screwed. i send them my second mortgage check at least 7 days before the grace period, going 32 miles and its never on time.

always dinged for a late payment.

first mortgage goes 1100 miles and takes 3 days to clear. we need to check into this predatory lender


Our mortgage was sold to Green Tree by GMAC effective 2/1/13. It's been nothing but trouble since. We had an escrow overpayment of several hundred dollars that was, according to our original mortgage, to be returned to us and our mortgage payment revised to reflect the overage. I used the GT email/customer service link on the GT website (pathetic as it is). Never received anything other than auto emails indicating my emails had been received and to call customer service. I'd call and wait long periods of time with no one every answer. Eventually I got through to a live person. Talk about bad customer service, the CR came on the line with an attitude even before knowing why I was calling. After several changes in her stories and my repeatedly asking why the annual escrow analysis due the middle of February was not done, she stated she could do an escrow analysis as we spoke BUT (and I took this as the threat it was intended to be) the monthly payment would likely go up rather than down if forced to do this year's analysis. In other words, Green Tree has no intention of returning the escrow overpayment from 2012 nor do they intend to reduce the monthly payment knowing full well there will be another escrow overpayment in 2013 if the current monthly payment amount remains as it. When I inquired as to her lack of professionalism and lack of any sort of customer service training, she became even more nasty and claimed I was causing her attitude by repeatedly asking why Green Tree had not performed the annual escrow analysis and returned the 2012 overpayment. After threatening to raise my monthly mortgage payment if I persisted in asking about the 2012 overpayment and failure to run the escrow analysis as required by my mortgage agreement, after telling me I was causing her to have a bad day, et cetera, she had the nerve to tell me she wanted to talk to my husband as he might be more "reasonable". When I said he was not available she suddenly reversed course again and said they she could no longer talk to me without my husband's permission. I then asked for her name and all I got was a rather fake sounding first name. When I asked if she had a last name her response was, "Doesn't every one have a last name?"

As for Green Tree's suspect payment system...$12.00 for phone or online payments, payment by checks free, I am reminded an old credit card scam. Checks only, hold the checks, claim not to have received them on time, and then charge late fees. So...rather than pay $12.00 to make online payments that were free through GMAC, I now mail my checks via Priority Mail with a tracking receipt. Thank goodness I do so as sure enough, last month GT received my check, deposited it and did not credit it to my account by the due date thus generating yet another email through their customer service website...'I know you received my check, I know what date you received it as I sent it with a tracking number, I have a copy of the cancelled checking showing when you deposited, don't bother trying to add a late fee. Miraculously, my payment suddenly appeared on my account dated one day prior to the due date when just the day before (5 days following the due) there was no record of my payment. If this does not confirm my suspicions that the check only free pay system is yet another way to scam customers, I don't know what will.


Greentree is a *** rip of...And the workers are a bunch of Ghetto/ trailer trash workers who are only good for harassing innocent people. *** them!


I have the same problem. BofA sold to Greentree and my payment is due on the 1st and late on the 15th; however, Green Tree starts their harassment calls on the 10th.

I have asked them to stop and they said that if payment is not received by the 1st, I will continue to receive calls. I was instructed to file a report with the Federal Communications Bureau.


I do believe "answer" is a GreenTree rep. Stuff happens to people.

There is a way to work with people, but GreenTree does not even try. And they do lie. And they do call way too often. And they do insult, and they yell, and they ask you to do ridiculous things.

I was told to that if I hadn't asked everyone I know for a loan, I hadn't done enough. I was told if I didn't carry my 9-yr old TV out of the house and pawn it, I wasn't doing enough. I'm 62 and have a bad back.

Just how much would a 9 yr old TV get me? I'd sell it in a heart beat if it would get me out of having to deal with these people.


Okay first lets understand that YOU SIGNED THE CONTRACT..... okay now when you get on here and say that they call you when another payment isnt due for another 20 days..

Yeah right... that is whats wrong with people today, they dont take blame they just shift it. I promise if you are up to date no one calls.

and for the record Bank of America still owns your loan, and they want you to pay per your contract in which you say is due on the 26th and there is no grace period just a period in which you do not get a late fee. Greentree is a servicing company that is paid by B of A


Greentree Servicing LLC is a debt collector. Your loan is not sold to them.

Your loans were assigned to them. Their practices are due to the nature of what they do to make money.

They are looking to make incentives, bonus, money on your loan in a predatory manner. You do not get assigned to Greentree Servicing LLC for making your payments on time.


They are a predatory lender and my loan was sold to them from The Bank of America. I think they must get paid according to the number of harassing phone calls they make.

My payment is always made during the grace period but they aren't happy with that they start calling 5 days after the due date which falls on the 26th of the month. Too bad for them that I now get paid once a month on the first.

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Lathan is Very Rude!!!!

I have been behind on my loan several times. I don't dispte the debt. I explained my husband lost his job and we have had a financial setback. Lathan did not care, he lectures and is very hateful. he hangs up on the calls HE makes. If you don't tell him what he wants to hear, he is nasty to you on the phone. He is unwilling to work with me on anything. I have wrote a letter to the company and gotten a response from them that they would talk to Lathan, however, it did not work. He sometime calls me 10 times a day. Look Lathan, if i had it I would pay you, even though you are a mean person. But i don't have it, your money will come when i get it to give you. BACK OFF.
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I agree they're very disrespectful. I wasn't late and it wasn't the 10 on the month yet before I received a call from this guy name Johnny called me over 15 times.

I asked him not to call and he still did.

So I had to send a letter to Green Tree as well as the department of Commerce and Consumer Protection to get them to stop calling me. They're like Capitol One Bank which is Predicators


And so it Selma, and so is John, and so is most every other person I've had the displeasure to talk "with." It seems to be a part of their training to treat people in this way.

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Salem, Arkansas
Greentree Servicing Loan


Greentree is the worst company i have ever had to deal with.they are rude, they will hang up on you, and will show no compassion at all to your problem. my mother has never been late on her payments in the 12 years she's had her mortgage, and still could not get help when she needed it. the only thing she needed was to pay by phone to keep from being late, and have the $20 fee waived so she would have enough money.. my advice to anyone is use another company or you will be very sorry...
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Athens, Georgia
Greentree Servicing Mortgage
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Greentree rude liars and very provoking

I want to start out with asking anyone would they like to come in with me and form a group and file a lawsuit against Greentree? I am over a very large group of people around the nation that are fighting the oil and gas companies, the way they do business, and I sure don't mind taking on Greentree. I am not an attorney, just an average person who is sick and tired of big business' and corporations who treat people like they are beneath them and are lower than dirt. Who do they think they are?
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How do i go by joining your group about greentree


So today Green Tree calls me and says that they have the right to call my friends family and neighbors. I have to laugh at this because who do they think they are talking to?

Who treats their customers like this? There was , come to find out, a mix up with the payment. She tells me that I have to pay her directly. Well she wont see a penny of my money if she continues to talk to me that way.

So rude!!!

My bank told me that they have gone way beyond legal and not to talk to them! So I wont!


I would like to add that on Saturday the 29th Green Tree showed up at my door demanding to see me for payment and making my son feel very uncomfortable. The payment was paid on the 26th by electonic payment and I have proof.

Yes it was paid 26 days late but not 30 days late. This is very upsetting. What in the heck????? My husband lost his job and we are good people in good standings with our creditors.

Im outraged!!! My son was freaked out!


I may be very interested in filing a class action suit against them. They owe me money for overpayments and misappropriation of payments. If I do not get my money and title released, I will also be seeking a class action suit.


Since the middle of 2011 we have had nothing but trouble with greetree they foreclosed on us two days b4 christmas we got them paid then they charge us more attorney fees which put us according to them back into foreclosure. Then they said they would not help us any more if we didn't pay this amount they would come and change our locks is 15 days. So if any 1 does have a legal group going let me know


@ Current Employee - You are obviously not aware of how your company operates as a whole. There are too many ppl that complain about your "services".

If your company is so great, I believe that more folks would come to your support by posting positive feedback but I've yet to see any. I'm sure you're such a perfect citizen and you have surely never done anything wrong or have come under hard times.

You're probably just as perfect as your employer.

@ All others - Class action suit sounds great! Tell me when/where and I'm there.


I had two mean at greentree talk to me today as if I was the *** of the earth. They kept telling me that I need to stop blam'g other people for what I've done.

I have no idea what they were even talking about. Told me since I was not going to pay they would remove me from the home. I never said any of that. They talked over me and wanted to start an argument.

FOR NO REASON. They are the worse company ever. I've paid over 13 years and still owe the same amout I signed the contract for. Also, to "Current Employee", my credit wasn't high risk when I got this sorry loan.

So get YOUR facts straight! I plan to contact an attorney on Monday!


As a current employee maybe you should review Green Tree’s loans a bit closer. I am not a high risk consumer or have I ever had an issue with my credit.

My score is just short of 800 and I only have this high interest loan of 7.5% is to avoid PMI. So yes this is my 2nd mortgage. It was $30 cheaper a month and I thought I was making a great decision. BOA was great, but now being serviced by Green Tree I wish I was paying the extra $30.

Not to worry Current Employee, I’ll pay off my $19,000 loan this year just to avoid the hassle. Maybe you want to update your comments above to include people with perfect credit whom have 2nd mortgages.

Either way it doesn’t change the fact that Green Tree’s customer service is terrible. Thanks.


Current Employee is typical of Green Tree's empolyees.

BTW - I am not a 'high' risk consumer. My credit score is excellent and I've never had a late payment.

This company is a scam. Anyone for a class action suit?


I just looked up who got bailout money- Greentree is on the list. and i am so tired of them.

they call several times a day- i am unemployed and our bill is never 30days late- sometimes yes it is not right on time. but they always get the money.they have lied, called family members and told them we had only paid a certain amount to them(yes indeed they discussed a payment) uh isnt tyhat against the law?

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Attempted fruad at 1130lee rd notasulga al

I am writing to get the attention of people who are responsible for the preperty at 1130 lee rd notasulga al. From published records,Green Tree finanacial is the owner of the property at 1130 lee rd notasulga Al36866. The records show that the original owner/mortgager, Lula Mae Maddox, forfeited the mortgage to green tree in July 2009. As of Nov./Dec 2010, lula M. Maddox is still trying to rent the property located at the above address. There is a letter written in lula M. Maddox's own hand asking for 650.00 as deposit on the property and 650.00 for the first month's rent I/We feel that Green Tree Financial should know about this matter as well as law enforcement. Should Green Tree financial have any interest in the matter,the next door neighbors, the heards,"showed" the property using a butter knife in order to open the door. Any facts mentioned in this letter can and will be attested to upon demand.
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well if it's a trailer file a bankruptcy and get them off your ***.


Learn how to freakin spell. Your comments make it look as if you a foreigner trying to sell some scamware.

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Greentree Servicing Mortgage
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Revealing Personal Information

I have a problem with this company, If I am not on the contract why is greentree callin around in my community asking about me and telling the person on the other line that I am not making the payments and that If I don't contact them I will be out of the home asap, If I am not on the contract and I live in the home, they have all of my information (home and work number) Why do they have to tell other people that is not on the contact about what's going on?. My payment is due on the 15th not the 1st, They charge extra interest for no reason, They come up with an late fee for NSF?? If they feel like that they can harass people then there is something that needed to be done about this company
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They can call neighbors as long as they don't give reason for call. F.D.C.P.A


They can contact neighbors while looking for your, just can't say WHY they are looking for you (to collect a debt) according to the FCRA.

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Tallahassee, Florida

Greentree is the worst company

Greentree Servicing has the absolute worst customer service I have ever encountered. I have tried multiple times working with them to make sure that my mother's account is current and I always get nothing but smart remarks, threats and even derogatory comments. I would suggest if there is any possible way you can avoid working with this company, you do it any cost. There are many terrible reports of these folks online so please do your homework. From other reports they are almost predatory in their practices and then swoop in to take your home if or when you cannot pay - without any attempt at reconciliation prior to foreclosure, adding additional fees, jacking up the interest rate etc.
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I agree. They make every process down to your password very difficult.

They charge fees for everything including online payment. And take 3 extra days to process your snail mail payment so that they can claim late fees.

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Washington, District Of Columbia
Greentree Servicing Customer Care
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Waited too long to make a payment

I am very upset because I have been on hold to make a payment for two hours and I am still on hold now while I am typing this complaint and no one can take the call other than the bankruptcy unit. I really think that something should be done about that considering there are no jobs perhaps you could hire some people to accomodate this? Or are you afraid your record of treating your consumer speaks for how you treat your staff. Bet you hang up on me cause its almost 6pm central time and thats 5pm your time.
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Glenview, Illinois
Greentree Servicing Mortgage

Soldiers Sailors Act

I am an active duty soldier. I faxed a copy of my orders to Green Tree in order to get my interest rate reduced IAW Soldiers Sailors Act of 2003. I talked with several individuals and was promised that my interest would be lowered. After a week of waiting for the approval letter, I called in and discovered my request was denied. I was not given a reason why my request was denied, just that it was denied. I was told that nothing could be done. All representatives that I spoke with were extremely rude and did not care that I had concerns. Customer service is horrible. It takes for ever to talk to a representative. I was not given any other options to help with my situations. Please consider using a more reputable company who actually will care for their customers. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy.
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If only these two active duty personnel suffered this, that would still be two too many. Why can't some official government institution stop this abuse?


we experienced the same thing, while I was deployed ... after a year of making payments and they're not reducing the interest rate IAW SSRA ...

I started sending photo copies of my mortgage payments, 30 days late, they began foreclosure on us while I was overseas?

retained an Attorney and he stopped the whole process ... they ended up owing us almost $3,500 in unearned interest - yet they were going to take our home!

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Bridgeton, New Jersey
Greentree Servicing Customer Care
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Suing me for a mortgage that is not mine!

These people are complete idiots and I will be contacting my attorney tomorrow to file a counter-suit. I received a court summons for a foreclosure on a property that I have never taken a mortgage on. When I contacted them regarding this they treated me like I was dirt. They wouldn't even listen to me! Then they told me that even though my name is not on the promissory note I am still responsible for it because my ex-husband bought it while we were still married. Here's the kicker, my ex never signed a mortgage with them! But a man who lives in the area and coincidentally has the same first and last name as my ex did. When I called to explain this to them they were so RUDE. They called my current husband a liar when he said he spoke to their legal counsel regarding this matter(their own attorney said I was not responsible but yet they persisted) and then closed the conversation with "tell her we'll see her in mortgage ***." Rude, rude, rude and completely WRONG! I question their debt collection practice and quite frankly wouldn't be surprised to find out that they are in violation of the Federal Debt Collection Act. Guess I will find out tomorrow when I contact my attorney. I am pissed and am not going to let this go! Watch out Greentree Customer Service Department because I'm coming for you!
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Here's one for you...they are suing me and I don't even have the home anymore! It was foreclosed on. Lots of harassing calls and letters!


Ditto. I also would love to know how this worked out.

Unfortunately, in our case, my husband did sign the contract - with a different lender, it was subsequently bundled and sold. But our dealings with the company have been just like this.

We are older citizens that have just had more than our share of unplanned, unforeseen, unasked for set-backs. They won't even let us surrender the house.


Capperra, I LOVED your post. I would love to know how it ends.

I hate these people.

I feel validated. Go get 'em!

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Auburn, Indiana
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Green tree sucks!!!!!

green tree after not being able to contact me called my neighbor and interrogated her and scared her half to death for not giving any info on me because shes a contact on my acct mind you this lady is 70 years old the rep i spoke with was very rude and obnoxious,uncaring unconcerned and I'm not even 1 month behind their should be laws to protect consumers from ignorant rude reps from green tree!!!They say that calls are recorded for training purposes and if they did they wouldn't have any customers i am very upset and wish i had never done business with them.
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That is illegal to call your neighbors!

They took over our account from B of A

They have been screwing with us since last summer.

We hired an attorney and unless they put our account back the way it was we are suing them!

We are sick and tired of their *** and we are not tolerating it any longer!

I do not understand WHY this company is not shut down! They lie!

ALL of them who work there! They can not be trusted. My attorney told me they are one of the worst companies to deal with. They only survive because of their political contributions.

That is why they get away with what they do.

Well I am suing them and going after my attorney fees. Green tree is a *** joke of a company and this applies to the idiots who work for them!


I too have had a distaste for Greentree, They have the worst website and the customer service is appalling. I have never made a late payment on my mortgages and always send the checks in on time ..

they did not receive the check and I had to pay twice ..

I am fortunate to have had the money to do it. :sigh I want to change mortgage companies.


They are rude, they put words in your mouth and they try and threaten and bully you. This is a company who said "please keep in touch if you're having a hard time so we know what's going on".

When I do that, they start bullying me, telling me I have to get a payment in by a certain date or they are going to foreclose (1 payment behind), so I yell at them and tell them to f-off and hang up on them...

Great relationship w/ my loan company, eh? THEY SUCK - STAY AWAY...


Green Tree's customer service reps are downright rude. I've never seen the like.

These pompous simpletons should not be allowed to service anything. We paid the amount on the bill, and they wouldn't apply it because they said it wasn't for the right amount. I faxed them the darned thing and was told "too bad, it doesn't matter what the bill said. You sent the wrong amount".

The rep literally said that. Jerks.


We have 2 Green Tree Loans. Over the years we have tried to consolidate these loans but Green Tree refuses.

Due to lack of employment, medical issues, plumbing issues, we have had difficulty making payments in the past, but caught up. Now, I am behind less than a week on one payment and the goons are calling daily. They are rude, disrespectful, demeaning, and a disgrace to humanity. They have no compassion,no understanding, they go out of their way to be nasty and treat you like trash.

They kick you while you're down and pile on the late fees, which they could waive. Their motto is "Relationships That Work ".

If this is their idea of a "Relationship", I want a divorce !!! STAY AWAY FROM GREEN TREE !


This is a boiler shop of the 1st rate. These people are rude, lost my bill pay sent on the first and admitted it and when ask to stop calling to collect after they found lost check they refused.

Rudest people I have ever seen. How it is legal for banks to sell mortgages is amazing to me.


we owned a rental property,our tennant was not paying rent and we were on real hard times,called green tree and said we could no longer pay and wanted them to foreclose,we were told,we dont want the property we want our money or else????I think this was a threat!Just an exaple of an out of control finance company,so sad


I wish I could back up time and do business with someone else. Unfortunately, we're already here.

They have changed their story almost every time we talk to them. They have told me that they cannot be held to whatever a previous CSR told me, so I have sent money on the basis of a promise that was not honored. We did not ask to be in this position. We're sorry we just are and we have to work from here.

They are beyond rude. They are insulting and obnoxious.


they do suck bigtime..dont do business with them

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Athens, Georgia

Incompetent processes at GreenTree Servicing -

GreenTree purchased my mortgage 8 months ago... they have yet to apply a single payment correctly to my account. This despite me complying with their every request. (1) I have formerly written a letter stating that I want any additional payment sent to apply to the principle balance;(2) I correctly fill out the payment coupon marking the 'apply additional payment to principle'; (3) and I not the additional amount going to principle on the Check memo. For 8 months, I have to call every month to have it adjusted. How can a company never get this correct. I will do whatever to have my payment processed correctly -- just tell me what to do!!?? They tell me I am... and they continue to make the adjustment and then mark my account to ensure it does not happen next time. Where is the consumer protection that allows me to take action due to them incorrectly processing the payment month after month? Who know if I am paying extra interest since my statement has so many corrections they don't fit on their 1-page statement... so they get cut-off. This company is incompetent and I am praying a reliable bank purchases my loan... Please!
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i paid extra every month for around 6mo I quit because they weren't applying it to the principle, it makes me so angry and I also took out extra insurance on the home and they want to argue with me on it.

I've been dealing with this company for 13 years it's been a real headache for a very long time.


Since gt bouth my account from chase I been having same problem, not only that I call to make a payment by the 12th of the month and they charged me an late fee plus transation fee, I personally found this ridicouslly when my invoice or bill payment states 13th, .

If this is not enough their interest finance charges are super hi.

A rate of 10.625% ;( I wish I have the money to pay off, or be able to find another financing provider.

Very dissapointed............


That's very interesting. I often wonder myself.

It's interesting also how you do financing with one company and without you even having anything to say, they change on you.

I'm still wondering about this company and was going to call tomorrow. Thank you


This is happening to me as well. I have an interest-only loan and, after I corrected the extra payment and had it applied to the principal, Green Tree has yet to lower my monthly payment.

Under my contract, this is required. Based on my communications, I think this is being done purposefully - a very deceptive practice perhaps worthy of a class action lawsuit. I am contemplating this.

In the meantime, I will likely change my loan to a credit union.


good luck they are predators and robbing you blind


Same problem as everyone else with GTS. filled out all forms for electronic withdrawal and they never got it right.

Always sending past due notices and charging extra fees. Lets all file a class action on these morons.....


UPDATE- You think you are winning because you won one battle, but take a look at my newest issue-I personally created and sent C&D, Proof of note and QWR and today upon inspection, the below is discovered!!!!

In response to my QWR, I audited my transactions and mysteriously, on 4/23/13, 2 payments with INSURANCE codes for $1,125 and $200 hit my acct. I call up to let them know that MIRACULOUSLY, after 49 days MIA the $850 that I paid from my NY bank on 3/14/13 that disappeared and pushed me into default, was paid to me on a GTS check dated 4/25/13 after calling every week on Friday for 7 weeks. I FINALLY involved my NY bank, and joila, my payment is paid back to me-proof that they received MY PAYMENT and intentionally moved it around until pushing me into "default!!"…..the same check they received and cashed back on 3/14/13 but never applied to my acct # and said MY CHECK was RETURNED!!

Well, those 2 above amounts erroneously coded for INSURANCE are for LEGAL FEES!!! I have not had any legal contact except 2 forms letters dated 3/21/13 received on 3/26/13 for “Notice of Debt” and “Notice of Default.”! They were form letters AND ONLY RECEIVEd b/c they floated MY payment and didn't apply it to my acct. I finally realized that if your bank cuts a check, they have POWER TO "LOSE" your check and create false default!!!

After 1 1/2 hours discussing above issues today, she tells me they just “code ” legal as insurance!!! Also, she says, we don’t have your insurance policies on file so you better hurry and get them taken care of ASAP (the policies were sent by HOA insurance broker way back when!!)

They are now retaliating for all of the work I did to protect myself by hitting me with false hidden LEGAL charges!!!!! FOR WHAT? For fighting for my right to a QWR and C&D And Proof of NOTE?!!!!

I now have to dispute all of the above and spend MORE time dealing with this. I think it is time to hire someone!!! I literally was sick for 3 weeks from this already!!!.

They are sooooo infuriating!!


I am having issues such as double billing and charging me double my property taxes. After reading these comments, sounds like the attorney general needs to step in. Maybe I will make that call first thing tomorrow morning.


I said I was going to call the attny general my self. I had no problem paying my house notr since my husband passed 4 4yrs.

Now they went up on my house note 100.00 I am on a fixed income that is putting me in a bid. Let's all get together and call the atthy.general I am pissed the *** off.


We ended up with GreenTree after GMAC went out of business. I was lucky enough to be able to setup payment process, but I now cannot login to my account.

Apparently, it no longer knows me. When I try to reset password, I get "An unknown error was encountered in your request".

I have never never never had so many problems with online system. They should not be in business.

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Los Angeles, California
Greentree Servicing Mortgage
New Reviewer

I have been dealing with the FN!!! Jackoffs for 10 years!!!!

I have been harrased and treatened monthly! I have now started calling them 10 times a day to harras them! I am in the process of selling my mobile home and the day I do will be one of the happiest FN days in my life! I haven't decided if I will pay what i owe them or keep that money for punative damages!!! F!!! Greentree!!!! It says I have to type 100 words so i am just typing more to satisfy the 100 word limit. I think I have made my point. F Greentree!!! F Greentree F Greentree!!!!
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You know Jenkins, stuff happens to people. Stuff they didn't ask for, didn't want, didn't volunteer for.

People have heart attacks, people get in accidents, people develop debilitating diseases, families lose their wage-earner. Most people don't think the world owes them, but they do expect to be treated with respect when the unexpected happens.

If that's what needs to happen to you for you to develop some compassion, the sooner, the better. God Help You.


GreenTree is not a Company that has a Great rating! I have done research and realized if I had done my research earlier I would of never purchase a mobile home.

They make it soudn so good to buy and pay low payments when you are being SOLD! I realized luckliy that we would have to triple Our payments to pay this freakin thing off fast! Most don;'t understand their loans, GreenTree is trying to make a buck like everyone else. Pay your payments earlier and make more payments if you can.

My research also showed that these loans are just that, they don't show up on Credit report as a Mortgage, so in reality they don;t help your credit much, just like borrowing money from a bank.

So thats all the advise i give, make more payments and more often if you can. Good luck.



:cry :cry :cry :( :( :( :?

:? :?

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Brunswick, Maine