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I have been trying to male bi monthly payments for 3 months. I have filled out the same paperwork 3 times which is no exaggeration. Everytime I get a letter saying they can't because of several different reasons. The last 2 times is because they said I did not pick a proper due date. Both times I called and after a 15 plus minute wait I was told what was considered a valid due date only to get a later saying I did not. I am not behind and pay... Read more

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In 1999 I applied for a home loan.WHile on workmanship comp.At first after giving 500.$ earnest fee.i did not qualified for loan.Two months later I qualified for two smaller loans.And 340.$310 was for land,$340 was for Mobil home.Then went to closing and signed contract for land and Mobil home.I payed for land and house for 10years.At that time I was informed that contract did not match land and house.Contract was for 3 bedroom 2 bath Mobil... Read more

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Owned our house for 20 years made our mouthy payment tree serving took over our loan in 2009. They would take our payment out thd first week of the month out of our bank account but it was not posted to our Loan until 25-30-45 days after they took it out of our bank account. With a 9.99% interst rate our monthly payment was eat up in late fees and interest changers. After making a conplain to the CFPB green tree sent us a payment... Read more

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They harrass about payment. Tell you that you said this and that. They take money out of your account to use this account one time only. Call 5 or 6 times a day. Add comment

Walters Company owns Green Tree Servicing. When GTS was fined by the FTC and was going to have its credit rating reduced, GTS was transferred to Ditech. Now Ditech went out of business during the 08 financial crisis for making bad loans. Ditech another company owned by Walters Company rebranded all the Green Tree Servicing employees as Ditech employees. So whats changed? Nothing! Same crappy service. Same crappy employees and the same... Read more

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File a complaint with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and your attorney general, which probably has a consumer protection division or can refer you to the appropriate agency. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which created the CFPB, established consumer complaint handling as an integral part of the CFPB’s work. The CFPB began accepting complaints as soon as it opened its doors in July 2011. It currently accepts... Read more

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Green tree purchased loan from bofa and based their collection activity on inaccurate loan information. Didn't offer HAMP modification on 2nd mortgage even though Greentree knew we had HAMP they BOfA. Add comment

I was getting charged monthly for having insurance and submitted them a copy of my insurance but they was still charging me for insurance. And, I think I should be refunded back for the money they took from me. I see why they merge to a different name. I have been in my home 8 years. I started off paying Walter Mortage, then green tree, now ditech. And, it seem like I haven't been paying anything. I am still at the same amount. From when... Read more

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I also have had many issues with greentree. 7 payments made in 2015. Confirmation given by phone and I had them send me a each time. Then I received a letter from them stating that I am now defaulted on the mortgage. BS PERIOD I challenged it. They sent me a letter stating the breakdown of what transactio were made. Yep, showing that I missed several payments. BS AGAIN on the right side of the letter, it states that the paymentswere... Read more

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Green tree rep by the name of Ms. Brown, harassed me every month threating to foreclose on my home, even thou I was not behind on payments. Every month a rep by the name of Ms. Brown would call me and threaten me about foreclosing on my property, I told her that I was not late on my payments, and I do have a 16 day grace period, she then told me that because my loan was a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan they could foreclose, and that I should... Read more

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